Here’s some hilarious video from outside a McCain campaign stop in Ohio, where some older people chant “Keating Five,” which was the great group of corrupt senators (including John McCain) who caused the last collapse of American finance, in the late ’80s. This teevee reporter has no idea what they’re talking about, of course. [Blogger Interrupted]

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  1. FYI, the propaganda line is that all of McCain’s malfeasance in this affair is okay, because he was convicted of no crime or direct Senate Ethics violation. Yup. That’s the standard.

  2. Oh come on, reporters are not picked for their knowledge of current or past events. The reporter in this video was chosen because a majority of women said “Yeah, I’d shag that guy”. Come to think of it, most Republican men said the same thing.

  3. Wow, teevee reporters are young idiots. That’s a shock.

    I hope they’re girding Sarah’s loins….

    Ummm…VPILF loins….

    Sorry, distracted for a moment….for this question, assuming anyone ever gets to ask her any.

  4. The Keating Five only became famous when they changed their name to “The Dave Clark Five,” and not even really then. Alan Cranston singlehandedly revolutionized the way people thought about electric clarinet solos.

  5. So what the hell do people learn in Jounalism school anyway these days? Just to read telepromters and crack some stupid joke between segments?

    Oh wait, I’m sorry the Snowbilly went to journalism school, or 5-6 of them.

  6. [re=104831]Borat[/re]: There’s a difference between journalism school and being a “communications” major. The latter requires good hair. The former requires a bit more (in theory).

  7. [re=104831]Borat[/re]: If you are majoring in journalism it is assumed you are doing so in order to teach it (in high school while being year book sponsor). Real journalists major in real subjects to give themselves some level of expertise and credibility on the things they cover.

  8. i like this video. it’s funny. and sad.

    btw, what does that McCain supporter say about ‘you’re smoking his sdlkfjegh? mehmph skullf?’

    p.s. we (humanity) are fucked.

  9. How ignorant the libtards are. When you see a “reporter” with the
    FOX logo on his microphone (uh, missed that, did you?) there’s no way
    you’ll get a straight answer to anything. That isn’t an earpiece he’s
    wearing, it’s a quarter ounce of C-4 wired to a remote that will set
    it off if he gives an honest answer to you.

    So there!

  10. I know nothing about economics really, which I assumed meant I had no business assuming anything I said about economics might be right. Then I did a little quick referencing.

    The G30 is a nonprofit group of world renowned economists that meets twice a year and figures out what’s what, and they have really giant brains and between them they know everything in the financial universe. If any group of people would have a good idea of what’s what, it should be them. Their Chairman is William McDonough, Vice Chairman of Merril Lynch (which was just bought), and their latest report on the “Credit Crunch” was written by Thomas Russo, Vice Chairman of Lehman Brothers (which was carved up into little bites and fed to the Queen’s puppies).

    I am now convinced that no one knows anything and we are all doomed. Except Warren Buffet.

  11. [re=104853]Norbert[/re]: The interview with the McCain supporter was most excellent. And no, I have no idea what he accused the interviewer of smoking, probably because the accuser had no idea what he was talking about anyway.

  12. [re=104834]Doglessliberal[/re]: Right you are. Communications is a medium of transport, like the intertubes. So what the hell happened to the good Jounalism majors are they smokin too much weed and turning into Communications majors over time? That reminds me, I need to roll a few now.

  13. I particularly liked the end of the video. Shouts of “Keating Five!” hang in the air as the hilariously named Straight Talk Express approaches, aaaaaaand speeds around the corner as if on fire.

  14. @borat: as a communications major i’m slightly faux outraged by that comment.
    seriously though, i’m kind of pissed at barry for not yelling keating 5 at the top of his lungs too.

  15. [re=104836]Vanity Smurf[/re]: Also correct. I guess TV stations no longer hire say PoliSci, International Relations, occasional economist?

    Actually, I’d like to see some hard-assed engineer or scientist as a journalist, kind of like that green guy on star trek with the funny ears (Sparky or some such thing). Someone who just says “that is not logical Ms. Palin” or “Does not Compute, Mr. Walnuts”

    But, they’d never get the interview, just like CNN or unpretty models from your local TV station

  16. Funny, especially the old guy trying to figure out why he was voting for McCain. Fortunately, I can read it in his dead eyes: ‘oh yeah, he’s not the black guy’

  17. [re=104948]Borat[/re]: “Actually, I’d like to see some hard-assed engineer or scientist as a journalist, kind of like that green guy on star trek with the funny ears (Sparky or some such thing). Someone who just says “that is not logical Ms. Palin” or “Does not Compute, Mr. Walnuts””

    We get the journalists that a journalist’s pay will cover.

  18. Keating was from Ohio, before moving on to rape and plunder in Arizona. His brother was editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer, aka Voice of the Republican Old Boys Network.

    Zhu Bajie

  19. “He crossed the aisle…” Yep, he sure did. He crossed the aisle to join four democratic senators as a partner in crime. Of course, Senator Walnuts wasn’t charged, he was just found to have exercised “poor judgement” by a jury of his peers (e.g., other senators). Losers all around.

  20. Reminds me of: Stig O’Tracy’s interview regarding Dinsdale Pyranha:

    “Why did he nail your head to the floor?”
    “Well he had to – I had transgressed the unwritten law”
    “What had you done?”
    “Well he never did tell me that”

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