That’s former Senator Bill Frist you see speaking on tonight’s redesigned RNC stage, with a lovely projection of the African plains at dusk as his backdrop. You know what else is a projection? The massive black cock on which he’s standing.

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  1. You would think that party of trickle down economics would be more cognizant of the view from the top, but maybe they just like the view from the bottom better

  2. COUNTRY FIRST- what better way to portray than a Redwood (ah no), Maple (no), BIRCH (no, no, no). Ummm…is that an Acacia? Do we have these in ‘Merica?

  3. [re=84937]Makeithurt[/re]: …well considering the fact that Cindy McCain was wearing a 3 hundred thousand(YES, THREE MOTHERFUKKIN HUNDRED GOD DAMN THOUSAND!!!) dollar outfit on Tuesday, I wouldnt be surprised if it was!

  4. Is it bad to wish for OT between the Redskins & Giants? Although Joe Gibbs is going to be speaking on Walnuts behalf at the RNC tonight, so wonder who we should root for. It’s amazing he’s around all the negro players but he still can’t vote for Hopey.

  5. [re=84937]Makeithurt[/re]: Totally Project Runway. Maybe Michael Kors will come out and tell McCain that he looks a little “mother of the bride” and Heidi will tell him that his suit “looks cheap, no?”

  6. I am WALNUTS! you know what I mean
    And I do my little turn on the cockwalk
    Yeah on the cockwalk on the cockwalk yeah
    I shake my gimpy touche on the cockwalk

  7. [re=84960]Queen Regine[/re]: no, we all we have are maple and ash, to make baseball bats however, the emerald ash bore are killing ash trees by the thousands, so we’ll have maple, pretty in the fall…

  8. I created a profile just to say this:

    Doesn’t the backdrop look just like that scene from “Gone With the Wind”? You know the one where Scarlett says she’ll never go hungry again?

    Consider the irony. The Republicans, running against an African-American, projecting a still frame from “Gone With the Wind” behind speakers standing on a stage that resembles a black phallus.

    That’s just psychologically creepy.

  9. [re=86135]coolcatdaddy[/re]: As cock is my witness, as cock is my witness, they’ll never lick me! I’m going to live through this and when it’s all over, I’ll never be hungry again.

  10. My psychologist tells me the best way to get over your fear is to create a representation of it so you can face your fear symbolically. What, pray tell, are the Republicans afraid of?

  11. The image in the video backdrop is beautiful. My high school pot dealer had wallpaper like that.

    Makes me want to clear a three foot bong.

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