Here are the current Top Headlines at Bloomberg:

  • Payrolls in U.S. Fall More Than Forecast; Jobless Rate at Five-Year High
  • Mortgage Foreclosures in U.S. Rise at Fastest Pace in Almost Three Decades
  • U.S. Stocks Decline After Unemployment Rate Unexpectedly Increases to 6.1%
  • Merrill Lynch Cut to `Sell’ at Goldman; Credit-Market Writedowns May Rise
  • Gabelli Says Investors Have Good Reason to Worry About Earnings Next Year
  • McCain Vows to Change Washington, ‘Restore’ Republican Party’s Principles
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  1. So as the economy collapses, demand for cheap, tasteless beer will increase, and the cost of hiring a cabana boy will plummet. This is wonderful news, as all red-blooded Americans own beer distributorships and have multiple swimming pools in need of constant maintenance.

  2. Well, considering conservative economic theory is what got us into this mess, McCain saying he was going to bring back “Republican principles” caused a panic. A “mental recession” if you will.

  3. Umm I wonder if this has more to do with dumping lots of money on a stupid war – increasing spending like never before.

    Or it could be that if the VPILF takes over we are not yet prepared for a meth lab economy.

    Either way its only a matter of time before the Chinese and Arabs foreclose.

  4. [re=86857]dano[/re]:

    Are you NUTS!? With gas prices this high?! No, my friend. We’ll all be cycling or cross-country skiing in search of work (yes, even if there’s no snow on the ground we’ll be cross country skiing… that’s how much it will suck).

  5. After the market closed with about a 350 point loss yesterday, commentators were saying that they could attribute it to no specific cause.

    My theory is that the fawning response to Gov. Palin’s debut in the press made a lot of reality-based investors go “OMG! They really could get into the White House and complete the destruction of the economy.”

    Just my 0.1404 Euro…

  6. [re=86868]NoWireHangers[/re]: To add to AngryBlakGuys list of Repub code words:

    Trickle-Down Economics = Shit rolls downhill, and we need to keep the money up here so we don’t get shit all over it.

  7. [re=86872]tunamelt[/re]: Not if you need loans to do it. Wait for Barry and hope for better things. Or fake your own death to get out of the undergraduate loans…it’s been on my mind…

  8. [re=86907]ManchuCandidate[/re]: I feel you but the fallout of that is so bad. So many people lose their jobs when the richies can’t pay.

  9. [re=86903]trophy(forparticipation)wife[/re]: I understand that, and you understand that, but I don’t think anybody’s told WalNUTS!, Glasses!, Dubya, or Cheney, Huckabee, Mittens, 9iu11iani…

  10. thought for the day: just think that if the stock market crashes there won’t be any more rich people so john mclame won’t be able to cut taxes after all!!! LIAR!!!

  11. Top headlines on Bloomberg, 2048

    Cannibalism on Rise as Jobless Rate Hits 43%

    Former Foreclosed Exurbs Now Sites for Gladitorial Combat

    Major Banks Start Accepting Deposits of Bits of String, Leaves, Dead Bats

    Uvula Palin Vows to ‘Change’ Washington, ‘Restore’ Republican Party’s Principles

  12. “McCain Nomination Greeted By Economic Collapse”

    Well shit yeah! It’s like some wierd time portal has been placed here so we can see what would have happened if our great, or simply grand, parents would have elected Herbert Hoover! This is a once in a life time opportunity. I may not hve been kidding before. Maybe the right strategy for Barry is to throw this election and let the blame for the comming difficulties fall where they should. Right square on McCranky and his Vice Promqueenedent.

  13. And in *yawn* related news, the Alaska legislature is going to issue subpoenas to compel testimony from seven key Palin staffers in the “troopergate” inquiry.

    This, you see, is how “open and transparent” is achieved; sort of the way you obtain a confession at Gitmo, except for the disappointing lack of waterboarding.

  14. [re=87032]jjgittes[/re]: Platinum!

    Except it’s Q4 2008, not 2048, and headline 3 should be “Last Remaining Bank Accepts…”

    Christmas is cancelled folks.

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