schweitzer for veep!

Brian Schweitzer’s Funny Joke From Last Night

Here is delightful Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer cracking wise about John McCain’s eleventy billion back yards, and how they cannot make America energy independent. This guy was adorable, with his bolo tie and his “I am a used car salesman, but a used car salesman from 1950, when it was still wholesome” demeanor. Wasn’t there some talk about him being on Obama’s veep list early on? Ah yes. [YouTube]

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  1. SayItWithWookies

    Was the Obama camp checking out everybody from every three-electoral-vote state as a potential running mate, then? If only Hillary had gotten elected as the senator from Delaware, the bitters would be happy.

  2. AngryBlakGuy

    …I really hope they just continue to run this joke into the ground! OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER AGAIN!!! Just like the “Al Gore created the internet” and “John Kerry is French” bullshit from the past 2 elections.

  3. BobLoblawLawBlog

    Why cut him off??? What IS that proposition, pray tell? No money down? 0% APR? Free oil changes? Count me in, Slick!

  4. spencer

    Next time I’m having sex with a girl (one can dream, right?) I am going to wear a bolo tie and go “woohoo! woohoo! not bad”.

  5. medievalist

    Bolo ties rule. Montana rules.

    This guy could tell you Bush what one really does on a ranch (there’s more than clearing brush). And he could do it in Arabic.

  6. CrunchyKnee

    Montana Dems are pretty cool. You got this guy, then the other dude with a flat top who drives tractors.

  7. BigBrainOnBrad

    He looks like he should finish every sentence with “or my name ain’t Nathan Arizona”.

  8. TheRealJimbo

    [re=71508]grendel[/re]: ok, technically I’ve got 12, including the two classics – the pewter cow skull with horns and one with a buffalo nickel embedded in it.

    Now if only the Dems have a speaking slot for some guy who wears really wide ties, I won’t have to worry about neckwear for years.

  9. Gopherit v2.0

    He did all right (unlike Warner), but I still can’t wait for Biden to take his pound of flesh tonight. He’s a long-winded bastard, but he can be funny as hell, and is the king of the political one-liner.

  10. WhatTheHeck

    Oooweee, Sara. Are you the only early morning riser on the laptops every mornin.’
    Anyway, this guy, Brian, is totally cool. Funny, and, cool.

  11. user-of-owls

    Dear Hacendado McCain,
    You wanted drilling? You got it. And with any luck, you’ll get more drilling from this heretofore secret army Rancher Rhodes Scholars.
    Los Pinches

  12. Cape Clod

    And he finished up his speech by lassoing Bill Richardson from the podium while he was being interviewed by Anderson Cooper.

  13. thefrontpage

    When does this nightmare end? After Ted Kennedy, everything just seems like crap. Ted Kennedy is the highlight, Ted Kennedy is the mountaintop.

    After him, not much else matters. Hope the free food and drink is fun.

  14. Fear of a Black Reagan

    This guy would have been an excellent second black Muslim vice presidnet of the United States. Not only could he have taken the oath of office on the Koran, he could have said the whole oath backwards in Arabic and Swahili…then given the first ever inaugural address on soil science to receive a standing ovation (v.p. Hannibal Hamlin’s soil science stemwinder didn’t go over so well at Lincoln’s first inaugural)

  15. DemmeFatale

    [re=71551]thefrontpage[/re]: Fear not. Think of him as a warrior passing on the torch. Now think of who deserves to receive it.

  16. DoctorCulturae

    [re=71551]thefrontpage[/re]: The world is going to hell and the Dems have their heads stuck in their navels.

    The worst administration in history and the Dems Ambien Mark & Performance Artist Hilz stuck on their own selfish constituencies.

    The Repubtards with nothing to run on except memes of fear and culturally resonant banality, and the Dems have not still, even have Hilz Guantanamo-colored “I’m-a-prisoner-of-history” drivel, railed at the utter injustice.

    Tonight will be Preznit Bill’s magic act, like Hilz, “saying” all the right things. but “inferring and meaning” something else entirely.

  17. Wagamuffin

    I loved this guy! Ham ‘n eggs, but smart as a whip. Which I’m sure he cracks on occasion.

    Speaking about drilling, ask him to do some in Dennis Washington’s backyard. Loads o’ dough there.

  18. Uncle Al

    Yeah, this guy was great. I finally figured out that watching the plain old convention on C-Span and actually hearing the speeches is a zillion times better than listening to Andrea Mitchell, Pat Buchanan, and all the other gasbags.

  19. Oscar Folsom Cleveland

    Schweitzer, Schweitzer….oh yeah! The guy on that “influential Web site Salon on”!! Well, up here in the Treasure State, us Montanans think “The guv is running in pretty fancy company”, yup.

    Ever since Borodin says to Capt. Ramius in “Red October”, we’ve been open minded folk, so why not one of us in the White House? Huzzah for Vice Prez Schweitzer!! Can he ride a buffalo out onto Invesco Field?

  20. Neilist

    What about “drilling Cindy”?

    I have a feeling that would “release” a LOT of “energy.”

    “Powered by COUGAR!: Up America’s ‘Back Road’ Of Energy Independence!”

    [Okay, okay, too many ideas for a good bumper sticker. But you get the point.]

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