That Alaska blog that all of the hipsters are reading now has pictures from the Alaska Women Reject Palin protest in Anchorage this weekend, which the blogger claims was “the biggest political rally ever, in the history of the state.” It looks like Code Pink flew some folks in, given the high percentage of “filthy hippie” action we’re seeing in these photos. [Mudflats]

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  1. Where are the photos of Palin firing into the crowd with her shotgun from a bi-plane? Alaska ran out of wolves to kill, but they have plenty of angry women.

  2. Did Caribou Barbies secretary, I mean EXECUTIVE assistant call them to say “Stop Protesting, Protesting NOW BEEITCH?” America needs to know if the Snowbilly hats protesters as much as they hate bloggers and Libertarian-librarians

  3. It would be great to get some kind of nation-wide lipstick-related protest together to demonstrate that just because we may all have vaginas, women don’t all support Palin and her craziness (and many of us are kind of insulted at the implication of McCain’s that we would). I can’t come up with any good ideas, though.

    Maybe, we should all wear bright red lipstick until the election? Or no lipstick at all? But who would even notice that? Should we write “I don’t support Palin!” on public mirrors with lipstick? Help me out here.

  4. [re=96288]CivicHoliday[/re]: You obviously know little about guns.. You wouldn’t use a shotgun from an aircraft. She’s probably using an assault rifle (for hunting) that she’s converted to fully automatic (for hunting).

  5. I agree with these protesters, that fuckface from “The Real World” must be kept out of DC, and there is no one better to keep him out besides Palin.

    McCain/Palin 2008!!!

  6. These women better hope McPalin wins in Nov. Otherwise I suspect she’s going to go back to AK & get them all fired, spike their water supply with male hormones, kill their pets & manage to have their girl children impregnated by the Inuits. Hell hath no fury like an angry, bat-shit crazy Christian woman.

  7. Feh. The protestors conisted of the entire tenured faculty of the University of Alaska Anchorage. Because of this protest, all classes in snowmobile repair, meth lab construction, building bridges to nowhere, and live wolf-cub gutting and skinning had to be cancelled.

  8. [re=96351]columnv[/re]: Oh, yeah, no doubt–the “cute” was totally for the bears on the sign. Even an ironic “cute” doesn’t work for that guy.

  9. [re=96320]grendel[/re]: You caught me. I’m not a “real” ‘murican because I have never used a firearm, and in all honesty would probably struggle distinguishing a rifle from a BB gun. I still like baseball and apple pie…does that mean I’m at least a half-breed?


    And now, on with my xanies.

  11. [re=96484]TheWhig[/re]: Word. Except for White People(tm) near Raleigh, many of whom are from “up north” (New Jersey) where the ponds were frozen six months a year, except when they’re not.

    Why does “hockey mom” resonate with voters at all any more than “lacrosse mom” would? Hockey is one effing expensive sport, and in parts of our land with only “indoor” ice, ice time is expensive, the rink is far away, and you might have practice at 2 am. And the gear isn’t exactly a pair of cleats, some shinguards, a weird Euro-look jersey, and a funny looking ball.

    But, of course, this will resonate with rich white folks who play hockey in Phoenix in July, the end.

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