Check out Walnuts and his old friend Arlen Specter campaigning in the Pennsylvania town of “Media” yesterday. The “old hands” don’t seem to enjoy schlepping this broad around very much, but whatcha gonna do? McCain rally strategy: come on stage with some other local old Senator dude, then roll out that brat in the leather jacket and have her say the words “hockey mom” and do a flip into a pool of 40-degree water, naked. [Philadelphia Will Do]

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  1. yo, I grew up in Media. It is the County seat of Delaware County and was totally Mayberry when I lived there. Philly suburb, but still a cute town, not suburby. It was also the District of Curt Weldon, Mr. Arsehole Republican Congressman for years. Big Repub stronghold area.

  2. ha! I read the caption as “John McCain, who campaigned Monday in Media, is a near-dead…” and I was shocked by the honesty, but when i realized the rest of the sentence made no sense, i re-read it (to my disappointment)

  3. I know Arlen, and I can tell you a few things about this picture just from one glance. (1) He is farting, right at that very moment. This amuses him to no end. (2) That is the only reason Arlen is smiling (sort of), because he hates Palin and everything she represents, and this is his form of silent (but deadly) protest. (3) McCain, who has worked with him for years, has smelled Arlen’s fart and recognized it as his. McCain is not as amused. (4) Palin smells it, but thinks she stepped in moose entrails or something and isn’t getting the message. She is, however, being certain to breathe through her mouth.

  4. [re=104781]Doglessliberal[/re]: Hey- I lived in Brookhaven for 8 years and still have friends in the Wallingford area. I heard it was getting more Democratic as the old guard died. Not true?

  5. Well I have to say, Moosilini doesn’t look near-dead here. Good for her! Way to stay un-half dead!

    But america wants to know which of Walnuts 13 car gas tanks the other half-dead guy is in, or soon will be. I think the Caprice Classic.

  6. [re=104885]Servo[/re]: That ensemble isn’t complete without a matching Little Red Purse.

    I also thought it was pretty tasteless of her to raise both her arms above her waist while standing right next to John “Lieutenant Dan” McCain. Have some consideration, lady.

  7. [re=104902]obfuscator[/re]: Yes, but notice that her arms aren’t way up. Sure sign that her deodorant has gone south. This would also explain McCain’s pained expression… that, or he’s shat his pants.

    Which reminds me: it’s thought bubble time!

    McCain: “Dammit, Sarah. After this is over, I’m dropping you at the CVS for a carton of Sure Clinical Strength.”

    Arlen: “Heh heh. Sarah has perky boobies.”

    Sarah: “I like pie!”

  8. [re=104823]Komando[/re]: I bet she always breathes through her mouth. She probably also moves her lips & points at the words when she reads. And, yeah, I imagine Arlen (who isn’t the worst Republican in the Senate) is probably thinking “I’m too old for this shit.”

  9. Im from West Chester, 10 min down the road, and it is turning blue. Also the remaining repubs are the old guy Howard Cunningham types rather than rapture waiting nutjobs.

  10. [re=104781]Doglessliberal[/re]: I’m from Media too!!!! I campaigned for Joe Sestak, who defeated Weldon (D-7 pride). What high school did you go to?

  11. [re=104991]Doglessliberal[/re]: I’m glad to hear someone else on Wonkette is repping “Everybody’s Hometown.” I’m Penncrest ’07 (just a baby, I know). Was Mr. Ludwig around when you were there?

  12. [re=104994]tepid sunshine[/re]: oh my god, yes! I cannot believe he is still there.

    [re=104998]PoliticalGraffiti[/re]: whoa, small world. And I don’t know, are you a woman with dark blonde hair?

  13. [re=104959]bigpfeifinphilly[/re]: Did an arts internship in Media a ton of years ago and remember thinking it was getting bluer.

    Not New Hope blue, but bluer.

  14. On the whole, the Philly suburbs are getting bluer: Old guard dying off, fewer hardcore Catholics, Bush’s eight years of brilliance, people leaving a hardcore Democratic city (where Kerry got something unreal like 87 percent of the vote in ’04). All of this is off the top of my head so I’m probably wrong.

    Sorry, can’t really join the party: I grew up in Philly but went to a HS in Bucks County. The other suburbs remain for the most part a mystery to me, though I hate Upper Darby just because.

  15. This photo op missed the mark. Steve Schmidt told Specter to show up with an oxygen hose in his nose so that McCain would look younger and more vigorous. Specter’s look tells it all — I’m not dead yet, so live with it. And Sarah just realized she can almost see the Liberty Bell from where she’s standing. In a strictly rhetorical way, of course.

  16. [re=107260]S.Luggo[/re]: For the roadkill-dining, meth-toking, Bristol-exploring Wasilleans who failed to make it past 8th grade (which I assume also includes most Alaskans], that’s called either (a) a Merlot-sipping, elitist literary reference (no, MD 20/20 is not a merlot; it is an –mmmm-so good —fortified hobo wine) or (b) a Ted Steven’s off-hand comment about Joan Claybrook [no,
    liberal arts assholes, she is NOT the actress who starred in “An Unmarried Woman”.]

  17. The boys are wearing those angsty mugs because Sarah is saying, “In Alaska we distribute oil profits to everybody, no matter if they work, sit around in their underwear, stick oars in beluga blowholes for fun, whatever. We give em money, you betcha, for nuthin. And if that isn’t… uh…. ca-pital…ism? Uh, no, I meant, the oil companies make the profits, but we take some and distribute it, like nationalizing that industry except just a little, because… uh… it’s… capital… wait, wait, I know this one, I practiced this one…”

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