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Michelle Obama Dances With Ellen On Teevee’s ‘Ellen’ Program

Your pretend Jackie Kennedy girlfriend, Michelle Obama, appeared on daytime teevee today and did what all daytime teevee guests do: dance with that famous lesbian gal, Ellen. Barack Obama has been there, although he kept his muted dance moves within “the safe zone,” a politician’s best friend. BUT MICHELLE JUST GOES NUTS WITH HER DANCING, and even pulls out some “Vogue,” and then we stopped watching because what is this? [YouTube]

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  1. NoWireHangers

    Has Cindy been on Ellen? I feel like she’d need a bottle of Boniva before attempting to dance.

  2. trophy(forparticipation)wife

    It looked like she was making an effort to still the booty for daytime. I say, let it go. Wine yuh bottom.

  3. Jingo

    What? No booty shake?!

    The Obamas dancing with Ellen is all well and good. But just wait until Sarah Palin gets her groove on. Ellen insiders tell me the governor has already been booked and is ready to show the Obamas how it’s done. She’s just waiting for the show to install a stripper pole on stage.

  4. Fear of a Black Reagan

    Michelle Obama: black? check. lesbian? after this, practically.

    Looks like we got here ladies and gentlemen OUR NEXT SECRETARY OF STATE!!!!

  5. Aurelio

    My only question is this: is Ellen sexually attracted to Michelle, or is she a racist? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. KittyKatMan

    Whew, what a difference between Michelle and Annie Oakley , or as the Arianna Huffington calls Palin, the Trojan Moose. Maybe Palin can show up and show us her speaking-in-tongue skills. Zubadyafunkalickyziam zababa dubarokkarokka!

  7. blader

    Too cautious.

    This opens the door for Palin to come out with the ‘Mae this Fannie’ jig. If she does, I’m afraid it will be all but over for the dems.

  8. Itsjustme

    Palin, dance? I don’t think them religious ones are allowed to dance. Now, the horizontal bop is fine if you are underage.

  9. AnnieGetYourFun

    [re=89056]SuperRounder[/re]: That part was a given. I just wanted to know if I should get laid or not.

  10. professor.cj

    Jim, this is the crap that will win or lose the election. That’s why Drudge created that whole fake “Oprah won’t have Palin as a guest” scandal-non-scandal to get her on Oprah. The creationists who live on the cul-de-sacs really don’t care what Maureen Dowd or David Brooks think (and nor should they, really), but they do care about how entertaining people are while they fold their laundry and check their email.

    affability = electability

    They assume, wrongly, that government will run itself regardless of who is in charge, because in most of their small towns (like in Alaska, say), the mayor is an idiot, but the town somehow manages not to burn down every day.

  11. trophy(forparticipation)wife

    [re=89213]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Is that a trick question? Isn’t the answer always yes you should get laid?

  12. SisterTruth

    She is beautiful, smart, well-informed, and a pretty decent dancer. Shouldn’t we be concerned that the Democratic candidate’s wife has a better education and more thorough knowledge of the constitution (Harvard Law y’all) than either of the Republican nominees?

    Maybe the Republicans can have her answer Sarah Palin’s press questions for her while Palin is studying up on foreign policy, domestic policy, and everything else she needs to know to become vice president. Michelle Obama for president in 2016!!!

    Ellen seems to dislike her, and I’m not sure why. I’ve rarely seen Ellen so icy before. Thoughts?

  13. liquiddaddy

    You got to figure Ellen would stop that after Chris Matthews shoved her down, smacked her, and started dry-humping her ear.

  14. Politricks

    so this is what American politics has come to? Dancing with lesbian, on tee vee. Please don’t stop the music because my head will explode.

  15. BobLoblawLawBlog

    Ah, the plan to reinvigorate the Obama campaign is coming to fruition.
    Step 1: Don’t let Barry mince words about his opponents. They’re not “misrepresenting the facts.” “Lying” works much better if you’re talking to the mouth-breathers still on the fence.
    Step 2: Unleash Michelle to gently remind everyone she’s cool, funny, hot, and a snappy dresser. Have her remind everyone that they always put their kids first and lets them have a normal childhood amidst all this madness. Unlike, say, someone who lets Newsweek do a profile on her retarded son a week after announcing to the world that her daughter’s pregnant.
    Step 3: (still to come): Remind the world that true misogyny is reflected by treating women as if they’re delicate flowers who cannot stand up for themselves. Then let Biden rip her limb from limb.
    Step 4: Rinse and repeat.

  16. YellowSnow

    [re=89337]Politricks[/re]: Just think of this as the new form of Pop Idol. Yeah, it costs you a buck to call in, someone wins, we forget, the end. Oh, but you mean the president might actually do something other than entertain us? BORING, change channels.

  17. AlPal

    So now we have TWO Dykes in Michelle and Ellen – getting off on each other!

    We do not know who the father of Michelle’s kids are, but the suspicion is it was Tiller the Killer!!

    By the way, the “Hussen Obama” marriage has NEVER been consumated. Mubarack has Never been with a Woman in his life. His current BedFellow is Harry Knox!!

    Yes, the entire Democrat administration is going to HELL in a handbasket!!

    God Bless you Rush, Beck, Alex Jones – and every other decent Christian and Jew out there!

    Chazak Amenu!!

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