We don’t really know how anyone could justify Sarah Palin’s placement on the ticket after those Katie Couric interviews. She shouldn’t be vice president at all — she should be president! For life! No?? Ha she is so rancid, and now even the wingnuttiest National Review dingbats are starting to agree. Check out this denunciation from Kathleen Parker, famous for once justifying a racist’s claim that we need “someone who is a full-blooded American as president,” meaning not Barack Obama. (She also frequently holds these godawful crabby sob-chats with her slightly stupider NRO friend, Kathryn Jean Lopez.) Why is Kathleen Parker being so sexist again po’ Sarah P? [National Review]

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  1. Um, isn’t the phrase “Like so many women, I’ve been pulling for Palin” at least ONE way to avoid another GOP/Larry Craig scandal?

    The damned Republicans are supposed to grope for yer wallets, no wonder you don’t do the Democratic method right.

  2. I don’t understand it. Over the past few days we’ve discovered that Sarah Palin is probably the least elitist person in the world. She’s less elite than your neighbor’s “special child” (the one who spoons his chocolate pudding into his nostrils and ears). Hell, she’s probably even less elite than a houseplant. Isn’t that what Republicans kept telling us they wanted?

  3. Palin’s recent interviews with Charles Gibson, Sean Hannity, and now Katie Couric have all revealed an attractive, earnest, confident candidate. Who Is Clearly Out Of Her League.

    Ha! Welcome to where we’ve all been for weeks now, Kathleen! Glad you could catch up.

  4. Perhaps the only way to bring Gov. She-with-wind-between-the-ears out the closet is for the MSM to start patronizing poor lil ole Sarah with pity because mean Grandpa won’t let her out to play. The Femibitterz will connipt.

  5. Amazing. A republican who performs badly enough that the wing nuts at the Corner are calling for her pack up her desk. Sorry, I’m feeling a little light headed right now.

  6. Ooo. And how did I miss this gem: If BS were currency, Palin could bail out Wall Street herself.

    Someone’s a little cranky with her VP option today.

  7. I guess Kathleen Parker isn’t aware of that “Palin’s name is already on the ticket and it’s too late to change in some big game-changing states” thing, right?

    But it would be sorta funny: “Sorry everybody, I forgot about my baby over here, gotta run back to Alaska. It’s been fun! See ya!”

  8. “If BS were currency, Palin could bail out Wall Street herself.”

    I thought our currency was BS? That’s what our Chinese overlords told me. Do you mean I bought this pooping cow for nothing? Am I talking about the economic crisis or Palin?

    Oh sweet Jebus, help me now.

  9. One must ask either:
    1. Why does Kathy Parker hate America?
    2. How did Campbell Brown find the time to write this column?

    All answers must be postmarked no latter than today.

  10. Here’s why, Jim.

    I’ve seen the Palin interviews a few times and each time my jaw drops open and spit drips out. The only other time that happened to me was when I saw a chupacabre.

  11. Meanwhile, in Malkin-ville, Michelle has a completely insane column about ants, grasshoppers and Obama being a Cicada or something.

    Why does Michelle hate insects?

  12. [re=109792]professor.cj[/re]: There is a very real pool on the possibility that “family concerns” will force Palin to leave the ticket. Almost everybody who placed bets on it have already lost though, because nobody expected her to be around this long.

    [re=109778]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: I probably will never like a bitch who speaks in tongues, forces her daughter into a marriage, tries to cut the nuts off her sister’s ex, sticks her foot up rape victims’ asses, sucks off the entire RNC while delivering an acceptance speech (she’s very quick), confuses Alaska with the real world and refuses to allow herself to be completely sequestered from the press (even though it’s killing us).

    However, I have found myself… (this is very hard to say) feeling sorry for her. I hate Walnuts! more for that than anything else he has ever done. It’s unnatural for me to feel sorry for a Republican. It’s like cloning a booger or something… just a straight abomination.

  13. Well done Parker, except for that devilish mean backstabbing comment about Biden. Couldn’t help yourself, could you?

    Yea, Biden tickles his throat with his toes, and at the same time talks coherently and substantively about foreign policy. He used to perform this trick in the late night comedy clubs for tips.

  14. No! Sarah Must Stay! Let Sarah be Sarah, and give her every opportunity to speak in public. Hell, even create opportunities for her to open her yap. Every time she does, McCain sinks a little lower in the electoral waters. I want a Biden-Palin debate!

  15. [re=109792]professor.cj[/re]: Oh, an Eagleton/McGovern-style strategic withdrawal is well within the realm of possibility. “Trig is sick, I must nurture him!” Plus it’d be another way for Juan to dominate a few days worth of news cycles, in the way he loves to do.

  16. [re=109817]2druk2phluq[/re]:
    I might have had a little sympathy if she weren’t so fucking phony. Nothing better than seeing a deluded narcissist get theirs.

  17. Oh, and by the way… anyone who uses “Birkenstock-wearing” as a pejorative is a bona fide asshat dipshit whose pantry is stocked to the rafters with Bag-o-Dick snack paks. Birkenstocks are comfortable–FUCKING comfortable. The single most pleasant moment of my day is getting home from work and sliding into a pair of those sumbitches. It feels like full-body oral. Yes it does.

  18. Sarah Palin answers questions like a 4th grader would write a college level poli-sci thesis. When you read the exact worlds she actually says it is impossible to comprehend what the fuck she’s talking about.

  19. [re=109817]2druk2phluq[/re]: That’s why Dems lose… conscience… don’t feel sorry for her. Spit on her and keep shoveling the dirt onto her head till she’s buried.

  20. [re=109817]2druk2phluq[/re]: [re=109826]V572625694[/re]: Re “family concerns” – my money is on Trig (or Trag or Grog or whatever her oldest son’s name is) getting shot up in Iraq (not killed, please, just “shot up,” with mysterious wounds we’ll never really know about). Palin will have to stay with her eldest while becoming a national defense expert and saying that this is why we need John McCain. Replacement: Huckleberry.

    [re=109817]2druk2phluq[/re]: Re “feeling sorry for Palin” – do not waste your time with these fleeting “phantom” emotions. It is the same inchoate regret that Palin would feel as she launched the Iranian exchange that would lead to the end of our world. “Oh, well, God’s will be done. Fire when ready, general.”

  21. [re=109871]edgydrifter[/re]: Republicans have a lock on the uncomfortable shoe demographic. Thats why they have a hard time thinking and talking at the same time.

  22. [re=109861]grendel[/re]: Yay! I’ve always wanted to be an elitest sexist. My options have been so limited, up until now, seeing as how I own my own vagina.

  23. [re=109913]grendel[/re]: Well, I cut her slack on that one on account of it’s a personal preferance thing and a good fifty-cent word. Some folks don’t grok the hippie furries–their loss, IMO. In the proper context (i.e. deep in the woods out of your mind on shrooms), a fuzzy gal is just the ticket for mental grounding and chakra-blasting sexy time.

  24. Who in the hell is going to join this losingest ticket? Lookup what happened with the Eagleton -> Shriver switch. A metric assload of people said HELL NO to getting added to that one before Shriver signed up. The rejecters were winners not idiots.

  25. [re=109962]naveed[/re]: Yes. Admitting to a mistake is like Kryptonite for Republicans. The only thing McCain can do now is limit access to Palin and hope for the best.

  26. [re=109886]DailyComicsReview[/re]: Sarah Palin answers questions like a 4th grader would write a college level poli-sci thesis.

    Trust me, most college level poli-sci theses would actually benefit if they were ghost-written by a 4th grader.

    **looks despondently at a pile of take-home exams on his desk**

  27. Grendel: You got it right. Do not provide a moment’s rest or a second of pity. She wants to be your President! Imagine that nitwit in the White House. George W. Bush would no longer be America’s dumbest President.

  28. Turn out the lights, the party’s over…..

    Frankly, if I were a woman (there was that “experimental” time back in college), I would be angry that she was asked to be on the ticket at all. She is being used and really looks dumb and soon she’ll become more “sympathetic” vs. “pathetic”.

  29. [re=109803]NoWireHangers[/re]: She needs a blingee makeover..

    Sad how self-hatred can manfest itself. Screw you, Parker!! Palin for Vepp candidate until Nov 4th!!

  30. This call for removal from the very quarters that McCain’t was trying to placate with Palin shows once again that Johnny boy hasn’t a clue whassup with the Republican party. He nominated someone who insists that dinosaurs roamed the planet 5,000 years ago, because that’s when Creation happened. The GOP loves such nut cases as one loves an aunt with Alzheimer’s — she gets the best care at home, but you don’t make her vice president of the company. McCain’t is so eager to be expedient and tell people what they want to hear that he doesn’t listen — just as Nader is equally eager to tell people what they don’t want to hear and doesn’t listen. It’s weird and sad.

  31. Even O’Reilly’s making weird noises. He blames Bush for the economic crisis, and yells about cigar-chomping right-wing liars (Rush must not have invited him to the Oxycontin and Hookers party). He does sort of snap back at the end and blame Barney Frank for all the problems in the world, because he’s on a committee.

  32. [re=110170]OzoneTom[/re]: Oh, thanks, sorry, my bad. Synapses still fritzed from watching the Kouric interview. At 6%, I might take some of that action.

  33. True story,

    I went around and around with Ms. Parker about the photo that Wonkette shows. Turns out she’s, like, 73, but still uses that photo, at least in our local rag, the Cincinnati Enquirer which, I’m sure, is on the cusp of endorsing George W. Bush for a third term.

  34. [re=109817]2druk2phluq[/re]: Why would you feel sorry for her? Her ego let her accept a nomination for which she surely knew she wasn’t qualified. Then again, maybe she really is stupid enough to think she’s qualified.

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