It's the hot Halloween costume this year!Jill Greenberg is that photographer who takes pictures of monkeys and crying babies all the time, which was why she seemed like a natural fit for John McCain’s Atlantic cover. But it turns out she is a big fat libtard, so she tricked John McCain into various unflattering positions during his photo shoot — including making him sit under the head of a pooping monkey. Ha ha we kid, she accomplished that feat with Photoshop, which was still not up to the task of making John McCain look like a human in his “flattering” cover photo. Anyway click here (note: banner ads above some images are for NSFW type sites) for more outtakes that are making the people who hired her for this shoot all kinds of mad. Photo via Imagebam. [New York Post]

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  1. Good news – no appetite suppressant required today!

    * side effects may include (but are not limited to): violent wretching, eye bleeding, stroke, kidney failure, night terrors, and economic meltdown.

  2. They used the normal version of this for the cover of Atlantic this month. Hilariously, my mother thought it was one of the best pictures she’d seen of McCain. “He has color in his face,” she said. She’s no McCain fan, btw.

  3. Why doesnt McCain just grow a big, bush beard? Problem solved! And it will be snowy white, reminding voters of that lovable Santa Claus, or that cartoon gnome, or a wizard of some sort, who will solve the nations problems through magic.

  4. He looks strained. This is John a few seconds before his o-face. Yeah, when Cindy sees this face hovering over her she thinks, “Oh thank god! It’s almost over!”

    You’re welcome. And good luck cleaning your breakfast out of your keyboard.

  5. God, wonder what Annie Leibowitz would have done to him. Made him & Cindy pose nude? Photoshopped Suri Cruise in with him? Makes you think they vetted the photographer about the same way they vetted Mother Sarah.

  6. Well, someone in the party had to fight dirty. Bang up job, Jill. I feel a leetle bit bad that you tricked grandpa, but if you could do it so easily, surely the terrorists could too. One day it’s bad lighting, the next day, there’s an IED in his Depends.

  7. Well with a face like that those hippy communist terrorist neo nazi liberals in Iran, Russia,France,China.Burma.Zimbabwe,France,San Francisco(mostly the castro area) will have to stop their multi axis of terror and evil and become good peaceful citizens of the world!

  8. [re=96009]wilmawonker[/re]: I’ll stop cheering for evil things to happen to Republicans when the New Orleans dead can rise from their watery graves and do it themselves.

  9. Having spent a lot of time around the corporate PR world, it’s hard to understand how even the most inexperienced flack would allow a single photo to be taken without adding their two cents. Does McCain go to photo sessions alone???

    It’s inconceivable how the (actual) photos were taken.

    The photoshops are just plain stupid and do nothing but feed Bill-O and Hannity…

  10. [re=96029]Sussemilch[/re]: The republicans will of found a way to raise the dead and then enslave them so that they can be deployed to various parts of the world to bring freedom and eat brains. So the logical thing to do is to raise an army of undead before they figure out how to do it.

  11. Christ on a biscuit — if I get random heebies today I’ll know where they’re coming from.
    John McCain 2008: Hell is full — let’s make our own.

  12. Good god, this is like an ad for never getting old. If this is what people look like when they reach their 70’s, then I advocate euthanasia for everyone at the age of 69.

  13. In the immortal words of our illustrious President: “… fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

    Personally, I think Greenberg’s portrait captures the dichotomous essence of WALNUTS!: There’s the scary old man on the porch, shaking his cane at passing schoolchildren warning them to stay off his lawn, and also the flip side: the scary old man with his finger on the nuclear button, shaking his flaccid penis at the American public, warning them to stay the course. A fascinating portrait that exemplifies WALNUTS! many complicated moods, not to mention his deep wrinkles, craters and crevasses, which remind all good Americans of the Grand Canyon, a famous American hole.

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