The next pretend president, after Old McCain dies!Guess who hasn’t been mentioned at all tonight? America’s favorite president, George W. Bush Junior! It’s as if Republicans haven’t held the White House for the past eight years. Who can remember that far back? So let’s welcome the new Geraldine Ferraro, “Barracuda Sarah” Palin — her own sister just called her that, on CNN — as she squeaks through a speech destined to give John McCain the SURGE he needs to finish this campaign as a complete sell-out loser who stands for nothing. Go Sarah!

9:16 PM — “John McCain’s presidential campaign is threatening a lawsuit against the National Enquirer over a print edition story the tabloid ran today alleging that Gov. Sarah Palin has had an extramarital affair with her husband’s business partner.” Wait, what?
9:17 PM — Just watching Rudy da Rat finish up. Thank the American God that John McCain is not afraid of choosing a strong anti-Islamic war hero as his vice president! It would be so great if Giuliani just fell over dead right now, and was found to be wearing a bondage outfit under that million-dollar suit — a bondage outfit made of korans.
9:20 PM — Hey, there’s going to be a funny video biography of Sarah Palin, set to banjo music. Let’s go refill our drinks and get ready for this great new show, narrated by Waylon Jennings and Sam McGee.
9:29 PM — Wait, what the hell, where’s the video biography? Rudy just kept screamin’ about Arabs forever! Anyway, hi Sarah. Sorry about, uh, this fucking train wreck, which you are at least partly responsible for, because you said “Yes” when Walnuts called.
9:31 PM — She already can’t lead: She’s been dumbly saying, “Thank you … Thank you so much” like a voice-mail robot for like nine hours now, instead of waving her hand and starting the speech.
9:32 PM — Video feed is blinking out as she says she’ll accept the nomination — legally, according to the Constitution, this means she can’t be the veep nominee and Ron Paul automatically becomes president.
9:32 PM — Let’s talk about the look, out of sexism. Well, she looks a lot better than Crazy Cindy! But the hair is kind of … frivolous, really. The top is okay, although it doesn’t work with those (fake?) pearls pushing right down on the collar. And she sounds like a nine-year-old kid.
9:34 PM — This whole thing of complaining about “politics” after freakin’ Rudy Giuliani gives a spittle-flying insane wingnut-radio rant, that’s just quaint. We mean, “bullshit.”
9:35 PM — Ha, do you know that she believes GOD made Cheney invade Iraq?
9:36 PM — Ugh, this is painful. Couldn’t somebody with a better voice and command of language just read a speech for her, offstage, the way the Chinese did the Olympic singing trick?
9:38 PM — This isn’t a veep nominee’s speech. It’s a goddamned infomercial for home-schooling.
9:38 PM — It’s a good thing Sarah Palin will be the friend and advocate of the special-needs kids, should she somehow get to the White House if everybody else running all dies, and all the voters die, in a plague. Because with Palin’s advocacy and, say, a personal fortune, you could take care of your special-needs kids!
9:40 PM — This is really incredible. We need a new, meaner word for “vapid lightweight.”
9:41 PM — She grew up with Harry Truman! No wonder people say she aged well — she’s 100 years old!
9:43 PM — Ha ha, community organizers help dirty negroes, but mayors of 6,000-population help white people.
9:44 PM — This is cute, watching her read the attack-dog speech. You are all free to hate her now, because she’s a tool.
9:44 PM — From ditzy hockey mom to snarling monster in 15 minutes! This really is like a terrible movie about rednecks on oxycontin.
9:45 PM — Good lord, this whole crowd is now madly chanting … NBC? CNN? US Weekly? It’s all a mesh of insanity.
9:46 PM — Ha ha ha ha John McCain wasted his whole life sucking off the national media, and now snowbilly gets the job of coming out and acting like this never happened, despite John McCain becoming a national celebrity in Nineteen-Seventy-Three and riding that story all the way to the GOP nomination after everybody else dropped out.
9:50 PM — Wow, these lies about the “Bridge to Nowhere,” which Palin supported, are going to end up being in Obama commercials tomorrow.
9:51 PM — But kudos to whoever wrote this part of the speech, because it makes her 18 months as governor sound like actual accomplishments, instead of an artfully constructed list of literally everything she did on every day as governor since 2007.
9:54 PM — It’s a chamber of commerce speech! (For the oil industry.)
9:55 PM — Oh my god that dirty negro wrote two books!!! (Wild cheering, stomping, standing, lynching ropes, etc.)
9:55 PM — Ha ha, she is complaining about the roar of a crowd, to the roar of a crowd. Do not try to follow this or your head will explode.
9:56 PM — “Victory in Iraq is in sight, and he [Obama] wants to forfeit.” Wait, isn’t Bush the president who just agreed to leave?
9:57 PM — What will be interesting is seeing this character speaking in front of anyone other than mouth-breathing GOP delegates. Because we have never seen such an ugly combination of dimwit “Meet my kids!” and pissy talk-radio talking points.
10:00 PM — It’s now 10 p.m. in the Central time zone, which means it’s 11 p.m. in the Eastern zone, which means Ohio and Florida and Pennsylvania (and Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia) all just lost their prime-time convention coverage. Remember, these conventions are for the registered-yet-baffled voters who come across the prime-time convention coverage. Good jerb, RNC!
10:07 PM — America, we’ve met Sarah Palin before. It was in junior high. She was that snarling evil god-obsessed nut who punished you constantly and enjoyed nothing more than torture — seeing you tortured, that is. And your parents would never quite believe it because she “seemed like a nice lady,” from a distance, with her squeaky voice.
10:08 PM — But, let there be no doubt, she will be hailed by the cable commentators as the greatest orator in American/World history, and then tomorrow the evil media will get back to reporting on whatever new cheap bullshit they dig up about her wingnut church and seventeen affairs and whatever. Hooray 4 America! Clap for the knocked-up teen-ager!
10:10 PM — Ol’ Walnuts McCain waddled out, as planned — he arrived at Xcel an hour ago — and gave Sarah a semi-human hug. She made the pursed lips.
10:11 PM — “Don’t ya think we made the best choice for the next vice president of the United States? And what a beautiful family.” Honestly, that’s what McCain just said. Dear god ….
10:12 PM — This weird scene is the only thing prime-time network teevee people saw on the West Coast. It’s kind of perfect.
10:14 PM — “She is a torpedo aimed directly at Barack and Michelle Obama. This has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton.” — Chris Matthews, just now, sounding kind of shocked and disgusted.
10:14 PM — Ha, Olbermann and Matthews are snapping at each other again. After Matthews’ pretty astute comments (astute because they are the same basic comments we made, HA), Olbermann says something weird about the name of a character from a movie, which he then has to mention (Election) and the actress (Reese Witherspoon), and then it passes to David Gregory and Matthews is muttering loudly, “Well that’s not what I think, that’s not my view.” Olbermann didn’t come to St. Paul because Chris Matthews is going to beat the shit out of him.)

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  1. Just cuz I like thinking about Elizabeth Dole cursing, I’ll repeat:

    I bet Elizabeth Dole is sitting at home right now with a big ol’ smile thinking, “fuck all a’ y’all.”

  2. Wingnut and dreadfully unqualified as she is, I can’t help but feel a little thrill down my leg at the thought that the Republican party’s new standard bearer will be an attractive, nice, authentic young lady rather than douchebags like Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani. For this alone, America owes a debt of gratitude to John S. McCain.

  3. This whole Convention looks like shit. The production value is shit. The crowd is old white men. The hall has empty patches. They chant “USA” and laugh at community organizers. They don’t have snappy video intros. It’s a shoestring convention in comparison to the DNC.

  4. I totally halfway called the hair! Fucking loser RNC couldn’t decide. Up or down? Up or down? Losers. Trying to appeal to everyone satisfies no one. When will they ever learn? Now she’s not sexy librarian at work or sexy librarian at home–she’s like some junior choir leader. Totally not sexy. Fail.

  5. She talks like she’s masticating her face.

    And did you know that John McCain was in the military? This is the first I’m hearing of this. Why didn’t they say so before?

  6. [re=82625]Viva la Cynthia[/re]: That’s what I said. If WALNUTS! wanted a woman, why not at least go with Elizabeth who isn’t a complete baffoon? He wanted a young, purdy one with babies.

  7. Secret Service agent to Levi Johnston, “come with us.”

    Levi Johnston, “Dude, it’s a school night.”

    Secret Service agent, “Of course it is.”

  8. She’s bragging about how many kids in her family enlisted. That’s because when you drop of school (or are chucked out) you have limited options, a fishing boat, the oil field or the military. Are these boys afraid of fishin or drillin?

  9. word, they’re using Trig like a prop. Wouldn’t it be better for him to not be at a convention right now? He going to grow up and write some fantastic memoirs. More lucid that anything ol’ Sarah Failin be saying.

  10. [re=82637]NoWireHangers[/re]: SO MUCH! I think it proves that my fellow graphic designers, as a constituency, are reliably blue. (Politically speaking — we still like to wear black.)

  11. Hey, let’s talk some more about childrens, now shall we? I’m Sarah Palin, the mommie VP. I’m a mom and I talk about children and how I can give birth all the time.

    Seriously, WTF is this?!? How is this woman qualifed for anything not involving small town American domestic life??????

  12. She’s been dumbly saying, “Thank you … Thank you so much” like a voice-mail robot for like nine hours

    Yes! That’s exactly what she sounds like when says thank you. I knew that voice was familiar. I can’t wait till the National Enquirer confirms that Sarah is in fact the auto-attendant lady.

  13. Do the Republicans even know what they’re hooting and clapping for anymore? Unions? Snow machines? Are they high? Are they really Mexicans brought in from meat packing plants for the evening at threat of deportation to clap or else?

  14. She can’t deliver her speech. She just can’t. She stresses the wrong words. In every line. She’s awful. They’re going to have to change her nickname from “Barracuda” to “Admiral Stockdale” when Biden is done debating her.

  15. I always knew This Palin was an undercover slut with those freaky glasses!!

    I wonder if the affair created TRIGGER Palin?

    Things that make a wonketter go hmmmm??

    I still can’t get over them naming their sons TRACK & TRIG.. And let’s not forget BRISTOL!!
    All homegurl needs now is a Trailer on the White house Lawn and it’s HeeHaw baby making sexy times!!!

  16. Does she think she’s giving a speech at her brother’s wedding or something? I don’t give a fuck about your inbred family, you dumb bitch (note: apparently I’m the same gender as this person, so it’s allowed).

  17. Has anyone else noticed that the Republicans have got it way up for Harry Truman this time ’round (more than her just now)? What’s the deal? Maybe it’s that kindred S.?

  18. Were they too cheap to make a little movie about her to tell us all this crap?
    Do they figure she’ll be gone soon, so why waste the money?
    Why are they letting her squawk on like this?
    Tell her how to pronounce a G.
    “And I had to get married when my guy Todd knocked me up”

  19. God…if you fall for this shit, if you honestly beleive in the lies they’re spewing and the hollow slogans they throw around, then you deserve what will happen if these scumbags get into the White House…


    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALHfkd;ajkfd;sa fhdlka jfsl; af;sajdl;ajl;faL!!!!


    I can’t. You can’t. What are they? What the Fuck? I mean? Did they not JUST say Barry had no experience, and now they’re saying Palin has enough experience? IT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE. God, you HAVE to be retarded to eat this shit up.

  21. I didn’t need focus groups and profiles…..but I did need a lobbyist!

    Ooooh. i’m all atwitter to hear about the job of a mayor in shitberg Alaska.

    And she had responsibilities Like hiring a city manager to do her job for her?

  22. I was president of my high school chess team…guess I have executive experience too! duh-amn! Community organizers are getting smacked around tonight..take that, bitches.

  23. Did Democrats belittle her mayordom of Wasilla? ‘Cause I remember two weeks ago when Karl Rove was talking about how Tim Kaine was a lousy VP pick because, before becoming governor for three years, he had been the mayor of a town of 150,000. (In reality it’s closer to 230,000 but whatever).

  24. She is a goddess. I am obsessed with her. Please, let this woman reign in our hearts and minds forever. I also would like for her to force me to push a squealing parasite out from my pussy, because I’m not allowed to take a pill to make a few cells go bye-bye after a condom breaks. She’s just that sexy.

  25. Fuckin A….she’s right about one thing….she is not now, nor will she ever be, a part of the political elite.


  26. oh, yeah, being mayor of wasilla is just like being a community organizer in chicago–except it has responsibilities.

    also, except that five square blocks in chicago has the same population as her town. and did she have to deal with inner city crime? right

  27. FINALLY!!! it would not be a republican convention if they did not knock the town i have lived in my whole life–San Francisco!!! i was starting to worry. i now feel whole.

  28. [re=82796]DieOnTheTurnpike[/re]: It’s all the hormones in milk. Expect a cottage industry of lawsuits for breast cancer caused by hormones in dairy products.

    I mean, have you ever noticed how 12-14 year olds have huge tits? I have.

    (don’t hit Submit Comment you fool!!!)

  29. So cool. This is totally falling to pieces. She is so bad. They should have found out if she could talk first.

    Maybe they picked her because she was the only republican who would make McCain look like a good public speaker?

  30. We are over 17 minutes into this speech, and has she given a single reason why she should be a heart beat away from the presidency? I mean, other than she is not an uppity negro?

  31. [re=82611]NoWireHangers[/re]: They should have the woman who starred in Fargo overdub her voice.
    It’d be charming even if she’s still speaking republican.

  32. I have never had a real job in politics. In fact, I don’t even understand how to govern. But the media is all “why don’t you understand foreign policy? Why won’t you answer our questions? Why are you under investigation in your home state?” and I’m all like, “I don’t care what you think. I just know that idiots will like my accent, the fact that my daughter is pregnant, and that I had a retarded baby.”

  33. A servant’s heart? Damn, her maids better watch out tonight when she gets home….

    (By the way, they’re all completely right–community organizers do nothing and they DEFINITELY do NOT want to serve ANYONE.)

  34. Do you guys remember the movie, “The Witches”, based on the Roald Dahl book? There’s this scene where Anjelica Huston, the head witch, is giving a speech about how she’s got a plan to eradicate all kids, and the witches go nuts with excitement. They drool, shake, and laugh so hard you can see their wisdom teeth.

    This reminds me of that. The crowd shots are terrifying.

  35. She’s doing very well. She wants everyone to know she’s feisty. Good. Joe, you now have permission to take the gloves off and tune her up like Obama will McCain.

  36. Trust me, Sarah, nobody considers you unqualified because you’re not part of the Washington elite.

    Any more than they consider pee undrinkable because it doesn’t come in champagne bottles.

  37. These people won’t stop fucking screaming,

    “I’m Sarah Palin.”


    “I have five kids.”

    USA! USA! USA!

    “One has special needs.”


  38. “Nearly half a billion dollars in vetos.”
    Half of which was paid for by the money for that bridge they didn’t build. OH, and she mentioned it.

  39. Yup….including vetos for programs for young mothers.
    Lying WHORE!!! Fuck this shit. I can’t listen to her. But leave it to a
    bunch of republican to make a practiced liar out of someone i less than a week.

  40. HAHA toddler is making the baby more retarded by picking at him.

    What’s with the uninspiring black background? I know people didn’t like the ‘obamopolis’ set, but c’mon.

  41. Hey, she has experience with a veto pen, though she doesn’t veto Todd’s pen very often.

    Oops! Just lied about bridge to nowhere earmark. She vetoed building it, but kept the money and gave it to Alaskans for beer and drugs.

  42. If this speech gets anything other than total pans from the media, general public, etc, I’m moving to Hawa’ai.

    Couldn’t they have given her an emergency accent lesson, at least? That nasal while is astoundingly annoying. Almost as bad as what comes out of W’s mouth, shucks.

  43. How many bidders were there on the gas pipeline, Sarah? Oh, one? A Canadian company? Wow. And how much did you give them for startup? Oh, $500 million you say? Very conservative.

  44. As governor, she’s vetoed nearly half a billion dollars of the wasteful earmarks that she actively lobbied for as mayor.

    Thanks but no thanks on the bridge to nowhere? Get the fuck out of here, lady. She EVENTUALLY nixed the bridge, but was happy to keep the money.

  45. You just watch. To prove her toughness, Palin will pinch out a kid right on stage, MID-SENTENCE. SHE PLAYED BASKETBALL, MUTHAFUCKAS!

    Jeebus HAS returned, and he is FUCKIN’ HOTT! U-S-A! WE-ARE-GHEY!

  46. She’s trashing a jet, doesn’t she realize she’s campaigning via jet? A sexy “straight talking” jet.

    She’s also bragging about vetos on the budget… including funding for teenage mothers.

    She’s like W but stupid-er.

  47. [re=82628]rikitikitavi[/re]: It’s meant to be a play on Harry S Truman, only in this case it means sonovabitch this guy is fucking out of his mind nominating S. Palin. I want to die quickly if she and Grampa get elected.

  48. [re=82940]irisheyes[/re]: I dunno. Lot of comments here that she is a crappy speaker but I fear this will resonante as long as she doesn’t say SCRANton too much. Someone tell me I’m wrong.

  49. She seems really, truly weak when talking about foreign countries. She needs to stick to the reformist, good-government, populist themes and not even bother trying to pronounce foreign country names.

  50. Are we watching the republican convention or a rerun of the movie “Drop Dead Gorgeous” I can’t help being reminded of Kirstie Allie’s character in that movie with every work Palin speaks.

  51. How is this speech going to play with the pundits? How do you think this will be spun? I’m watching with the sound off because I’m afraid if I actually turn the sound on, I will hear the dem’s chance slowly draining away. Please tell me that she sucks. Not just to libs, but will suck to the rest of the non-fundie nation.

  52. Ok. I’m going to explain this to the Republicans: Oil is a globally traded commodity. Even if we get ourselves off foreign oil, shutting off oil in Saudi Arabia still affects the price of oil, even in the U.S., you stupid, fucking morons.

  53. Did she say in a McCain/Palin administration, we’re going to lay more pipe? Jesus, these people are OBSESSED with fucking. Is the butt secks graph coming soon?

  54. Why exactly would Iran turn off it’s “tap”? Considering they get all of their money from it?

    “Bein’ from da North Slope, I know a thingee or two aboot gas and oil, ya know”

  55. Barack Obama never once authored a law. Except the ones he passed, ’cause they have his name on it, and whatnot, like that reform you mentioned, but, um, he didn’t physically write each letter his self…

  56. How does the “independence from foreign oil” and “American workers” rhetoric reconcile with Mitt’s free trade and capitalism shtick? Oh, the cognitive dissonance, it hurts.

  57. OOOOOOH, BURN! I’d rather have styrofoam columns than a backdrop full of slides from my great aunt’s RV sojourn through middle America circa 1972.

  58. I think she may be more evil than Cheney. I didn’t think that was possible, but she just makes me so inexplicably angry that I cannot even explain it. As a woman I am just ashamed that she could be representing my gender.

    Oh christ. I am so sick of this “hes a fancy speaker bullshit.” After eight years of Bush is a president who can form complete sentences too much to ask?

  59. [re=83077]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: She’s just a little confused because she thought she was going to hear Herbert Hoover speak tonight and she’s worried that this lady will make her miss it.

  60. She hates styrofoam Greek columns and babies with normal names. She’s for special needs.

    And she says nuclear just like Dub-ya: Newk-yoo-lar.

  61. I officially fucking hate this woman. She hasn’t even said Barry’s name for fuck sake, and as she keeps talking I want her to die. I want her to be destroyed, as if she is some kind of inorganic being. A plague.

  62. Build nuclear plants…. who’s gonna pay for THAT???

    And if energy independence is sooo important, why did Johnny-mac either vote against bills that would have helped do that or just fail to show up for such votes.

    Sarah Phailin seems to forget that it was Barak Obama that came out against the war BEFORE it began, citing that such a war would lead to untold casualties, and would lead to a long term occupation. Hmmmm who had the rue foresight???

  63. [re=83048]hockeymom[/re]: Oh, it’s painful.

    So yeah, the talking heads will love it.

    I’m already resigned to McCain pulling this out. And then the cancer eating his face within his first month of office. And then Bristol’s kid becomes president.

  64. You know, I really did start to like Palin there for a while, but I think I’ll remember this night for being the point when, given the chance to show itself to be better than Bush, the Republican party chose to officially endorse the position of denying human rights to detainees.

  65. [re=82730]NoWireHangers[/re]: And if these assclowns are still running the EPA and the FDA with all the industry input that we need to stay “competitive” and no margin for safety, kids with special needs will become the norm.

  66. Yes! We need no taxes at all! We can do everything for free! Those tax and spend effers hate YOU because you’re an American! They want this country to speak Irani!

  67. Maybe you’re trying to keep your job in a swing state, LOL. Nice touch. Was this written by a seventh grader in a civics class doing a report on election politics?

  68. “How are they gonna be better off if their taxes go up?”
    Honey, my taxes didn’t go down during the tax cut. They won’t go up when the tax cut dies.

  69. [re=83149]Buffy and Hildegard[/re]: At least she’s keeping the volume down–my left eardrum exploded because of her voice at the speech last Friday.

  70. [re=83032]Atoz[/re]: No, you’re right. I think that “security moms” will love her. And men. She’s hot and tough talkin’.

    I hate her so much. She isn’t saying anything at all. People love that.

  71. They’re really trying to dredge up every minor, tiny Obama scandal from 3 months ago, when the ONLY scandal in this country is the Elephant in the room (heh), bitch, and that’s the bastard grandchild baking in your daughter’s womb of sin due to your trumpeting of abstinence only education

  72. Nice. Let’s lie to the american people and say we never, ever, have to raise money to pay down the deficit.

    My kingdom for a sea of paultards.

    One thing….they opened the rude, angry rhetoric. Thanks for galvanizing the Dem base tonight, Sarah.

    Lobbyists. Yeah, you and Maverick have never met with them. Liar. Cunt. Whore.

  73. Next time one of those fat fucks from the midwest ask me for directions to Fisherman’s Wharf after they stumble off a cable car, I am going to send them to Hunters Point.

  74. [re=83113]Rudy’s Microphone Wiper-Downer[/re]: Proposed Constitutional amendment: You’re not allowed to get close to controlling the red button if you’re not smart enough to pronounce nuclear.

  75. Oh my God! “When he’s (Obama) is done rolling back the waters and healing
    the planet.” I really, really, really, hope this gets played as the mean spirited hate fest
    this is and not a “red meat and potatoes love fest,” by the media. This woman has me so angry it just took me 3 tries to type out the word angry without it coming out as ” angpry,”antry,” or anblgy!”

  76. So how do you think this will play tomorrow…especially in states like Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. I don’t think she helps in Florida, probably helps a little in Ohio.

  77. [re=83118]NoWireHangers[/re]: I feel your pain. Like Harriet I also want to boil kittens after listening to this awful awful excuse for a politician.

  78. Snarky and superficial. She’s just going from cheesy zinger to cheesy zinger. I mean, I’m impressed. That’s essentially what we’re shooting for here. But shouldn’t there be some, you know, substance? Or, not.

  79. “Wow. She’s opened the door for Biden to come roaring tomorrow. What a bunch of CRAP this is.”

    Why wait ’til tomorrow? Dems should have 5-6 great tv ads already from this cesspool.

  80. Jesus, WE GET IT, you enjoy shitting on the concept of community organizing!

    What’s she talking about? Is John McCain a veteran of the armed forces or something? I hadn’t heard.

  81. Seriously. Is this for real? Is that Tina Fey? Is the season premiere of SNL? Even better – is Tina Fey back on SNL?
    Oh, I’m so bored with this dipwig…

  82. [re=83098]Ilikepigeons[/re]: The bald spot is from pulling her hair out over Caribou Barbie. Between the voice and the possibility that she’s about to get turned over for a younger model, the woman’s gonna be bald as Mr. Clean.

  83. So, the saddest thing about all this is that this convention center full of people all seriously think they’re headed toward the White House. :( Poor guys.

    Also, MSNBC ftw for the angry codger of an pissy looking vet they just put on screen.

  84. Journey of Personal Discovery -Ahahahahahhahahhahahahaaaaaa!! We don’t discover nothing ’bout nothin’ in Nowheresville, Alaska, population moose.

    She’s like a Midwestern Kindergarten teacher from hell.

  85. “The presidency is not supposed to be a journey of personal discovery.”
    “It’s not just a community and it doesn’t just need an organizer.”
    Wow — this is a polite and respectful campaign?
    These people are just mean.

  86. John McCain was tortured for YOU AMERICA so he gets to be President because he was tortured for you America. Even though we now want to torture other people, but that’s okay.


  87. Wow. Diminish his work helping people. Seriously. Keep doing it. Keep making his work helping people get jobs after their jobs left into a joke. It is really funny. Especially when we look at your experience.

  88. umm clean coal… that is a part of Obama;s plan and was long before McCain.

    Change, and McCain???? yeah, he changed his residence to run for the house in AZ…. Changed his wife for a younger, richer one….. changed his stance to support Bush policies….


    Lobbyist not support McCain.. no they just WORK for him….. (and he for them)

    Do-nothing senate….. ummm… well, go back 2 years and see what a do-nothing Senate was.

    Oh, the gloves will come off….. There are several senators that can;t stand McCain… and some are republicans… not to mention

    McCain fought for ME??? or did he fight because he was in the Navy…. and he was a bad pilot and managed to get shot down… (his own words!)

    So, being in the military makes you a great President…. Lincoln was a great President and HE was never a prisoner of war….

  89. “the american presidency isn’t supposed to be a journey of personal discovery” – was that a Hillz slam? From finding her voice in New Hampshire like, 80,000 years ago before she lost the nomination and before she was features in jamakane’s ad? It’s just so many levels of recursive dingbattery.

    Or maybe it’s somehow about Barry. You know, I don’t get the Daily Hate e-blast, I’m not up on this.

  90. It’s a long way from the fear and pain and squalor of a 6X4 foot cell to the fear and pain and squalor of this convention center….

    No, sweet cheeks, not really.

  91. Queen of the zingers and meaningless nightmare world analogies. Just what we need to further sink into the prehistoric muck while our planet burns to the ground. Let’s all move to Alaska!

  92. The journey we’re going to make is in a cell in Hanoi? Is that some metaphor for the further depreciation of the Vietnamese dong and how we’re going to be enslaved to the Vietnamese economy?

    No thank you, ma’am.

    By the grace of God? John McCain must be king now.

  93. in places… where winning means survival (i don’t know where that is)… and defeat means death.

    *wait for it*

    that man is John McCain.

    OH!!! *applause*

    P.S. “Hanooey.” Jesus Christ…

  94. Well, we can certainly say without a doubt we know this harpy bitch better than we did a week ago. And doesn’t it make us feel a lot better. Quick, get my clonazaprem!

  95. John McCain has compassion because he was once tortured and powerless as POW, but you’re choosing to sneer at Obama at supporting the concept of human rights for the detainees we capture in this war. What the fuck, lady? No, seriously, are you even listening to yourself speak?

  96. Did I hear that correctly? Did she seriously just imply that Obama’s name isn’t “like those you’ll find on war memorials in small towns”?

  97. This speech is making me want to drink.

    God…no…not the pinhole McCain torture story…not.the.story….

    And no, we don’t need that man to see us through the next four years. His one accomplishment is getting caught by the enemy. He got caught. CAUGHT.


  98. Her snarkyness will come back to haunt her…. her claims will be used in video after video along with the FACTS….. not that the Repubs let facts stand in the way of anything….

    Truth…. truth about your actions as mayor are about to bite you in the ass, biatch

  99. [re=83244]The 3-Legged Man[/re]: Seriously, Pawlenty must be pissed right about now.

    Or maybe this was all a Marissa Tomei thing: He meant to call Pawlenty, but accidentally hit “Palin” on his phone, and now it’s just too late to rescind the offer?

  100. Gee, I hope we hear more about how John McCain is a martyr and a saint who was tortured and therefore should be elected Crucified Savior of America.

  101. the republicans will declare that she gave the best political speech since moses laid down the commandments. any contrarian is a sexist baby hater.

  102. Let’s bomb the bejeezus out of San Fran, New York (ahem Wudy), Chicago, LA, etc… those “flashy” and “cosmopolitan” cities and bastions of culture so that we can become like that painting “American Gothic”…also, let’s burn all books, especially “Farenheit 451″…then allow me, a bitter, right-wing, religious nut/whacko to rule this country because NOTHING says diplomacy and world leader like a speech dripping with sarcasm.

  103. John McCain was in combat for 20 days total…then was captured and imprisoned. He’s nuts,she’s nuts and those republican scum are nuts. I just donated to BO campaign!!!!!!!!

  104. Anyone that tells you Small Town America is just the most decent thing on the planet just needs to go into a Kum-and-Go bathroom off I-79 and read the graffiti on the wall. It’s all “call 555-344-5839 for a good time a dump on your chest.” Small Town America is for perverts.

  105. I swear to God. If I have to listen to this woman’s voice for 4 years…I will personally be sending her the bill for my migraine medicine. That voice (and her stupid ass) has got to go!

  106. Karl Rove just ordered a new “slave” wardrobe to wear for Mistress Sarah. Newt Gingrich is IMing her like the little schoolgirl he is. And Lee Atwater just decided to roll out of that grave and get him some of that mean girl too.

  107. If SHE were in a POW camp, she’da fucked all the ‘Namese and had a tribe of Downs Syndrome babies with ’em. God bless America! Convert every Jew!

  108. She’s FINALLY done.

    Here’s your summary: McCain spent a long time in a tiny cell getting his fingernails ripped out and electrodes clipped to his nipples and nuts. He’s a REAL American! He fought for you 98374958734 years ago! That means he can do whatever he wants now – and he wants to rule the country so, damnit, he can rule the country! five years man, five years!

    Announcer: Yes, we’re questioning whether Obama has the qualifications to be commander-in-chief. Palin, well, there is no doubt – governing all the polar bears is quite character building. But Obama, well… he just does not have the experience.

    McCain: (to Palin) what a beautiful family you have, my pretty… heh heh heh

  109. Summarization of Palin’s speech:

    “Vote for me, and it’ll be Summer all year long! And who wants to eat chimichangas, anyway? I promise a Bonne Bell lip gloss dispenser in all the girls bathrooms!”

  110. [re=82746]dontmeanship[/re]: No, Bill and Hillary both said Autism during the convention speeches, so the dems get it. Unfunded No child left behind is already doing a number on the special needs kids, so we don’t really any more Republican “special favors”

  111. …hume just sad Simple Trig is a Downs Syndrome baby and he’s so gentle and sweet ‘as they always are”…


    Oh – but the crowd is chanting Sim-ple Trig Sim-ple Trig”..


  112. Call me a misogynist pig, but Governor Palin is the living embodiment of every boring, opinionated, vapid, loudmouthed, passive-aggressive, judgmental cubicle mate I’ve ever had. Their catchphrase is “Look at these pictures of my kid!”

    I had to listen to them opine on 9-11, the War on Christmas, Terri Fucking Schiavo, Evil Sand-Niggers Who Want to Kill us All, our doomed secular culture, the rapture, why I’m going to hell, and Why They Just Don’t Trust That Barack Hussein Obamas.


  113. I hope they say this redneck hit homerun! So everybody can say oh NUTZ on those old angry left disses! Then she can make some more speeches she hasn’t been rehearsing for 2 days and we can come up with NEW DISSES!

  114. Jesus Motherfucking Christ. These fuckers even copy their gimmicks from the Democrat Convention.

    Refucklicunts: The Microsoft of AmeriKKKan Politrix.

  115. [re=83314]HopeNutz[/re]: Dollars to donuts they gave him benadryl. They’re all angels when they’re sleeping. They’ll keep him sedated until November 5th.

  116. I hope I am so wrong, but did she actually say something about not having to ‘worry about reading people their rights?’ Drill Baby Drill? This is the stuff of nightmares.

  117. Well, that sure was a solid policy-filled address reflecting a deep knowledge of critical issues foreign and domestic. I’m certainly glad she didn’t stoop to smarmy self-congratulatory sneering at caricatures of her opponents.

  118. Now here’s what happens. All the Democrats say the speech sucked because it lacked substance and recycled old attacks. All the Republicans will say it was an amazing, transformational speech that establishes her as a true contender on the national scale. Both sides will spout hyperbolic bullshit. Reality: it was a “meh” speech.

  119. [re=83117]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: “I officially fucking hate this woman. She hasn’t even said Barry’s name for fuck sake, and as she keeps talking I want her to die. I want her to be destroyed, as if she is some kind of inorganic being. A plague.” THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SHORTS! I no longer feel my deep Catholic guilt for the sheer hatred I feel for her. Deep appreciation for voicing the sheer disgust I am tasting at this time. Shit…she is truly AWFUL

  120. Poor Levi. For just a little snatch now he’s doomed to an annoying mother-in-law, a soon-to-be demanding wife, a newborn kid, and no more strange! No more all night parties, nights out at the bar, hunting & fishing whenever you want to.
    Kids, DON’T let this happen to you.

  121. I think the most disgusting thing about this whole Failin–I mean, Palin thing is that it gives hope to every female member of the Young Conservatives of Texas that I went to college with. They were all bastards, and they should not be encouraged to be as evil as they are…and yet they put this lady up on stage.

  122. I don’t think the 3rd grade teacher should be president. She’ll just have a trist with a 12 year old, get arrested, flee, then be on “Cops” hiding under an upturned kiddie pool.

  123. My friends, she did it. She WILL be your president at some point in the very near future.

    Good luck with that! Just don’t come flooding over the border all at once. Bring cash.

  124. Oh fuck. Fred Barnes is saying she’s got a gift, she’s a natural. Both he and Gregory are talking about how she has a “story to tell”.

    Lots of people have stories to tell. Let them tell them. That doesn’t mean they need to be vice president.

  125. Sonofabitch. I normally watch this crap on MSNBC, because it’s like the libtard Faux News, but I was watching this horseshit on CNN, because it’s in HD. But I paused a few times to go refill my liquor. So I was like, 5-7 minutes behind, and I’m reading about Olbermann apparently going batshit, and I couldn’t even enjoy it, because I was still watching the tail end of this clusterfuck of a speech.

    Now I’m on MSNBC, but they’re just talking to random audience tards, with some closeted redneck wailing at way too high a volume on stage. Life sucks. Shoot me now.

    Or just let me refill my glass. Again.

  126. Republicans are scary. I just defriended every single person on facebook whose status said something positive about that speech because, well, they are obviously insane.

  127. [re=83380]Democratica[/re]: I DREAD having to listen to them squeeee over this speech tomorrow. They’ll be all, “She’s just like meeeeee!”.

    I’ll be all, “Yes. Yes, she is.”

  128. [re=83407]chascates[/re]: You’re probably unaware that in Alaska, having a wife and kids is considered a reason to go out to a bar, go hunting, go fishing, and screw your neighbor’s wife when he’s up on an oil rig on the frozen tundra.

  129. [re=83406]grevillea[/re]: The Republican version of rapping is taking a legitimate form of music and butchering it at frat parties and WWE events. The Republican version of rapping would also be like 1000x more white and involve a pack of unfiltered Marlboros. Flavor Country!

  130. [re=83428]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Are you a little bit more happy with the Biden VP pick – meaning someone who can dish it out with a woman who wants to fight?

  131. [re=83430]The 3-Legged Man[/re]: And the state will send you money every year to boot? How long as this been going on? And you’re OK with up to an ounce of herb?

  132. [re=83400]Queen Regine[/re]: Can I join on your hate bandwagon? I think our only hope is that the smart, WASPY republicans stay home because they can’t vote for a dem and they’re smart enough not to be able to pull the lever for Norma Rae of the Frozen Tundra. Otherwise, civilization is doomed.

  133. There’s only one thing that we need to highlight about this speech – she curled her lip and sneered at the Democrats for wanting to protect the human rights of detainees. That decides it. One party in this election sneers and mocks at the very notion that we should respect the rights of prisoners captured in our war on terror, while it milks every sob available from the suffering of American POWs. She sneered at the concept of universal human rights.

    Nothing else matters, really. Her babies and the mooseburgers and all that are a stupid distraction. She supports illegal detention and torture. She, and by extension McCain, have chosen to embrace Bush whole heartedly. Now my hatred is general – it’s not just Bush and his cronies, it’s the whole fucking gang of criminal thugs, all of whom need to be destroyed, regardless of age and gender. Fuck them all.

  134. [re=82832]CthuNHu[/re]: I don’t believe these claims – if Republicans excel at only one thing (and they do) it’s engaging in ego-driven competition that funds money to Saudi Arabia by wasting gas.

  135. Where’s John McCain’s executive experience?? If serving as Mayor of Wasilla was her key to the White House, and John McSame has none, why is she the VP nominee?

  136. [re=83448]jagorev[/re]: You’re ever so right. But you sadly make the mistaken assumption that you’re preaching to anything other than the choir here.

  137. I watched to the bitter end, and she didn’t flash her lactating masses. And then “Star Spangled Banner” with Black Abe was the warmup act for NASCAR music. The end.

  138. [re=83422]Ilikepigeons[/re]: A hockey mom is someone who, the second she stops working, gets in the SUV (hybrid), already loaded up with stinky hockey equipment and spends the next three or four hours driving between at least two different rinks in different parts of the state. She ends up eating a lot of stale popcorn at poorly lit rinks, feeding her children crap, doing homework on a cement floor with whatever child happens to NOT be playing hockey at the moment, maybe handing them off to her husband at some point, then doing it all over again the next day.

    And it’s worth every second when you see your kids light up with joy the minute they hit the ice. It’s probably not something most people get…but for those of you on the board who grew up playing pond hockey every night until it got dark, you get it.

    Unless you are talking about Sarah Palin. Then hockeymom is just another work for Republican Tool with Ladyparts.

  139. [re=83448]jagorev[/re]: It’s enraging. The GOP is disgusting, and must be destroyed. Too bad the decision making is up to the same assholes in swing states who fucked us hard the past two elections…

  140. They’re jacking off about how this is a historic first because a Republican woman is on the ticket.

    Am I to understand that GOP women are now worthy to be vp, 24 years after Dems decided the same thing?

  141. [re=83438]chascates[/re]: Alaska is giving almost every resident a check for $3,300 this year. That’s about $2Billion from the fiscally conservative Palin, although most of it comes from the Permanent Fund they’ve built from oil taxes. She also just authorized $100,000 in state funds for her own attorney in the investigation of her.

    She didn’t mention how she actually spoke out against a recent clean water initiative that would have restricted discharges from the massive Pebble Mine project, which will be the largest precious metal mine in this hemisphere, with more gold and platinum and other metals (like lead, arsenic, etc.) than have ever been discovered. When it leaks into the region’s rivers, it could make the Exxon Valdez disaster look like a small puddle of oil.

    She probably didn’t want to say that she insists on continuing Alaska’s aerial predator control program, which allows shooting wolves from airplanes….

    …or the Clean Elections ballot measure she opposed that would have forbidden special interests from funding local candidates….

    She did, at least, repeat the lie about the Bridge to Nowhere that she fully supported but now claims she was against.

    She’s quite consistent. Convenient truths.

  142. [re=83448]jagorev[/re]: That right, Jagorev. Kinda like the papa bull and the son bull in the nosebleed seats at the convention…. see all those cows down there, dad? Whatta ya say we run down there and fuck us one! Tell ya what, son. Let’s walk down there and

    FUCK EM ALL!!!!

  143. Can we talk seriously? I think her sarcasm and mockery were disgusting and terribly unattractive. Again, I cannot believe the people who EVER thought this unmitigated bitch was attractive. Attractive like fucking cruella deville.

  144. [re=83445]hockeymom[/re]: You can ride shotgun…we can travel town to town encouraging the WASPY Repubs to stay home or go to the Club on election day. Otherwise, I agree, civilization is doomed.

  145. [re=83455]Keram2[/re]: Off topic in a Wonkette thread?
    But seriously, Wonkette needs to invent something an interface like nico nico douga . Comments flying across in realtime. The potential is huge!

  146. Her line about being a Servant (biblically, speaking I reckon) was a good one. How has Todd not become a heroin addict after 24 years of her? Thank god he has ‘some college’. (Majored in moonshin’ and minored in poachin’)

  147. OMG, the EST late crowd, thank you thank you thank you.

    The mid-evening pile-in was waaaaay earnest and partisan. An’ juvie.

    Just tryin to keep the faith with snark, however surreal it might end up. A looooong ways, guess

    Equal Oppo. All dumb ideas shredded here:

  148. That fucking old crap-panted dolt Brokaw just said she was presented in a “very winning way.” What? This speech was the verbal equivalent of unleashing a seething, salivating, rabid swamp sow to sink her yellowed fangs into Obama’s ankle. Um. Winning? No.

  149. [re=83499]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: But it’s unfair to challenge republican women… ever! That’s like challenging a POW. You are no patriot mein friend.

  150. [re=83480]simetrias[/re]: Yeah, this is a new feeling for me. I am enraged, but it’s a kind of concentrated, purposeful rage. It’s no longer enough to just mouth off about her on blogs. I am going to do everything I can possibly do to get Obama elected. It’s no longer really about hoping for change in some abstract way, it’s about fighting to prevent evil assholes from continuing their reign. Congratulations, Sarah, you’ve just converted this lazy-ass blogger into a dedicated volunteer and organizer, and I will devote every free moment I have to ensuring your defeat, bitch.

  151. [re=83513]snott[/re]: So they can be the ones to put him over the top.

    Good thing he’s getting the nomination, since the republicans already nominated Palin for VP at her own suggestion. Whore.

    Did I mention she is a lying whore yet?

  152. [re=83520]CivicHoliday[/re]:DON’T! Halliburton is moving its headquarters there & Darth Cheney has his ‘getaway’ condo there as well. There’s lots of room up Alaska way I hear tell.

  153. Thank the sweet baby jeebus that somebody called her on lying about taxes. I wish it hadn’t been the the known devotee of homosexualism, Jeffrey Toobin, but I’ll take what I can get.

  154. [re=83520]CivicHoliday[/re]: Jesus Chrispies, you had to reach, but you finally found the one nation more hostile to human rights than Bush’s US of A.

    Goddamn, United Arab Emirates? You serious?

    Hope you don’t partake of any poppy-seed bagels before you hop on that flight, “my friend.”

  155. [re=83532]jagorev[/re]: This is more like it. Get those mason-illuminati helicopter gunship convoys from buzzing my neighborhood at 2am and that’ll be just fine. All power to yr arm.

    I’m falling out of love with living on the DC border.

    You make good points earlier, as above; It’s a teary and ozymandial time for the rule of law. Anyone who wants to fight the big shredder on this has my support.

  156. [re=83565]BrownL[/re]: You cocktease. You send me to a great speech . . . until I read the comments.

    “No child left behind” rejects really shouldn’t be permitted to comment on YouTube. Actually, no one should. Ever. The end.

  157. [re=83532]jagorev[/re]: Exactly the same effect this had on me. The idea of this Nazi dominatrix in PTA clothing and Ratfuck Giuliani and all these mean-spirited, small-town idiot-bastards laughing in victory is too much.

  158. please, please, please, please tell me America is not dumb enough to buy this.

    and well you’re at it, tell me the Repubs won’t rig the election in- ohhh, say- FLORIDA.

    make me another fucking pina colada, too.

  159. BTW – I think it’s a Blue Star flag pin. For families who have someone in the service in harm’s way. Admiral that, but he hasn’t shipped out just yet. I think I heard that somewhere.

  160. She did better than I expected. This will take time but she can be dismantled. The press won’t touch her though, and the Dems need to think carefully about their counterpunches. She’s basically GWB with more coherent speaking skills. This is not good.

  161. Sigh. I can’t believe I have to pull myself out of sarcastic, snark mode for this.


    You’re being caught up in the moment. This dumb bitch, if she doesn’t completely self-destruct the fuck up between now and November, will be knocked the fuck out in the VP debates. McCain’s quaint little antique grandfather clock will be cleaned by Hopey in the weeks to come. And in the debates, it’ll be some Nixon vs. Kennedy type shit all over again. Muffuckers will see the shiny Boy Wonder next to the Crypt Keeper, and it’ll be case closed. A couple of elections of being genius at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory tends to teach you a few things. Most Dems haven’t learned the lessons. A few, like Our Man Hopey (TM), have.

    Don’t underestimate the genius of Barack Obama, Inc. They beat the one and only Democratic machine that managed to crush the Refucks — Clinton & Co. And not only that, but they grabbed them by the balls, bent them to their will, and made them endorse him without reservation. Friends, if they can do that, there’s not much they CAN’T do. They crushed the biggest political operation in the last several decades. They look friendly, squeaky-clean, and well-behaved. They are, for the most part. But poke them with a stick, and they’ll bite your motherfucking balls off, then force you to thank them for it.

    None of which is to say that any of us can afford to get complacent. But this long national nightmare WILL fucking end in a couple of months, as long as we don’t take our eyes off the proverbial prize, as long as we don’t DARE get the LEAST bit comfortable because a daily snapshot poll suggests we might be doing OK, and as long as we keep working. HARD. We WILL win this motherfucker.

    Apropos of nothing, but I’m a diehard Mac fan, and have been since 1995ish or so. Back then, they laughed (if they didn’t spit) in my face for it. Nowadays, the common wisdom is that Microsoft is dying, and nobody with half a brain cell would touch that smelly turd with a 94-foot stick. It took longer than I would’ve liked, but people finally figured it out and ditched that sinking ship in droves.

    The same will happen with this thing we call Amerika. It took fucking long enough, but crack open your history books. (Books — remember them shits?) It’s happened before. It’ll happen again.

  162. Was it just a few weeks ago that she didn’t know what a vice president does all day? Dear Lord Jesus, we jis’ pray that you won’t let her intern with Dick Cheney, amen.

  163. i’ll give the lady her due, she did well. however, when she has to think on the fly and say something slightly more involved than a talking point, it will get interesting.
    gramps is desperately trying to steal the CHANGE mantra, and she is his change agent. apart from the drilling on the north slope, she basically lifted obama’s energy plan!?! talk about change you can xerox….it’s kind of like the GOP is constantly playing catch-up. get your own gig (aside from torture/spying/debt/recession/ineptitude)….

  164. So… Obama is a small-time community organizer, and he’s simultaneously a big-time elitist San Francisco fag who hates small towns? MAKE UP YOUR GODDAMN MIND PEOPLE!

  165. Towns bigger than 5500: Elitist and fancy(read: faggy and ethnic).

    Community organizer: Lazy make-work rabble rousing colored who concerns himself with those not rich enough to attend the RNC.

  166. Poor Levi. He will soon be joining his Bro Track in Iraq. Iraq Track. Anyway, he is going to join the Army. The RNC, at request of Ms. Palin, got him an MOS as a fuel truck driver in Fallujah.

  167. Ok, let me chime in. (Oh God, so much is soo wrong with this.) Well delivered written-for-her speech, given to an arena of old, fat, apparently uneducated white people. Poor little Mongoloid baby being exploited. Cute toddler child spittling said baby’s hair in place. (Eew) Sad, disfunctional family appearing on stage with old sad white guy who wants to be Prez! Wow! I’m so convinced. (Huh?)

  168. I’m thinking that after that speech, she went backstage to lap up a saucer of warm milk. Do you suppose she carries the baby in her mouth, by the scruff of his neck?

  169. why is there so much praise for this speech? I don’t see it. yeah–she didn’t puke on her shoes. so what? shouldn’t the bar be a little higher for the vice presidency?

  170. [re=83680]morristhepat[/re]: Of course, Fat Ass Michelle Obama’s disgustingly boring video followed by her dragging her two Obama Spawn across the stage was at least as putrid. But there is always hope. Someone may take Palin under their wing and teach her how to talk, and maybe even teach FA Michelle how to act in public.

  171. This speech was a lot like that 1992 speech Pat Buchanan gave, “The Culture Wars.” That hunk of steaming hot garbage is on the YouTubes, I couldn’t get past the 4 minute mark. As I’ve said, well, everywhere, I’m glad Palin did this, it showed how angry and hard-right she is. I’ve seen a few VP/running mate speeches and I’ve never seen one so angry, so bereft of ideas, hope and intelligence.
    If they want to play it this way, they do so at their own peril. There isn’t a lot of votes beyond the base that will go for this–and they don’t like McCain like they liked Bush anyway.

  172. [re=83103]OffTheRecord[/re]: We need an amendment to the Constitution, one stating that no person shall serve as president or vice president who is unable to pronounce the word “nuclear” correctly.

  173. [re=83186]snig[/re]: Just came on your post about constitutional amendment. Hadn’t seen it when I made the same proposal a few minutes ago (damn, this is a looong thread). Great minds and all that! I like the way we think.

  174. Well, the fundies I’ve seen were impressed for some reason. I cannot seem to find anyone who will say why they were impressed, though. But since most of her strongest talking points were outright lies I think we will still be pretty okay!

  175. Ten bucks donated to to Barack is better than ten “Fuck you Sarah Palin”s. Nothing will make me happier than to see that self-proclaimed lipstick-wearing pitbull cry her eyes out when she & Walnuts McCain go down in flaming DEFEAT on November 4.

  176. Keith is not happy as he hoped she would fall flat on her ass.

    So, here’s what I’ve got from reading the posts on this thread :

    terrible accent
    her voice (which was much improved in pitch and cadence from last week)

    Oh, what’s that sound I’m hearing??? Why, it’s 18 million cracks, all who have been called the same thing, at some time or another, and who say: WTF! I didn’t fight for equal rights or bust my hump in Iraq, or wrack up student debt to get ahead or work two jobs to afford my crap mortgage so that a bunch of ‘dudes would still be asking “why can’t you just stay home with your kid???” No, right now, they’re saying, “Shit, I could go to Starbucks with that woman. We might not agree on nuclear proliferation issues, and I sure hope she wouldn’t restrict my reproductive rights, but I have these kind of arguments with my friend SHirley across the street all the time. We agree to disagree. And then we hug. And so far, Shirley hasn’t blown up the street. They’re also thinking: she’s funny. And feisty. And she did what I’d like to do: freak out everyone who ever thought I would fall flat on my ass (shout-out to Keith). Hmmm. I wonder if she’s the same size as me. We could share clothes!”

    Now, I’m not saying that she will actually turn a lot of people. But she has just made the base feel a lot better, so they might come out to vote. Party reform (as i heard it tonight) is the only way they can go (and with a rating of like, what? 3% approval? Bush obviously has pissed off many in his own party). Maybe she’ll fall on her ass yet. Maybe all the surrogates will do the heavy lifting.

    But I will say this: the Dems screwed themselves by not putting Hil on the ticket. They could have covered off every “historical” contingency. Dammit, dammit, dammit. I can’t even vote–and I am so pissed right now.

  177. [re=83773]tropaean[/re]: Sarah Palin should go to Atlanta and star in a porn to appeal to feminists. Then when the librul media catches on and reports on it, they can play the sexism card, further alienating everyone, ever.

  178. [re=82628]rikitikitavi[/re]: Oh that’s just fucking awesome. You got to love how the GOP loves their symbolism. first they had Ronald Wilson Reagan, and it’s no coincidence that all three names have 6 letters in it and now we have S.S.on the ticket.

    Hmm, let’s loosen my thin foil hat.

  179. She was kind of stupid to mention only Barack Obama’s community organizing days to compare to herself. He was straight out of college, like 22 years-old and hadn’t even gone to Harvard yet. She just compared her experience as mayor TWO years ago to something Obama did 25 years ago. I mean, I guess if Sarah Palin right now were running against the 24 year-old Barack Obama, she could maybe make that argument. Three weeks ago, she was all ready to jump on the Obama bandwagon. Plus, the factual errors were just too abundant. “Bridge to Nowhere” my ass. Get your own history right lady!

  180. [re=83479]The 3-Legged Man[/re]: Yeah, the Pebble Mine Incident, I predict, will end in a bloody Civil War between Nanook of the North, who doesn’t want the last of the truly free, and democratic salmon to be forced to die a cruel death, poisoned by the gold and copper byproducts, and his cousin, Nuni of the Noowath, who wants them good paying mining jobs.

    That PTA gig really must’ve made an impression on everybody in Wasilly…
    Jeannie C.Riley’s “Harper Valley PTA”

    Damn, someone must’ve gotten to her (after reading Wonkette of course) and taught her the correct way to pronounce “nuclear”. Is anyone disturbed that the “chicken in every pot” this time around, is going to be a nuclear plant in EVERY STATE?

  181. I thought a good night’s sleep would fix it, but every time I try to snark it just gets overwritten by blinding rage. The only positive thing I can say is that they probably weren’t attempting to embolden both bases, but they certainly did it.

  182. Does she get her job as Governor back after she loses this race for McCain in November?

    I hope so. Cuz Negative Nancy’s got a lot of mouths to feed.

  183. I think we should start a campaign to have Sarah Palin go to the South Side of Chicago and do some community organizing. There is a lot of time between here and November and she makes it sound so easy! If she can completely reform Alaskan politics in two years cleaning up a few housing projects in a month or two should be a piece of cake.

  184. [re=83151]Liquid[/re]: There is a company called thermoenergy (disclosure: I own some shares),that’s working on a “wet” process to extract energy from coal (and other stuff) as opposed to burning it. Mercury and other toxins are extracted on site as opposed to being releases. Kind of pie in the sky, but may work. Yes, we still have to rape the earth and have miners killed to get the coal out, but nobody’s perfect. They also have some projects involving detoxification of industrial/municipal waste.

  185. [re=83751]llyn[/re]: yes, long thread. I was staring at your post, and wondering how/why they’d screwed up and changed my name to Llyn. I’m glad there’s at least two of us who think this.

  186. [re=83005]villageatrois[/re]: We are all Gravinians!!!

    I read that she used a big chunk of the Bridge to Nowhere money, to build the Gravina Island’s necessary road which would have given the islanders a road to the bridge so that they could get the hell off of that island. After criticism from McBush, she reneges on her commitment to develop Gravina, in favor of other Alaskan Transportation Development.

    “The state, however, never gave back any of the money that was originally earmarked for the Gravina Island bridge, said Weinstein and Elerding.
    In fact, the Palin administration has spent “tens of millions of dollars” in federal funds to start building a road on Gravina Island that is supposed to link up to the yet-to-be-built bridge, Weinstein said.”

  187. I know nobody is reading this thread at this point, but last night in bed an awesome/terrible/elitist joke came to me. I suspect others have all ready come up with it or variations, but regardless.

    In regards to Sarah Palin,

    Q?: What’s the Difference Between a Hockey Mom and a Pit Bull?

    A: The Pit Bull was Spayed.

    We would also accept variations on, “Had the decency to get spayed,” “knew when to get spayed, ect…” but also “The Pit Bull Believes in a Bitch’s Right to Get Spayed. Keep your dog laws off my body.”

    I’m sorry. The lipstick went to my head…

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