The MSNBC television channel is home to numerous liberal windbag children like Keith Olbermann, the important sports highlight show reporter who gets very grave and solemn while discussing people who exploit 9/11 in a tacky, self-promoting fashion, which ironically is what he’s doing in the process. And so Keith must be upset today with his network’s website,, which actually has a live feature called “Know 9/11? Take a tougher-than-usual quiz.” We’re not sure when all of these “usual” 9/11 quizzes took place, but we agree that this one is tougher. We got a 40% and will now go to Gitmo. DHS agents are picking us up any moment now. Oh no they’re breaking down the door! Well, everyone, it’s been a pleasu

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  1. This is the best:

    4. At the time of 9/11 attacks, President Bush was in the Sarasota, Fla., area, where he was visiting an elementary school to promote an education initiative. What is the name of the school?
    Booker T. Washington Elementary School
    H. Barbara Booker Elementary School
    Emma E. Booker Elementary School
    Kermit R. Booker Elementary School
    5. After hearing of the attacks and finishing a book with second graders at the Booker Elementary School, President Bush was rushed to Air Force One, which was quickly airborne. Where did the plane next touch down?

  2. Um, going back to the post before this one, were they regular cretins? or troll cretins? or new cretins who haven’t gotten the unspoken conventions and unwritten code that real Wonketeers live by?

  3. [re=92779]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Unfair. You probably get fact-based news coverage where you are from. You may as well have just cheated, you cheatie cheater!

  4. I’m glad I have learned the 9/11 lesson that President Dubya was not at Kermit the Frog Elementary School during the terrorist attacks. I am now qualified to be VP!

  5. The GOP version:

    1) America was attacked because:

    (choose 1)
    1) The terrorists hate our Freedoms

    2) True or False: Everyone, and I mean everyone thought Iraq had WMDs:

    (Choose true or true)
    1) True

    3) The August PDB that Condi Shared with Bush was titled:

    (Choose 1)
    1) “Bill Clinton says Bin Ladin unlikely to attack US any time soon.”

    4) The U.S. economy tanked, and millions list their jobs because of:

    (Choose 1)
    1) The recession Bush inherited from Clinton deepened after 9/11

    5) The Lord Lifted his protecting veil and allowed 9/11 because:

    (choose 1)
    1) We tolerate Homosexuals in this country

    6) If Barack Obama were elected President:

    (Choose 1)
    1) A resurgent Al Qaeda would launch new attacks against America that would make 9/11 look like your Thanksgiving dinner.

  6. [re=92788]Cogito Ergo Bibo[/re]: In all fairness, I think you’re considered a terrorist if you believe that most of the attackers were from the land of oil and friendship, Saudi Arabia.

  7. 10. Excluding the hijackers, almost 3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 attacks. Among these were hundreds of foreign nationals. Which country lost most citizens?

    I like this question. Cause w/o the 19 hijackers, you’re “almost 3,000” gets pretty fucked up.

  8. [re=92781]LauraElizabeth[/re]: Everyone knows Bush was circling Manhattan in a Trilateral Commission AWACS Command Frigate – carefully disguised as a Circle Line Tour boat.

  9. The test forgot to ask, “Why did President Bush ignore Condi’s memo warning of the attacks?”
    a. He doesn’t know how to read.
    b. He doesn’t like to read.
    c. He’s more of a “gut” person, not a “thinking” person.
    d. He doesn’t like to read.

  10. Simple Sarah says: “I don’t have to know all there is about 9/11, because I already know everything I need to know. No one has told me just what teh Allen Kayduh does.”

  11. That must be a picture of our new American flag Palin’s going to introduce during her eventual presidential inaugeration/monster truck rally.

  12. [re=92803]Serolf Divad[/re]: Awe-inspiring!

    7) President John “Sydney” McCain will prevent further terrorist attacks like 9/11 because:

    (Choose 1)
    1) He’s so resolute! Five and a half years, Alan! Plus he knows how to survive crashing aircraft.

  13. This quiz is creepy as fuck.

    What are the names of the “dead” people on United 93? The only people who know this shit are truthers. And/or nerds who actually finished the comission report.

  14. Yikes, 30%.

    Usually I’m embarrassed when I do badly on current-events quizzes, but NOTHING in this quiz has anything to do with knowing about or understanding 9/11 (except the part about Saudi Arabia, but since the government doesn’t care, why should we? More public beheadings, please!). It seems to have been written by someone who is unhealthily obsessed with 9/11 minutiae and constantly discussing and reading about the attacks.

    So I’m guessing that Rudy G. would do pretty well, actually.

  15. [re=92848]SkimLatteModerate[/re]: Actually, Todd “Let’s Roll” Beamer went to my undergrad. We had a huge bas-relief memorial of him installed in the new student center that bears his name. Dennis Hastert even showed up to the service! (I helped sing the national anthem for it…hell, a gig’s a gig.)
    I met his wife. I hope her book deal works out.

  16. It scares hell out of me that I scored 80% by mostly guessing. (I’d have gotten 90% if I hadn’t changed one answer from what my Inner Wonk knew was right, but that I thought was too obvious and therefore, probably a lie.) This tells me that my brain has been co-opted by subliminable nine-elevening. Where do I get my “Support Our Troops” magnet?

  17. Hurrah, 9/11 Minutiae! Can a special edition of Trivial Pursuit be far behind? Parker Brothers would totally go for that if they really love America.

  18. [re=92781]LauraElizabeth[/re]: hey! you have my name!

    i only got ted olson, saudi arabia and UK citizens. this says something unflattering, only i don’t know what.

  19. [re=92829]Trollop[/re]: Me too. I think “spends too much time watching 24 hour cable news” is the correct answer. I missed the “four names” one.

  20. 80%, bitches. Consider all y’all pwned.

    A trivia quiz? About 9/11? The terrorists may not have already won, but the idiots that run our tee vee networks sure are looking good.

  21. 90% cause I stay informed by reading websites like Wonkette. I would have scored a perfect ten if only all elementary schools were named after Booker T. Washington like they should be.

  22. 90% here too, but I kinda cheated. I was in the Pentagon that day flying all the planes by remote control, and Rummy bumped my shoulder at the wrong time, which was the real reason flight 93 crashed.

  23. [re=92934]magic titty[/re]: yeah i got 10% to, i think it means that we are smarter because we didnt pay attention to all the conspiracy theory BS, i knew they were from saudi and thats the only detail that matters

  24. 80% because of my SAT tested answer discriminator (guessing) skills. Follow-up question: What country that we invaded and have lost over 4,000 soldiers in had absolutely NOTHING to do with 9/11?

  25. BTW, I’m a member of the tribe, a hebrew, a yid, a kike, a hook-nose, a red sea pedestrian…not an anti-semite. I’m only an anti-semite when I’m working in food service.

  26. Ha!! I got 90%!!!

    I guess that makes me…. ummm…… a republican, because we all know that the heathen, terrorist-loving, Hussein-backing, freedom hating,liberal-pussy democrats know NOTHING about 9/11.

  27. [re=92803]Serolf Divad[/re]: Shit! Just one choice for each, which was welcome after a hard test, but I only got 60%. I think my problem is that I know the answers, but I don’t accept them. Fail, or what?

  28. [re=93234]scwrud[/re]: 1986, scwrud. I know because I passed through what passed for Newark’s previous airport around 1985, a year before the new one was built. I seem to recall it as something resembling a big, sweaty pile of moldy plastic with a Roy Rogers inside of it. But they had posters up all over the place saying the new airport was going to be much better!

    I got 80%, by the way. So I am now Vice President of 9/11.

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