• Obama wants to put every American in jail, with the possible exception of Bill Ayers. [RedState]
  • Oh look, it’s Michael Dukakis, joining us from god knows where to apologize for the last two decades. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Obama is unfit to be President because Russia is much larger than Iran, according to geography. [Political Punch]
  • David Paterson characterizes McCain with metaphors about not being able to see stuff well, which is humorous because Paterson is blind. [City Room]
  • In this place called “Snohomish County,” some Republican distributed $3 bills that featured Obama in Arab headgear and the traditional Muslim car, the camel. [Fresh Intelligence]
  • That world famous “Yes We Can” video will be recreated live, sort of, the night Obama accepts the nomination. [Political Ticker]
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  1. Way to fall on your sword and miss, Michael. *sigh*

    An, the ‘tiny Iran’ scandal. Obama meant ‘tiny’ as in ‘penis size’. (The original quote ‘tiny in relation to the Soviet Union’ is one of the reasons I support Obama.)

  2. If they recreate the “Yes We Can” video live, can they at least do it Rocky Horror Picture Show-style? Watching 37 would-be Obama’s vie for lead would be most amusing.

  3. You know it really has been a slow news day when even Jake Tapper has time to fact check a McCain ad. Isn’t there a horse stuck in a ditch somewhere that requires breathless media coverage?

  4. Juli, thank God you are there keeping us informed of the important stuff – while the editors cavort around the Rocky Mountains with elephants and asses. You are a true American hero.

  5. Funny part about the “tiny Iran” smear is that the people it’s trying to reach aren’t going to get it because they would generally assume that Iran is in fact tiny.

  6. That world famous “Yes We Can” video will be recreated live, sort of, the night Obama accepts the nomination.

    Ugh. I hope it doesn’t suck like that time the Oscars recreated Crash, live at the Oscars and in slow motion, and even shittier than the movie…

  7. [re=71847]GayInMaine[/re]: Here, here. When the remains of Jim and Sara and Ken are found in a secret furry den in the bowels of the Convention Center, Juli will be here to let us know which GOP senators were wearing diapers, and which were tapping their toes.

  8. [re=71847]GayInMaine[/re]: Don’t forget tempting political types with their snarky cuteness. Liz and Sara should be licensed weapons!

  9. I’m starting to get nervous about tomorrow night. Doric temple? meh. Bruce? Way cool. Bon Jovi? We are approaching kitsch here. “Yes We Can”? Soooooo last winter. Scarlette Jo? You can’t be in Woody’s movies and Hopey’s too. Sorry.

  10. You have to understand that the Republican Party in the State of Washington is bascially insane, having been taken over by the far right in 1988 (They actually supported Pat Robertson over Bush the slightly greater). Obama in Muslim garb is pretty boring by their normal standards.

  11. The $3 bill is a typical Republican ploy. They’ll print enough to pay off the national debt and then blame Obama when inflation skyrockets again. Either that or it’s a freudian message saying they are queer as a three dollar bill for Barack Obama.

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