“Lacasse put the sign in his front yard four days ago. ‘If I see anybody touching that sign, I got a club sitting right over there,’ Lacasse said.” [Central Florida News 13]

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  1. Goddammit, this makes me mad! GET A BRAIN, MORAN!

    Who knew that Barry was so weavable into light dresses? On the other hand, I suppose he’s now a man of the cloth.

  2. What about Hessians? I suppose we don’t really use hessian as a term for burlap in this country, but if we’re going to fear textiles, we might as well add them to the list. They’ve attacked us before, after all.

  3. See this is actually so stupid that it automatically makes me think its a joke. Nothing about the context makes me go, “ah, this is satire” (unlike certain notable magazine covers) but there’s just something in my head that refuses to believe that anyone is actually this stupid.

  4. Obama is “a type of finely-woven cotton fabric, introduced to Europe from the Middle East in the 17th century”? (thanks to McCain for wikipedia).

  5. people are so, so stupid. and this is why mccain–who head-to-head was losing to obama–is suddenly a popular choice because he picked a woman with no qualifications to be his running mate.

  6. The sign actually reads:

    “Obama half: breed muslin!”

    What this guy is trying to communicate is that the Obama half of the nation needs to develop improved muslin production facilities for the coming higher temperatures brought about by global warming. Duh.

  7. No, Lacasse, rest easy and stay your vengeful club. Ain’t nobody going to touch that there sign of yours–in fact, I think it should be preserved in the Smithsonian for all eternity.

  8. Obama is a half-breed, “finely woven fabric”??? This changes everything.

    [re=94619]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Don’t you touch Lacasse! I demand more signs from this man pronto.

    I read your little blurb on Facebook about judging others based on poor grammar. When judging others- pause and ask yourself: Is our children learning?

  9. The very nexus of comedy and tragedy, right there on Mr. Lacasse’s lawn.

    If Obama turns out to be a rayon blend, I am going to be very pissed off. Tell us the truth, Barry.

  10. I finally contributed. but why wasn’t I credited as Wonkette’s official “signs made by angry old racist illiterate coot’s in Florida operative”?


  11. The Audacity of Dope.

    CSI tells me that the mix of capital and lowercase letters combined with an obvious deeply pressured hand means that the person who wrote this is a schizo ex-con.

  12. Wait, his name is “Obama”? I thought it was “Osama.”

    Still, you have to give him some credit. Unlike a McCain ad, there is some truth here.

  13. I’m concerned about Andy. In the picture it looks like he hammered the nail in the wrong place (to the left of the ‘O’) removed the nail & hammered it into the right place (into the pole). Now how do you hammer the nail in the wrong place on a sign like this?? Or maybe he had used this board for target practice prior to writing his masterpiece on it. What a dingleberry.

  14. [re=94655]sweetits[/re]: He lives about 15 minutes away from me. A coworker of mine lives directly across the street from him.

    I really do plan just randomly sneak up, on my tip toes, while someone plucks violin strings, and touch his sign. Then when he comes after me with the club we’ll blast yakety sax while he chases me around the trailer park.

  15. What this guy is really saying is that Barry has been skimping on the material for his new suits. Obvs part of the Garment & Tailors Lobby.

    Saving his Change(tm) for something else?

  16. Dear Walnuts Campaign People,

    Please accept these free Sharpies and white painted planks to hand out at all your rallies. Encouraging your supporters to make his or her own personalized campaign sign is a great way to promote your progressive agenda from the grass-roots level. We strongly suggest you prioritize distribution of these supplies to people with as little education as possible (to discourage elitism).

    Yours truly,


  17. [re=94635]bhosp[/re]: Nope. Not satire, that’s just Florida.

    We need to just saw it off right at the border and let it drift free… maybe it will run into Cuba and they’ll both sink.

  18. [re=94686]Voyou Charmant[/re]: let me know if you want back up, or help teaching him to spell. I wonder how many people will slowly drive up and down his block playing barry’s speeches loudly, just to piss him off?

  19. Being reminded of the fact that tons of people in this nation hate me because of whatever the hell, doesn’t bode well for my already lacking esteem.

    half breed?


    oh yeah, something snarky to say. um, I want to wipe my tears in muslin.

  20. [re=94706]sweetits[/re]: It would really solidify the Benny Hill imagery I’m hoping for if there were several of us running away from him in a cluster. We’ll need some girls in Bikinis too.

    I’m thinking people should periodically add their own signs.

  21. [re=94635]bhosp[/re]: No one is that stupid? Really? We have a two
    term prez who says “Nuculer” and a VP candidate who does the same…
    Yes, I’m afraid there are people who are just that stupid.

  22. [re=94634]superfecta[/re]: Actually the Hessian mercenaries were hired by Washington to fight on the side of the Colonists. I now return you to your regularly scheduled Friday afternoon entertainment.

  23. “When you use words in that nature, people tend to discount anything you have to say,” said Steve Rice. “If you’re going to attract attention, at least make sure your spelling is right.”


  24. [re=94726]Voyou Charmant[/re]: Love the Benny Hill imagery. Cindy Lou
    could certainly be the naughty nurse in this fantasy. Who is going
    to be the little bald guy Benny would rap on the head? Karl Rove?

  25. Reminds me of the sign I saw in January: “A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Islamic terrorism”.

    It reflects poorly on me, but I can’t decide what pisses me off more, the sentiment or the spelling error. There is NO EXCUSE for misspelling “Muslim” since that fateful day in September. Never forget!!!1!!11!

  26. [re=94760]JadedDIssonance[/re]: Very true, they fought on both sides, which must mean they are gay, which must mean they are into muslin…or something.

  27. I grew up in Central Florida, this guy is nothing special. If you stray from the interstate for even 5 minutes you will be surrounded by shitheads like this. I feel safer in downtown Baltimore than I did in Daytona or Orlando. …truly the limp dick of the US.

  28. I, for one, respect his First Amendment Right to look like a toothless, racist douchebag.

    Shine on, you living and breathing advertisement to the horrors of incest.

  29. [re=94748]Sean O[/re]: I agree. I was really on the Barry bandwagon for a while, but now that it’s clear the majority of our voting public is suffering from moderate to severe retardation, we might as well go out with a fiery bang.

  30. [re=94686]Voyou Charmant[/re]: Nothing that a well aimed paint ball gun could not fix.
    Really, you dont even have to go on his property, just aim and fire away!

    If you dont have access to a paint ball gun, then a accurate throw from a paint filled balloon would do in a pinch.
    I suggest someone with baseball pitching experience to be your point man.

  31. This is another reason the south should have been allowed to leave the country. Today it would be a third world nation full of fat, uneducated, redneck assholes begging for charitable grain shipments.

  32. [re=94787]magic titty[/re]: If I were canvassing this guy, I’d say, “So… would you say you’re ‘leaning Obama’, or still undecided… ? Perhaps hearing the senator’s position on LIHEAP subsidies would help you decide. Thanks, here’s some campaign lit… don’t forget to vote.”

  33. bhosp: You’ve obviously never been to Florida. As a resident I must take issue with your satire theory. Our lax taxes/laws, the anonymity provided a state where everyone is from somewhere else, and the year-round child-rape friendly sunshine ensure an electorate so stupid that they’ve turned the gubernatorial election into a best tan contest (see our failed VP hopeful and definitely not gay Governor Charlie Crist). We should be disenfranchised :(

  34. This is what Merriam says about the origins of “muslin”

    Etymology: French mousseline, from Italian mussolina, from Arabic mawṣilī of Mosul, from al-Mawṣil Mosul, Iraq
    Date: 1609

    From Iraq! See! Sure this Lacasse guy is crazy. Crazy like a fox, I say!

  35. Gots me some hi qualities drinkables in da trailer over dare. No nigras loud if ya don’ mine. Me an the missuz gon’ put on the talkin’ box later awn. We gots us one uh dem vee-cee-are-uhs so we kin put on some romance vidyuhs, lahk Debbie Loves Dallas (the missuz luvs dat one). Had us a gator fer lunch, but ‘twuz mosly the las uh da gator. Did I meuhntion I don’ like dat half breed nigra dem Hawlywood queers gots runnin’ fer preznit? Sum bitches. Day best keep day hands off my yawd sine. I woop um wit dis stick ifn’z day don’.

    Erlene! Erlene! Wher’s mah chaw?

  36. People of Wonkette I am Krod you’re on the ground operative. I live next door to this man and his sign.

    I would like to say that the sign is also illuminated at night with the same light that used to illuminate his flag. Now the flag sits in darkness :(

  37. [re=94795]sati demise[/re]: I was just thinking a long pole and slowly push it over.

    [re=94816]sanantonerose[/re]: Absolutely! It needs to be done. Like sweetits said, someone needs to save America.

    I wonder if I could just talk him into chasing me for a few minutes. I’ll tell him it’s for the lulz, and so that he can show the other would-be ne’er-do-wells that he means business.

  38. C’mon, where’s that guy who likes to change the lyrics to songs?
    That’s all I eveh heard.
    How I learned to hate the word.”

  39. He’s pretty much lost his Caucasian Card Perk to say African-Americans are stupid. At least the one writing this post knows how to:

    a) Spell
    B) Tell the difference between a fabric and a religion.

  40. [re=94697]EnBuenOra[/re]: You missed his point: Hussain’s full-on muslin, but chocolate/vanilla swirl in the racial department. Clearly too subtle for elites.

  41. [re=94719]american mutt[/re]: buck up little soldier. you are loved by wonkette. we are better than that guy.

    actually i’m pretty sure we’re not the same species as that guy.

  42. [re=94865]Krod[/re]: He’s obviously not a Real Patriot(TM) — they know you’re supposed to bring the flag in at night.

    [re=94868]obfuscator[/re]: Win (for the best new iteration of the original meme from [re=94628]RaptorAvatar[/re]).

  43. [re=94655]sweetits[/re]: I KNEW that would be in Central Florida! Nothing has changed in 40 years in that area. Them blacks is tryin’ to take over! So glad I got out with all of my teeth.

  44. [re=94812]sanantonerose[/re]: [re=94658]Keram2[/re] was the original purveyor…I just tidied up the HTML. But yes, I see why Muslin is such a dangerous term.

  45. Fuckin’ half-breeds are destroying the Islamic race. You go, Andy Lacasse.

    Barefoot Bay, Florida, is populated mainly by crazy coot retirees. Lacasse appears to be a common Quebecker name. Conclusion: One more reason to oppose creation of AmeriMexanada. Country First!

  46. [re=94628]RaptorAvatar[/re]: ooh, good one!

    well there is that part in the old testament where they say that mixed cloth is wrong, so maybe he’s just really into leviticus? no? ok. this just cements my feeling that floridians should not be allowed to vote. THIS IS THE LAST STRAW DUDES. sorry to this dick whistle’s kindly wonkette commenter neighbors.

    oh wonkette. y’all’s prowess at commenting almost makes this nauseating ignorant hateful invective worth it.

  47. I remember a friend from lab telling me about how a racist neighbor asked him for proof (as a professional biology geek) that breeding between the races would lead the end of the species, but my friend patiently explained that outcrossing was actually much healthier and lead to a phenomenon called “hybrid vigour”, vs. breeding within the same population which could eventually lead to inbreeding. His neighbor was sad.

  48. [re=94719]american mutt[/re]: Please don’t ignore the fact that tons of us also want to SLEEP with you because of what you are. Yessirree. If we ain’t hatin’, we’re objectifyin’. Come to mama.

  49. [re=95208]Mr. Sparkle[/re]: So what you’re saying is …? Oh, I get it, we could genocide these inbread cretims.

    Where do I sign up?

    [re=94942]Ilikepigeons[/re]: Would’ve been funnier if you’d said “that guy just gave me a fabulous decorating idea!”

    Because: Fabulous = Ghey = Funny. Especially in the South.

  50. Ok neighbors, it’s time to break out the ‘LACROSSE IS IMBRED IMBESUL’ signs in every single yard. That’ll shut his ass up.

    Stay classy, Florida.

  51. I’m no FUCKING HALF >>>>>>>> Bread, I’m a full loaf of good American Liberal.
    So what, I cant help it if my slut mom let a stinking muslim pick her cherrys.
    I’m it, I will win,and you bastards are shit out of LUCK!

  52. He’s a Christian!!!!!!!! What if he was his Father was Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Christian. The Muslim conquest of Egypt took place in AD 639. Despite the political upheaval, Egypt remained a mainly Christian land. However, the gradual conversions to Islam over the centuries changed Egypt from a Christian to a largely Muslim country by the end of the 12th century.
    Just because his name is Muslim or his Father came from Kenya does not mean he is one. I have alot friends who are Egyptian and They are 100% Christians. Are you going to blame this on Obama if the county his father happens to be from is Muslim!!!!!!!!! Look what happened to Egypt look what happened to Turkey!!!!!!!!All taken over along time ago!!!!!But there are still people who are God loving people that live in those lands!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Looks as if I won’t telling anyone what to do, that DAM Joe Obiden challenged Palin on IQ issue, turns out that her IQ was four points higher than Joes’ and mine added togeather.
    There is no reason I can’t be sworn in on the Quran either it is the same thing as a Bible only written in Arabic.

  54. Thank you, my fellow literate Americans. I have never been so amused in my life as to read these comments. I sure hope this represents 51% of us. *biting nails*

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