Olbermann and Matthews’ Reign Of Terror At MSNBC Finally Over

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MonstersDue to not watching much teevee your Wonkette editors were generally spared the spectacular series of meltdowns Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann enjoyed during the conventions, but we understand it was pretty nuts: catty hand gestures and bickering like old lesbians and finally Keith Olbermann refusing to go to St. Paul for fear he would be “assassinated.” Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief because they will not be anchoring the debates or election night for MSNBC.

The new honor goes to David Gregory, who is kind of meh but generally fine…let’s see, what else do we have on this guy…freakishly tall…fun to watch earlier in the Bush era when he’d get very indignant with the president during press conferences…eventually put out to pasture on that show Race to the Finish Line or whatever. But now he has a brand new career as the less annoying replacement for Olbermann and Matthews!

Chris Matthews will always have a special place in this editor’s heart because he is such a genuine political dork who actually knows something about American history. Keith Olbermann is a humorless gasbag who can eat a dick.

MSNBC says Olbermann, Matthews won’t anchor [AP]

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