Stupid horse.It’s hard to imagine the primitive world of, say, 2000, when we didn’t have “smart phones” with web browsers and breaking news updates from CNN about a motherfucking horse in a ditch somewhere. Besides, Fox News broke this breaking story a year and a half ago. Fuck you, CNN Mobile. (Thanks, “Zach E.,” for sharing.)

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  1. I would marry the media. Think about it.

    1. She doesn’t talk back.
    2. She doesn’t cause a fuss.
    3. She’s real pretty, but kindove an airhead.
    4. She’s always acting really excited about stuff (enthusiasm for life is vital).
    5. Her father is Rupert Murdock ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$).

  2. If it had said “Ass being rescued from deep hole,” I would’ve guessed it linked to Joe Lieberman telling McCain to just shut up about his houses already. But this is just a horse in a ditch.

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