Haw Haw
Your editors are ready to kick back with Obama and whatever white family he visits tonight, as we all enjoy Bill Frickin’ Clinton! Liveblogging and live reporting from the Democratic National Convention in beautiful downtown Denver, coming soon! (Thanks to Wonkette Operative Michael Gambale for the screenshot.)

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  1. I’m still at work. Whaa just happened?
    Did Barry just get voted off the island?
    Oh, I can hardly wait for Bill’s acceptance speech.

  2. I’ve actually been looking forward to the day that Bill’s rage would cause him to eat his own face. Took longer than I thought.

  3. “Even if we manage to ween ourselves off of furrin oil, we must find other excuses to continue as an interventionist, nineteenth-century imperialist power!”

  4. Hey, since the Wonkette gang is at the arena, any truth to the rumor that Bill is planning to walk out surrounded by bikini clad women, smoking a blunt, while Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” pounds over the sound system?

    [re=72192]WhatTheHeck[/re]: No, Hillary was.

  5. That’s “Churlish Bill” trying to hide his dismay that he’s not the party’s nominee. I mean her speech was dissected to the granular level all day today (and last night on this very blog). His will be first translated into Greek, then Sanskrit, then Olberman will tell us what he really meant when he used “the” instead of “a”. Wow. Lemme hit the can before all this starts.

  6. Starting a pool on why Fox News (which apparently during the convention has given up all pretension of fair and balanced and is only letting conservatives talk) will say that Bill’s speech is a failure. My money is on Bill not promising that Barack will not cure cancer in his first term. Obviously that would mean that Clinton thinks that Barack must want all Americans to die.

  7. Good lord — on, my options are either Harry Reid without audio or Nancy Pelosi in a crowded tent (actually looks like the KOS hut pictured earlier) trying to explain net neutrality. On the bright side, either option is less cringeworthy than Melissa Etheridge’s awful medley.

  8. I’ll be so embarrassed when Barry drops in at my apartment that my TeeVee isn’t that wide and flat and that all my shelves are covered in nicknacks. If he gives me one day’s notice I will max out my Discover card on a big TeeVee. Then I’ll declare bankruptcy.

  9. Pretty damn funny that anyone thinks Bill can hold his speech to 10 minutes…Poor Joe Biden won’t get to talk until after midnight EST. We need a drinking game…what will be the magic word? “I”, “Me”, “My” or “Hillary?” ‘Cause he’ll prob only mention Obama once or twice.

  10. [re=72214]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Yeah, the Pelosi feed is impressively depressing. It could have been so much funnier had they just started reading comments from digg. Altho the questions so far are pretty typical of digg- net neutrality, patriot act, telecom immunity, marijuana

  11. [re=72226]hrhkingfriday[/re]: She got off to a crappy start, but she’s doing better now. So far, this is the wonkiest part of the convention.

  12. Why do I get the feeling that if we put Madeleine Albright and John McCain in a steel cage that she’d come out holding his skull with the spinal column hanging down…

  13. One nice thing about Obama is that he’ll resurrect the career of that one black dude from Sat. Night Live…can’t remember his name…vaguely gayish….had no funny “characters” of his own… but Obama has no vocal or physical mannerisms to caricature, so I guess even a white guy could imitate him. Even a testosterone-less man-girl like Dana Carvey or the other blonde hair guy who wasn’t funny….

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