Will he meet with this first-world tinpot dictator?We have listened to this recording of John McCain’s interview with Radio Caracol Miami where he appears not to know who the prime minister of Spain is, or whether or not he’d be willing to meet with him. It is just … weird.

At the end, the interviewer says, “I’m talking about the president of Spain,” and McCain gets all touchy. Perhaps, like many Vietnam vets, he suffered some hearing loss in the war, and now he’s not so great on the phone with people who speak rapid, accented English? Or (MORE LIKELY) he honestly believes that America must take a very tough stand on these Latin American dictators, including the guy who runs Spain, a democracy in Europe. Or! (LIKELIEST!) He thinks Zapatero is the Mexican guy in that Marlon Brando movie he liked so much.

El Cid — in English [Talking Points Memo]

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