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MSNBC Commentators Appalled At Palin Vetting Process (Except Pat Buchanan)

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Enh, what the hell. Here is a YouTube of Chris Matthews’s show in Charlie Brown’s Outdoor Park in Minneapolis: a fitting place for Chris Matthews, because his head is exactly the size and shape of Charlie Brown’s (large, spherical). Norah O’Donnell looks, zoiks, sort of indignant! Rachel Maddow makes terrible feedbacks on her microphone! Pat Buchanan is exasperated! Gene Robinson wonders where the other bodies are buried! We are going back to bed for two hours or so, good night/morning. [MSNBC via YouTube]

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  • slavojzizek

    We all laugh now, but in three years we’ll be watching what we say and what books we put on the library shelves, lest President Palin fire us.

  • Serolf Divad

    I’m seeing… I’m seeing… yes… yes… it’ll come down to Hillary Clinton vs. Sarah Palin in 2012.

  • loquaciousmusic

    Good Lord. Pat’s head is going to explode.

  • SuperRounder

    Oh Pat. Having to tolerate you and Scarborough this morning made me want to get violent. You both suck in ways that make Ted Haggard’s penis stand up.

  • Cogito Ergo Bibo

    The morning shows are getting ridiculous. It’s becoming the “bait Pat” show on Morning Joe, while The Today Show had the gaul/nuts/insanity to actually pull out Dr. Phil to talk about teen pregnancy. We’re going to hell, people.

    Meanwhile, it’s day two of our long, pink Wonkette nightmare. I don’t think I’ll make it 5 1/2 years. And if they ask me if I’d like to leave early? I’m leaving all you suckers behind.

  • Serolf Divad

    You’ve got to admit… the Sarah palin thing is a bit like rushing off to marry the girl you got lucky with last night while on Spring Break at Daytona beach.

  • Diadhuit

    Rice Park -> St Paul. Not Minneapolis. You Fail.

  • ProgHead777

    Jesus, Pat, why don’t you get a shovel?

  • Zeus

    Way up north, (North To Alaska.)
    Way up north, (North To Alaska.)
    North to Alaska,
    They’re goin’ North, the spin is on.
    North to Alaska,
    They’re goin’ North, the spin is on.

    Big John left Phoenix in this election year ,
    With George Bush, his partner, and Cindy, his wife too.
    They crossed the Yukon River and found Sarah Palin
    Below that old white mountain just a little southeast of Nome

    John crossed the majestic mountains to the valleys far below.
    He ignored his team of vetters as he mushed on through the snow.
    With the northern lights a-running wild in the land of the midnight sun,
    Yes, John McCain was a very hasty man in this year of the election fun

    Where the river is winding,
    Big rights wing nuts they’re finding.
    North to Alaska,
    They’re goin’ North, the spin is on.

  • hatlesshead

    The media complained all week long there was no “red meat” for them to chew on during the Dem Convention; now they have plates of it they ignore it. What a bunch of doorknobs. And Joe (who’s that dead aide in my office?) Scarborough says he doesn’t why people go to the internets for their news. Well, to find out about asswipes like you.

  • WadISay

    If McCain does “get lucky” with Palin, this will reinforce his confidence in his intuition and trusting his gut about things like what countries to invade, without worrying about checking facts and shit. Kill me now, please.

  • shoeho

    Maybe Walnuts and the boys were having a “Who should be Veep, and btw, is there any (female)
    RepugILF? And they just got the answeres confuzzled? That can happen after a bottle or two of vodka I’m told.

  • shoeho

    [re=80866]WadISay[/re]: Maybe we can just arrange one of those mass lemming things if these a$$hates get elected.

  • Servo

    The vetting process was a roulette wheel at a fireman’s fair. Red, he picks Jomatose. Black, it’s the Klondike Kunt.

  • Robbertjan

    Well as ap Dutchy I’m following this stuff with lot of interest. love the snark by the way. Just found this. pretty hilarious. In case you’re wondering, last year Conservative Christians said a teen pregnancy was a sign of the Apocalypse and moral decay.

    Bring on the 4 horsemen of the alaskalypse.

  • Robbertjan

    as a dutchman I’m following this blog with lot of interest. Love the snark.

    In case you’re wondering, last year Conservative Christians said a teen pregnancy was a sign of the Apocalypse and moral decay

    Bring on the 4 horsemen of the Alaskalypse!

  • Robbertjan

    This site works with a delay right? Right, sorry ’bout that.

  • shoeho

    [re=80874]Robbertjan[/re]: Other than it should probably be “4 snowmachines” I think this is the new slogan for Walnuts and glif.

  • upperleft

    This is why you should never play poker with crazy people. McCain just added a wild card. Palin just took the focus off Obama and the media is in feeding frenzy mode. Who knows what will happen now? I smell Karl Rove.

  • Not_So_Much

    [re=80836]loquaciousmusic[/re]: It’s not just Pat — seems like all the righties are getting more and more defensive as they are forced to do some heavy lifting to put lipstick on this pig.

    (And by ‘pig’ I mean the pick, not the GILF or her naughty daughter.)

  • Strictly for the Tardcore

    [re=80851]Cogito Ergo Bibo[/re]: Y’know, if Pat was here, I’d be baiting him too. He just looks so helpless and incoherent with rage when someone questions him or WalNUTS!’s judgement. Comedy gold.

  • Nickname

    Ok, John, you want my vote? One condition: Get Ms. Palin in that topless contest along with Cindy. Actually just send me pics of the two of them topless and I’ll vote for you. Better yet, some grainy video of the two of peeling off each other’s tops and really going at each other. That would be a game changer, my friend.

  • Whiskeybaby

    [re=80879]upperleft[/re]: Right? I’m working on a new theory that this is far from being the impulsive pick of a senile old man, but is in fact an evilly calculated move by Rove…the Palin pick was never supposed to appeal to the masses or to sane people, it only needs to appeal to small pockets of fundy rightwing insanity in all the right swing states. You saw them all yeehawing for her last night, she’s the second coming.
    I’m scared. Hold me.

  • jerryw

    [re=80887]Not_So_Much[/re]: Old saying (a McCainism), never look
    a gift pig in the mouth, lip stick or no lipstick, it’s still a pig.

    By the way, in honor of Joe Lieberman (hard to put that name in the
    same sentence with that attribute) did the RNC serve Pork Chops or
    Ham sandwiches at that bash? I suppose it wouldn’t matter much if
    he’s as much a Jew as he is a Democrat.
    And as for the gayz:

  • Strappo

    My 2 minicents worth of disgusted bloviating:

    This country fucking appalls me. McCain gets elected — could happen, when did we last have an honest election? — I grab my British passport and move to FRANCE.

  • KittyKatMan

    Hey, Mittens is waiting in the wings in case of a catastrophic failure (which he’ll be a part of as well, but he doesn’t know it yet!): (sorry, too lazy to find the real news source…well, from AP…goddamnit).

    How it will go down. Palin steps down, McCain fails over biggest flipflop in the universe and all dimensions defined in string theory, then Mormonius Flippton Flopmney steps in and fails then the universe implodes on the republican wing.

  • sarcasticusername

    rick davis says confidently that nothing new will come out because his peeps just got done doling out a ton of hush money up in alaska. so john mccain is an idiot who makes decisions by looking into people’s eyes and seeing their souls, i don’t know what everyone is so afraid of, we’ve had that kind of leadership for 8 years now and gee what hasn’t there been to love about it?

  • Trifocal

    [re=80851]Cogito Ergo Bibo[/re]: They didn’t bring out Dr.Phil, did they? Thats perfect.

  • grendel

    [re=80900]KittyKatMan[/re]: I don’t think she’s stepping down… I thought so before last night where every speech was pimping her and getting big cheers, but they spent a lot of time talking about her last night. Over on PBS they made a good point that what was learned from the Eagleton fiasco and Dan Quayle was that you don’t drop them from the ticket, you just keep fighting. As hard as it is to admit to ourselves, Dan Quayle was our duly elected Vice President for 4 years…

  • thefrontpage

    We’re all angry that any sane journalist would be insane enough to think for a fleeting second that there’s any real news to be had at this so-called Republican “convention,” which in reality is nothing more than a stinking pile of rancid manure and a last collective of the desperate, pathetic, frantic and anguished cries from a dying nation of withered conservative psychotics who never really connected with the vast majority of Americans and never really connected with the vast majority of the people living on the planet Earth.

  • stew

    “Palin’s Dark Secrets” screams the cover of The National Enquirer. Anyone gonna post the article so I don’t have to buy it?

  • Strappo

    [re=80904]thefrontpage[/re]: whoa! you beastin’!

  • Cogito Ergo Bibo

    [re=80902]Trifocal[/re]: Not. Kidding. Not once, but twice. More Dr. Phil on teen pregnancy than you ever wanted to see (bonus info on the “cheating gene” in the second one). Thank you Today Show! NOT.

  • cal

    The phrase “a dirty-minded satirical psychotic comedy” seems strangely appropriate for this Republican fiasco.

  • kellygrrrl

    Loves me some Rachel Maddow!!!!

  • Itsjustme

    [re=80913]kellygrrrl[/re]: Wondered if I would but at the end when she just reaches over and grabs Pat by the hoo hoo daddies! I now think she rules!

  • echoman2000

    can’t watch clip. my retinas have been vaporized by last nights unpleasantness.

  • KittyKatMan

    [re=80903]grendel[/re]: The breakfast taco from this morning just dropped into my lower intestine.
    This will be the first ticket in history to win via hot gossip. What better way to a bitter’s heart then through People magazine and the Enquirer. rick davis is the devil.

  • jjgittes

    I dearly, dearly love that the entire Republican Party is now in full LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!! psychotic bitchqueen defense mode. (No, I won’t link to the Youtube.)

    Honestly, I almost want to print up FREE SARAH PALIN T-shirts.

  • echoman2000

    oh, but i must say…VIVA LA WONKETTE!!! if it weren’t for booze (mostly booze) and you guys, i’d never be able to partake in these delicious festivities. keep it up. way up.

    i’m pink therefore i’m spam! put pineapple slices on me and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

  • LuxMentis

    No one who pushes to ban books should hold any office, anywhere. Period.

    Also, how much would I need pay Wonkette to never see another background ad? I am pretty much willing to pay what is asked…holy crap this is horrid…

  • Valerie

    Some really great stuff on Caribou Barbie:

  • ElectoralGradStudent

    [re=80910]Cogito Ergo Bibo[/re]: I don’t want Dr. Phil, he’s a sap. Give us Dr. Laura FTW!!

    AhA! Here it is:

  • echoman2000

    i predict one billion people will tune in tonight to see the hotness that is LEVI. the whole world wants to carry his seed.

  • Cogito Ergo Bibo

    [re=80923]ElectoralGradStudent[/re]: OMG. I tend to forget what an absolute train wreck Dr. Laura is.

    I will still vote for Senator McCain, because I am very concerned about having a fundamental leftist, especially one who is a marvelous orator, as President.”

    Noooooooo!!! Not a marvelous orator! They will killz us all!!!!

  • shortsshortsshorts

    [re=80926]Cogito Ergo Bibo[/re]: ANTI CHRIST!!!!!!!1!

  • LittlePig

    “Fundamental leftist”? Whaaa?

    It would be fun to strap Dr. Laura in a chair and force her to listen to Pacifica. I’d say the over/under on her head exploding would be 3 and a half minutes.

  • Miller

    It’s cute that they think there was a vetting process.

    Why does Matthews look like he rode over to the convention at 60 mph with his head out the window? Comb. Use it.