Watching Michelle Obama’s speech last night, you might have been struck by how deeply shameful it is that such an obviously smart and decent person must repeatedly assure the public of her patriotism so that a nation of suspicious and resentful idiots don’t think she’s planning to bomb their local scrapbooking club with a Socialist Black Muslim Virus. Or you might have looked at her dress and thought, well, whatever the fuck Leslie Sanchez was thinking. [CNN]

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  1. What did Michelle’s dress leave us wondering? Was it something like, “Hey… I thought all smart women were supposed to be dumpy, too.” Clue us in, Leslie. I’m dying to know.

  2. No, Leslie, it didn’t leave “us” wondering. It left you, you bitter, jealous, sexist idiot, wondering what it would be like to have half the poise and intelligence Michelle has.

    Plus, Michelle gets to be married to Hopey, so there.

  3. Yes, it’s not the content of one’s character, it’s if they wear the appropriate clothing so I won’t feel uncomfortable “wondering.”

    Threatened by something Ms. Sanchez?

  4. Is CNN’s coverage part of some elaborate inside joke that we are just not in on? Really? Because that would pretty much be the only way to explain what is going on over there.

  5. [re=69842]ManchuCandidate[/re]: I’m sensing some hateration here too. People just need to admit that they plan to give Michelle Obama shit no matter what she does. After they spend weeks painting her as a militant, now they’re going to give her shit for being hot? I smell hater.

  6. Thanks for covering the shallow end for us, Jealous McSanchezy. I can’t wait to hear your next entry: Pantsuits and Why I’m Not Powerful Enough to Wear One.

  7. Ha, ha, ha… that’s OK, ’cause Leslie Sanchez’ nasty, cat-hiss of a comment is more than offset by Bill Schneider who apparently wants Michelle to beat Hillary in 2012.

    *P.S. Sanchez is clearly gay for Michelle.

  8. [re=69837]Larry McAwful[/re]: it is a common theme among certain “feminists” of a certain age, and I have run into it over and over: if you wear Manolos, makeup, and clothes that flatter, and work out and otherwise take care of yourself and your appearance, you are betraying everything they fought so hard for. You cannot be a true feminist. The same line of thinking that says I have betrayed my gender by supporting Hopey, not Hillary.

    Baloney. For all their idiocies, the French have this right. Kick butt and take names, and look fiiiine while you do it.

  9. We all know that Michelle should have gone with the classic Unisex Pinpoint Oxford Shirt…I mean really…it’s pretty elementary people.

  10. Leslie Sanchez – bravely fighting to reinforce stereotypes about women’s inability to concentrate on substantive issues when there’s fashion gossip to be had.

  11. perhaps it was the image of Michelle in her dress combined the alcohol and pills Leslie Sanchez took last night that leaves me with the lingering feeling that im supposed to wonder about what-the-fuck-ever…..or should i say, what-the-fucks-in-it?…

    but then again, if the key milestones were covered by the dress does the amount of alcohol Leslie Sanchez drank last night really matter?…after all, the pills by themselves are overkill when it comes to covering milestones covered by cocktail dresses…

    im just wondering…

  12. Michelle’s talk left me thinking:
    – OMG, I wish I looked that good in that dress
    – Her daughters are sweet and adorable
    – Michelle is a smart woman
    – Barack is a lucky man

  13. [re=69855]Doglessliberal[/re]:

    Yeah, but I don’t think Leslie Sanchez is a feminist of any age. She’s more like the Hispanic Phyllis Schlafly.

  14. [re=69855]Doglessliberal[/re]:

    “Baloney. For all their idiocies, the French have this right. Kick butt and take names, and look fiiiine while you do it.”

    Fine but can we keep the American tradition of pube grooming? Give me landing strips or give me death!

  15. Leslie Sanchez, much like the rest of the cable news broadcasters last night, is moronic, bordering on just plain ole insane. That comment is almost as bad as the MSNBC commentator’s Huxtable family reference. I believe it went, “Michelle Obama had a job to do tonight: she had to convince America that the Obamas are just like the Huxtables in the Cosby show.”

  16. Michelle does have to work on getting her hand gestures under control, though. Not a big deal, given that she’s not a professional speaker and is addressing a huge crowd. She’ll have it taken care of by 2012, I’m sure.

  17. So, having covered the milestones and having spoken eloquently means nothing if your dress is not absolutely fantabulous. What the fuck? Since when a political speech is judged by the speaker’s sense of style? Are we a totally gay country now? Who is Leslie Sanchez anyway? Who cares?

  18. [re=69869]Blue Myself[/re]: Well you can’t opt out, but you can put the parental lock on, like I do with Fox News…of course you don’t get anything knocked off your cable bill…

    RU-Rah Rah…

  19. [re=69846]mookworthjwilson[/re]: To follow on the theme, I’ve been wondering that too.

    Rachel M. has been frustratingly calling this “post-rational.” I think she is on to something that needs to be better publicized. In any number of incidents if someone is damned if they do and damned if they don’t, and contempt is given for each case how else can you respond to it? It’s just controlling, contemptible behavior.

    They are mere stubborn haters. As as we’ve been naming it for 8 years, it’s only about power and bullying, just a charade of democracy.

    Excuse me, time for my second shot of the morning.

  20. Actually, the dress left me wondering, too. Wondering how quickly I could get that thing off of her should I manage to talk her into a lesbian affair. For the good of the nation.

  21. No, I think y’all got it wrong. When she says “left us wondering,” she meant, “left us wondering when Michelle was gonna forsake the cute dress and finally appear in a hijab like we really expect her to.” That’ll be January 20th, Ms Sanchez — right before your ass is picked up and thrown in a truck to the re-education center, Inshallah.

  22. There’s a glitch! If you click on the link to that CNN page, you can actually type in the boxes and change the grades, change Leslie Sanchez’s name, and even her comments! I think Wonkette should have a contest for the most creative. I’ll be emailinng mine in.

  23. [re=69874]mookworthjwilson[/re]: That is AWESOME! I’m totally blocking Fux News, next time the folks visit. Hey, they do call it a parental block for a reason!

  24. Extending the attacks on Barack to Michelle. He is smart, charismatic, fascinating to men and women and wears the mantle of power lightly. Of course you wouldn’t want someone like that as President.

    She is brilliant, hyper-aticulate, insanely alluring and has real star power. So she must be as evil as he is.

    If only they were dumpy, stupid, incoherent and had spent five and one half years in a prison camp…

  25. [re=69874]mookworthjwilson[/re]: I’d do that but the draw to watch Blitzer and Dobbs make asses of themselves would be too great, I’d end up switching it off anyway. Instead I resort to the sado-masochistic tendencies I learned from years of being a Rutgers fan

  26. Comments like Sanchez’s make me wonder when the universe is going to come round from the other side of the barn and knock her on her ass. Or something like that.

  27. I’m trying to figure out how Michelle’s dress could be considered a cocktail dress since it is well below the knee in length, no plunging back or front, and full sleeves as opposed to straps or strapless. I guess since the dress fit Michelle well and didn’t make her look dumpy or excessively matronly Ms. Sanchez concluded it was too hot for the convention. Or else Ms. Sanchez expects Hilary’s pantsuits with the oxford unisex shirt to be the uniform of all Democratic women.

  28. [re=69884]donner_froh[/re]: But don’t you know it’s all just words? There’s no commitment there. There’s no 5.5 years in prison camp there!

  29. Wait, so if you’re a woman you can’t wear pantsuits (Hillary), and you can’t wear a pretty but modest dress (Michelle)–and seriously, I don’t know on what planet that’s a cocktail dress. So what exactly are women supposed to wear while speaking? Oh, wait. I see. Women just shouldn’t speak in public! Problem solved! I feel so much better, now.

  30. [re=69898]springfield_meltdown[/re]: I was thinking the same thing. That’s not a “cocktail” dress…unless maybe Sanchez spilled a cocktail on it earlier in the evening. The Divine Ms. M looked smashing. She makes me proud to be an American.

  31. …just another example of someone who has absolutely nothing substantive or objective to add to the public debate. I mean fukk me! The woman gave a 10 minute speech and the only thing she can comment on is what she is wearing? Pay attention ladies, because this woman single handedly made everyone of your gender look bad. As a matter of fact transsexual and cross dresser should be embarrassed because of this lady.

  32. And who the fuck were the “us” that were left wondering you. What a rotten troll. The sniping harpy should at least have the courage to write in the first person.

  33. Dear Christ Leslie Sanchez is a bitter hag. This is the same person who said this morning that she is angry that Obama’s money machine has not kicked in to retire Clinton’s campaign debt.

    Look, I respect Senator Clinton’s right to stay in a race that she had no chance of winning mathematically. And I understand that politics dictates, often, that you stay in for the very cynical reason that your opponent may be involved in a scandal or, as was suggested, shot. And if she doesn’t have enough money, she is certainly welcome to loan herself money from her personal fortune. But when the odds are against you, and you lose, don’t ask me to pay for it. Suck it the fuck up and pay for it your self.

  34. [re=69867]Perrys Mollycoddler[/re]: No. Fucking. Way. They said THAT? Yuh …

    “Or, if they can’t be the Huxtables, then maybe those harmless fun-loving Negros from What’s Happening. Or if not that, then at least the shiftless Sanford and Son kind of darkies .. oops, did I say darkies? … uh, well, who cares. Anyway, as long as they can prove that they’re not the terrifying, white-woman-raping, crack-selling, pimp-rolling, rap-singing, gold-chain-wearing, grill-sporting, gansta-luvin’ black people – (whispers: like all the rest of them) – then we’ll let them stay.”

    Kill me, now.

  35. Why is the judging of clothing restricted to Democrats only? Dukakis and the helmet, Gore’s earthtones, Kerry’s hunting jacket, Hillary’s monotone pant suits, and now Ms. Hopey’s dress.
    Michelle Bachman can wear a table cloth from Chili’s and nobody says a word.

  36. [re=69930]pdiddycornchips[/re]: I don’t think they have tablecloths at Chili’s.

    “Applebee’s salad bar” and now this… This election cycle is demonstrating a penetrating ignorance about America’s chain restaurants.

  37. How I wish people would scrutinize Cindy McCain’s silly getups as closely as they scrutinize Michelle’s. My mother had a term for Cindy’s style: “Mutton dressed as lamb.”

  38. Left me wondering how come we got pics (dark though they were) of Barry in swim shorts but none of Michelle? Obvs, the MSM is way out of touch with the American people, or at least those of us who prefer women. Sexism!

  39. [re=69855]Doglessliberal[/re]: Moi, je n’ai rien contre les Français sauf qu’ils soient un peu trop railleurs et orgueilleux, aussi. Mais les femmes chez eux sont chaudes (si un peu trop mince.) Et de sentir comme un fumeur ne me tracasse pas, non plus. Parce qu’être fumeur, c’est la marque du bon vivant. Je me rappelle affectueusement une ancienne copine, un fumeur, donc c’est d’où vient cette idée. Je ne suis pas fumeur, moi, ni est ma femme. Je n’aime point la fumée sauf quand il s’agit de la baise. Cherchez les fumeurs!

    In other words: French women are hot. Even the smokers.

  40. The woman does her obligatory song and dance on national television with class and dignity, despite knowing how much of the audience cannot stand her, and Ms. Sanchez is bitching about her dress? Get a life, because you obviously cannot get a man or woman. Michelle could have done the speech in her jammies and STILL looked classy.

  41. [re=69975]Larry McAwful[/re]: You should see Tell No One. The women in that movie epitomize hot, confident, strong women.

    I grew up with smoking parents, and cannot abide it, thus I don’t see it so much as the mark of a bon vivant as a gross habit that made my dad hack up black sputum. But I get your point.

  42. [re=69992]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: I highly advocate the use of shorts. This cocktail dress scandal is only two clicks above terrorist fist-bumping.

  43. [re=69986]Doglessliberal[/re]: Yeah, I know what you mean. My parents were about as militantly anti-smoking as you could be in the 1970s (what I mean is, you kind of had to let smokers smoke in your house when they came to visit. The house reeked for weeks every time we had company.) I never picked up the habit, and I’d be mortified if my kids ever did.

    My godmother smoked, though. She never got lung cancer, but my non-smoking godfather did. She eventually died from some other causes, but felt guilty about that for the rest of her life. Smoking really is a gross habit that has no good side at all. I guess it’s more that I’ve got a pleasant Proustian association with cigarette smoke than anything else. I’m glad as hell that my wife doesn’t smoke; I’d hate to have the house reek.

    I’ll have to check out Tell No One; I just checked it out on IMBD and it sounds pretty good. The video stores around Boston are pretty good, too, so finding it shouldn’t be too tough.

    Oh, dear. I let my smug, sardonic humor slip again. Better pull it back up and keep on posting. This is Wonkette, after all!

  44. /snark off/

    I’m 100% for Obama and I think Michelle comes across as a pretty intelligent woman…

    But her speech – though she said all the right things – irritated me greatly. It seems as if she has been coached by someone who is making her imitate Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Am I right about this? The mannerisms – the breathlessness at times – the self-wonder at her own words.


    /snark back on/

  45. I agree with Sanchez… the dress wasn’t a good choice. The color was good and so was the neckline, but it didn’t flatter her shape one bit. Although, I will applaud Michelle for her obvious 1 hour face lift and/or recent botox injections. I guess Chanel McCain will just have to show her up. Her speech was great other than that. She is very poised and intelligent. Could she be another Hillary Clinton???

  46. [re=70029]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: Dude it’s apparent that they’ve been coached more and more over the last 6 months. It worked for the Patriots. CAN YOU THINK OF A MORE AMERICAN FOOTBALL TEAM?

  47. It’s because the dress is blue-green and not blue. Everyone knows that true patriots always wear blue or red or a combination thereof. And a flag pin. A fashionable brooch is not a flag pin. Michelle was sending the message that she would rather look good than don a literal assurance of her patriotism. She is obviously running for the First Lady of France!

    But I must not be a patriot either because I totally approved.

  48. I think I speak for a little less than half of the general population, the part that requires their wives to tell them if they got dressed right. We can only recognize three types of dress:

    Clothes on.
    No clothes, but underwear on.

    These are listed in increasing order of preference. Michelle was pretty woman in the first category. Any detail about it require a lot of subtext and explanation. Even then it’s kind of like describing a rainbow to a dog.

    Her comment is a little bit of repairwork on the glass ceiling we’re trying so hard to shatter.

  49. So far I have been so irritated to distraction over how our Fourth (Trailer Park) Estate has been covering the convention, I’m positive the DNC could announce a major platform change involving the immenent invasion of Russia and all we would hear about is whether the announcer’s tie was more or less patriotic than the ties that the Republicans will be wearing next week.

    Highlights so far for me include: endless discussion of the (apparently) amazing video and then speech by Ted Kennedy, without actually showing either the video or more than 2 minutes of Kennedy’s speech.

    Following Michelle’s speech a talking head immediately asserting that she used the word America or American 12 times, the word family 8 times and the words and, or, the, to, from many times, although more than their little brain could count, proving without a shadow of a doubt that she was obviously intending to go up there and give a speech related to politics which might help her husband get elected. (ZUT ALORS, say it is not so? A speech at a convention with political overtones?)

    Now this dress bullshit. It wasn’t a cocktail dress, unless the cocktail parties Miss Sanchez goes to are damn boring affairs. I was actually taken with the fact that it was very simple and plain and not particularly sexy (not that Michelle can help herself) and it was not a pastel mother of the bride suit favored by so many politician’s wives.

  50. [re=70051]kmarie08wj[/re]: To you, Ms. Obama would probably say “Eat a dick.”

    Thing is – just as Hillary’s stubborn refusal to wear anything but a pantsuit, slavishly attempting to reinforce the visual message that she is powerful enough to be commander in chief – Michelle’s sense of fashion is her FUCK YOU to people like you and Ms. Dirrty Sanchez.

    She went on stage to give a speech about how normal an American mother she is, looking not one single bit like all of our old ugly mamas. You can call her Clair Huxtable, Jackie O, “it”, “bitch” and “baby mama” – whatever you want – but she going to do what (and dress the way) she wants.

    That’s why she is the shit.

  51. @Perrys Mollycoddler

    So much fun to be had! HTML errors are fun for the whole family. On my screen her grade now says:

    “Is it that I am a woman-hater, or that I am unqualified for my job? Michele Obama covered the key milestones, but I just can’t seem to get the image of her in that cocktail dress out of my head…. GRADE: A++”

    Screen shot has been sent to Wonkette Operatives.

  52. [re=70051]kmarie08wj[/re]: Excuse me, I guess you’ve never heard the saying “Black don’t crack.” I guess that’s hard to grasp for someone who probably starting getting crows’ feet at 21.

  53. Jeebus Corpus Christi. WHO THE HELL CARES WHAT SHE WAS WEARING?!? She was articulate, impassioned, and full of grace and pride. That should now and forever be enough.

  54. If only MLK had thought to say:
    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin OR THEIR FUCKING DRESS but by the content of their character.”

    but I guess it doesn’t scan as well.

  55. Last night Michelle allowed thousands of straight men and gay women to let go their compulsive fantasies about undressing Laura Bush.

    That’s change we can believe in!

  56. She is literally a Martha Stewart wannabee (from the wiki), and a former card carrying George Bush the way lesser Asshat Appointee, as per some poor schmuck who had to work under her. She was
    the former executive director of the White House Initiative for Hispanic Education. And, despite her last name, didn’t know how to speak Spanish.

    Classic Bush appointee, who was ineffective at her job, but effective at spiffing up her resume.

  57. Michelle’s dress was not flattering at all. It was ill-fitting with weird bunches in unexpected places. The color of the garment did not contrast well with the blue background. And it was mostly boring. I’ve seen her wear nicer garment.

  58. Ms. Sanchez is just trying to stir up a new talking point that black people don’t know how to dress. She starts by condemning Michelle’s outfit as a mere cocktail dress. Tomorrow she’ll ask whether Obama will be wearing a purple zoot suit, with a giant feather in his hat, for the Thursday finale. Leslie just needs to stop watching Telemundo for fashion insight. Flamenco dresses and giant sombreros with fuzzy balls along the brim are not formal attire.

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