Oh Jesus, check this out. Here’s a McCain campaign senior strategist, Nancy Poopenheifer or some such, talking with enigmatic Fox & Friends clown Steve Doocy about how the vice presidential debate is somehow ALREADY RIGGED for Joe Biden. Apparently it could focus on foreign policy, and that would just be unfair to Sarah Palin — how the hell is she supposed to know bullhickey about the various foreign policies? This debate is a SHAM, and since black Gwen Ifill is moderating it, well, you know she’s in the tank. Just look at all of that melanin! [YouTube]

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  1. I don’t know how Palin can get the bar any lower unless the VP debates include nappy time, a sippy cup and someone to wipe the drool from Sarah’s mouth.

  2. Palin’s complete absence of any melanin vs. Gwen Ifill’s superdensity of the stuff make create a cosmic ripple that will form a blackhole (pardon the pun) which consumes our entire democratic form of government, leaving us with nothing but the rearing head of Putin. Just as Sarah warned us, by the way.

  3. Wow, who knew that one of the Barbie twins had gone into politics? Do you think that this Nancy and Cindy have Botox parties? Any bets about how soon Mrs. Palin will join in on the fun?

  4. Nancy Poopenheifer is a very thin woman. I prefer someone with a little more meat on their chops. Sarah, for example. As long as she doesn’t talk. Now I could say this kinda stuff in front of my grandmother, couldn’t I?

  5. [re=113592]grendel[/re]: I think our expectations will need a serious bailout if that happens. Say 700 billion quanta of hope, a Susan B. Anthony tattoo for all citizens, and a trillion cases of bud light.

  6. I agree totally. Questions about foreign policy are unfair. They should ask questions about whether expectant mothers who have already gone into labor should be allowed on board (domestic) flights. They should ask about the Wasilla Sports Arena, if she still thinks that was a good idea. They should ask her what REALLY went on between officer Wooten and her sister. They should ask her what exactly her husband does for that oil company, and why he got copies of government e-mails. They should ask her whether or not she thinks it proper for a government official to charge the state, as if for a hotel, for nights they actually spent at home. They should ask her if she really believes that dinosaurs co-existed with man. But I doubt that they will.

    Me, I’ll just be watching to see how often she blinks.

  7. [re=113605]Aurelio[/re]: Hahah! My grandmothers are both dead, so I’d make all kinds of disgusting Barbie-Twin & Sarah Palin triple headed dildo jokes!

  8. I’d like to hear one of these talking heads (obviously not on Fox) ask the lovely Mrs. Pfotenheffer (whatever) how she & her husband are enjoying that Fannie/Freddie money since Mr. Pfotenheffer has been a lobbyist for them for years. Would never happen but would be funny to actually have her speechless for a minute.

  9. Four years ago, Edwards tried to embarrass Cheney by saying how good he was for not disowning (killing?) his lesbian daughter. Perhaps Biden should try a similar tack and complement Palin for not sending her skank-ho daughter to a home for unwed mothers.

  10. good god that dreadful woman could be dana perino’s long lost twin. fuck sarah & joe, that right there is the real news of the day. gosh why do all republican women look batshit crazy like that?

  11. Nancy Huffenpooper and Michele Bachmann live on a giant slimy insectoid web that catches children and when a child gets caught in it, Nancy and Michele’s feeding appendages erect, and well, it’s a bloody mess.

  12. “Um, yeah, I’d like to see a more even handed approach…you know, like with no talking and like a swimsuit competition or something. I think she’d be spot on with that approach.”

  13. Well shit yeah it’s rigged–no duh! Do you think Gwen’s going to ask questions about field dressing a buck, or keeping your hands from getting chapped when cheering on your husband at the snow-machine races, or how many words the Yup’iks have for Jesus? These are all topics that Biden knows NOTHING about, so of course the Librul MSM debate organizers won’t touch them with a ten foot pole!

  14. Question: “Senator Biden, please comment on how the war in Iraq actually strengthened the Iranian influence in the region due to the religious connections of the Shia and Sunni.

    Biden answers question smoothly.

    Question: “Governor Palin, how do we prevent children from eating crayons?”

  15. [re=113641]voyetra8[/re]:

    See, that is why I come here. I thought of those women with the neck rings but had no idea what they were called. So instead, I went with “giraffe” – only because I have young kids and listen alot to Palin.

  16. Sadly Poopensniffer, switching to domestic topics won’t help much either. Next they’ll claim that the whole debate format is prejudiced against Palin shouldn’t have to answer any questions at all.

  17. [re=113625]Rush[/re]: This is the very first time I have seen this Nancy Hoffenpepper appear without something tied around her neck. Once she had on what looked like a dog collar, another time it was a VERY tightly knotted scarf. I figured either she was hiding a tracheotomy scar or she was into bondage.

  18. This is the same woman who claimed that Couric’s interview questions were “trapdoor” questions, and then challenged “anyone” to go up there and answer the same questions.

    Well look here Poopenlicher, *I’m* not running for the Vice Presidency, so *I* don’t have to answer Couric’s fucking questions. Do you see how it works, you bloodless automaton?

    Well, given the current ass-pounding the economy is taking, I’m seriously thinking about heading to the grocery store to stock up on canned goods. Paranoid? You bet your ass.

  19. * /snark off *

    I don’t think Palin will come into the debate on a fact based / details approach to the issues. The Repubs and Faux are setting expectations on how the debate will be argued (fact based, rational answers) and prepping Palin for a completely different approach (emotional answers, rhetoric).

    Rhetoric and emotion can win over facts and reason.

    But I bet Biden is cagey enough to prepare for an emotional and rhetorical line of debate (while sprinkling enough facts and reason to keep his base happy).

    * snark on *

    Damn that bigoted Ifill!

  20. I’m fine with her having to field questions about the domestic side of things – like, for instance, whether she can see Compton from Alaska.

  21. Okay dudes, I’m scared. Here’s why: the GOP’s got something up their sleeve here. All of our expectations are SO LOW that like, if she manages to string a coherent sentence together on Thursday, all of the pundits are going to glow about how she “exceeded expectations” and how she “held her own” against Biden. Seriously, we are screwed now. It was fun while it lasted last week, with all the terrible katie questions and all, but seriously, she is going to have tons of scripted, memorized right wing attack-dog lines that will play to the ignorance and stupidity of the electorate and everybody will swoon. No good rotten ganky ass shit.

  22. Maybe she’ll bow out because her daughter is in labor and she has to fly her back to Alaska, if that fails she can simply foam at the mouth and begin speaking in tongues – as Jesus told her to do.

  23. Did you see the way Dooshit said “that’s joe biden’s…that his forte” all FOR-TAY?

    that was so gay.

    and i love how he was about to say “everyone knows” sarah palin is dumb on foreign policy but he realized it and stopped midway trough the sentence

    well id probably do him anyway. he looks cute.

  24. Sorry, I really couldn’t take the bullshit from either of those asshats. The “average” person is more concerned about domestic “stuff” than foreign “stuff.” Really? Who watches this crap. I feel like this is news for toddlers, not grown adults. I think that they should divide the debates equally; 50/50, since both topics are equally important. But why that McCain rep is shilling, who’s zooming who here; I just hope that Palin can put together a reasonably coherent sentence that I can understand about any topic.

  25. Ohfergawdsakes. The chances of anybody being able to rig ANYTHING in favor of that gas bag Bidden is a joke. He’ll have his foot in his big shiny toothed mouth before the first minute is up. What IS it with those teeth BTW. Don’t look. They’ll take yer eye out without sunglasses

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