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Palin’s Mansion Surrounded By Obamatards

Wonkette fancy houses operative “Lesley” sends us this photo of an Obama-supporting meth-mouth’s lab shack, right next to the Alaska governor’s mansion: “I recently took a trip to Juneau, Alaska and was able to visit the governor’s mansion ie: Sarah Palin’s pad. It was pretty funny because all of her neighbors have Obama signs,” Lesley writes, and she has more pictures here. What shantytown of a neighborhood is this white trash palace of hell in? [Today’s Special]

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  1. columnv

    That is what the house next to the governor’s mansion looks like?

    Alaska is evidently the taint of America, along with Kentucky and Ohio. We have three taints.

  2. magic titty

    I don’t understand – are those the slave quarters next door?

    And this Bristol Palin – she’s a tart, is what this neighbor is implying? How ever did he come to that conclusion?

  3. columnv

    [re=98982]Norbert[/re]: Wrong! That’s an observatory to watch both Canada and Russia and foreign policy with them.

  4. Special Agent Jack Mehoff

    I’m a recovering alcoholic and I live in Illinois, but i think I woke up at that house once after about a nine day bender.

  5. dano

    Alaska’s Governor’s Mansion Looks like it was built by some lottery winner’s idea of what “classy” looks like. Also, who wants to bet the the neighboring house pictured has an old couch on the porch?

  6. Dave J.

    and even more thrilling to look into her backyard and view her fancy trampoline.

    Her NAME is Bristol. Show some respect, please.

  7. Hunter Gathers

    i have no idea why she stays in Wasilla all the time. Who wouldn’t want to live next to a hippie commune? I bet they have the best weed in Alaska.

  8. Texan Bulldoggette

    What’s with all the green foliage on the ground & peat moss on the roof? I thought it was sub-zero there all the time & the sun never shone…. If the first family can’t live in an igloo on the frozen tundra like the rest of the public, then screw ‘em!

  9. mookworthjwilson

    No matter what she does, that mansion is not nearly as trashy looking as when Bob Ehrlich put all those fucking inflatable XMas decorations on the lawn at Govt. House in Annapolis…

  10. Norbert

    [re=98988]columnv[/re]: are you saying she can’t watch Putin change while at the same time getting her vitamin D fix / orange glaze? for all we know, the meth lab may be in there too.

  11. Borat

    No police patrol? No angry hungry dogs? No ‘no photos’ signs? No infrared night cameras?

    Ha ha. The hillbilly isn’t even a terrorist target. How cute.

  12. greatgooglymoogly

    [re=99002]tunamelt[/re]: I think that’s the Omega House/Delta House set from “Animal House.” (Did I say “house” enough?)

  13. Texas2Step

    [re=98976]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: So THAT’s what she meant when she said she could see Russia from her house……

  14. Deepthroat

    columnv: Make that four taints. I live in Harrisburg, across from Ed Rendell’s palace of shame, and the neighborhood is about the same. The other night, they were having some elitist shindig there with a live band to drown out the sound of gunshots, police sirens, and cats being raped (can I reference a rape without being banned?)

  15. pondscum

    [re=99003]tunamelt[/re]: GAH! HAHAHAH! As an elitist grad of a private school and sorority member to boot you are dead ON!

  16. Miller

    If it’s a white trash shanty town, shouldn’t they be pro-McCain? Or is the house just abandoned and some Obama-philes took off from their jobs as professional elitists to deface government property with soap and signs?

    I can’t even see Russia in this shot, can we be sure it’s from Alaska?


  17. Terry

    Palin stays in Wasilla, the Meth capital of AK, because Juneau IS actually full of hippies and liberals. “Full” being a slight overstatement as no area of AK can really be considered full of people. Well, maybe that hillside community just on the edge of Anchorage, near Turnagain Arm, that is prone to landslides during earthquakes. Yep, the landslide prone area is full of people. The rest of the state is fairly empty.

  18. The D

    Fools! Don’t they know Palin traded in the governor’s jet as a down payment on Airwolf? She’s singlehandedly preventing Red Dawn, people! Those Obama-loving commies better island hop back to Russia if they know what’s good for them.

  19. Grimnir

    “Apparently Bristol and her baby daddy, a self-described “fuckin’ redneck”, know how to have a good time. According to our teenage tour guide, Bristol is a totally crazy party animal.”

    I say go Whoever/Palin then, DC could use more 18 year olds who think they know how to party! Oh wait… We have GW… Nope, we don’t need any more, thanks.

  20. lazynamepicker

    The best thing here:
    “According to our teenage tour guide, Bristol is a totally crazy party animal.”

    And do you folks think that’s gonna stop just because she’s married her baby daddy?

    Move over, Bush twins. The Palin’s are comin’ to town.

  21. Davidwatts

    similarly, FL’s Governor’s mansion, ex-home of Jeb Bush, is on the street with all the whores in Tallahassee. COINCIDENTALLY, I’M SURE.

  22. DangerousLiberal

    [re=99035]Terry[/re]: Yup, pretty much right. And even though most state business (courts, etc.) is done in Anchorage, Juneau is still the “capital” with “the capitol” and some nice charming little houses like the gov’s “mansion.” June-OH is full of libruls and big government free spender democrats, while Anchorage has republican free spenders. Hey, the oil companies pay all the taxes.

    There’s really only two parties in Alaska: pro-ANWR GOP, and pro-ANWR Dems. You pick ‘em.

  23. rminIL

    It’s funny but it’s photoshopped. Forgetting the fact the blogger would have had to climb a tree to take a pic at that angle, the “Obama House” would be sitting in the middle of the street which runs along that side of the Alaska governor’s mansion. She also uses a readily available stock photo of the mansion in her blog. There are plenty of things to hate about Palin without making stuff up.

  24. TheGalen

    Actually it’s not photoshopped for your info. There is a road that winds up a hill next to the road that the mansion is on, so there you go. Also, there are no stock photos used. Nothing being made up.

  25. Lesley

    rminIL: Lesley here. Just so you know, I DID NOT photoshop that photo, it’s for real. It was taken on a hill that is by her house. The photos on my blog were taken by me and are not stock photos, but thanks for the complement! Not sure why there would even be a stock photo of Sarah Palin’s trampoline… maybe there’s one of her tanning bed though.

  26. Texas2Step

    [re=99098]columnv[/re]: maybe the put the house there so that the meth lab was closer to Palintopia for baby daddy and Track…?

    …Too soon…?

  27. lawrenceofthedesert

    [re=99934]slinkimalinki[/re]: It’s not a small “b,” but a clef to indicate that one should be singing the candidate’s name. The house is home to Alaska’s only Democratic black gospel group, the Blind Boys of Pal Obama.

  28. iburl

    Yew lower 48ers and yr high falutin’ elitism! You all will be dyin’ to move to The Republic of Alaska once the Anti-Christ holds sway in Babylon (Warshington D.C.!!!)

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