Click, for christ's sake!All those press pool photographers from the Big Media didn’t exactly bring home any tremendous Barack Obama beach pictures from Hawaii. But Wonkette is proud to announce THE MOST AWESOME SHIRTLESS OBAMA photo in the history of politics, plus oh jesus what is that thing hanging out of his swim trunks?

First, the shocking email from somebody who was in Hawaii last week:

From: Johnny Utah
Date: Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 6:01 PM
Subject: Obama’s Penis

While I was vacationing last week in Hawaii, me and my dad decided to go snorkeling in a Famous bay. Obama decided to snorkel that exact same day. I took this picture while Obama was about to enter the water, and if you look it looks like the black snorkel that he is holding is his penis. My friend loves your site and said that you would love to have this picture.

Nick D.

Thank you, Nick and your friend. Thank you thank you.

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  1. Um, why is his head his only “black” feature? Is that guy behind him also “black” ? Nothing has been so confusing as this election.

  2. August 20, 2008: A record number of office workers we’re fired today for masturbating to newly released photos of Democratic Presidential Cand….

  3. …FAKE!!! First of all Barry’s penis would not fit in one frame and secondly everyone knows his penis has a flexible “knee like” joint that allows it to fold away harmlessly into his pants!

  4. that is AMAZING. I would like to see it put on a lawn sign. It may not win Hilz supporters. (they are too busy bitching about their heros defeat to have time for secks)But it will help with the closeted repub sector.

  5. I dated Nick D. when I was stationed at Hickam. He’s rrrrealllllyy into black rubber hose toys with big knobs that squirt warm liquids; I can understand how he was hopin’ Hopey would wink at him or something.


    But seriously, who’s da chunky malihini givin’ stink eye, lookin’ all Secret Service??

  6. You all swoon over his gigantic man-stick when he was really snorkling for the sake of exploring Pearl Harbor for places to bomb. If you thought the U.S.S. Cole incident JUST YOU WAIT OBAMA IS GOING TO CAUSE A TERRORIZ ATTACK AND YOU WILL DIE.

  7. OMFG! After a fortnight of ogling Michael Phelps nekkid torso, this provided an actual bump. Michelle be one lucky lady.

  8. Please get back immediately to running pictures of Paris Hilton in a bikini, Jenna Bush in skimpy clothes and Redskins cheerleaders and Hooter’s girls, just to make us happy and make us forget today’s picture. Thank you.

  9. I have been checking teh Google News thing and have seen about 8,000 top stories with polls ranging from Obama 99.9%/ WALNUTS .1% to WALNUTS 99.9%/ Barry .1%.

    This photo will surely make the former more accurate.

  10. Motherfucker! That’s what my body looked like 18 months ago (I’m almost exactly Hopey’s age), before I resumed drinking and sitting around on my ass, and gained 25 pounds. That’s it, bitch, it’s on. I got my Wii Fit today, and I WILL be taking Michelle away in January.

  11. When, in American history, did anyone ever before discuss presidential peen? Oh, right. Bill. It was discussed in the NY Times, right?


    I guess we can see where all of the blackness was concentrated eh? That, or its some kind of crazy, new-fangled cyborg penis, and his mandated national healthcare will make all of us get plastic phalli. Someone protect Bobba Booey!

  13. [re=64549]Delicious[/re]: I’m sorry, but that baby looks like it has the ‘tards. Plus, the imperfect hair is a dead giveaway it’s no Edwards love-spawn.

  14. [re=64515]SayItWithWookies[/re]: WIN!

    The British tabloids should definitely be tipped off about this exclusive pic. The only question is whether to retouch it a little first . . .

  15. [re=64525]Not_So_Much[/re]: a brand new MONZA!! God, I have to hear that again….

    But really, what’s with the black head mounted on the white torso? I thought he was half-white, but this looks more like 80%.

  16. To keep up with Obama, McCain was going to release a photo of his own manhood. Fortunately, his publicist intervened when staffers mistook the photo for that of a stale marshmallow sitting atop a mound of cottage cheese.

    As for it being a snorkel… are you telling me Obama can breathe through his penis?

  17. Phelpsian, pre-shrunk.
    And Barry could show his support for our great Olympians by getting into a Speedo LZR RACER (TM) a la “Mission Accomplished.”

  18. Perhaps Barry should walk around in swim trunks all of the time. Then the Bitters could see just how white he really is. He’ll of course have to make sure that his big, black penis is kept well hidden as Bitters fear nothing more than a big, black penis coming after the white womens. But the general paleness of his body is a good thing overall. I think coming back from the Middle East all toasty hurt his poll numbers. Come on Barry, hide that big, black penis and show those Bitters your white!

  19. AnnieGetYourFun: Had he not married that Negress and had those two colored babies he could have passed. Barry is what us other Negroes call “High Yella”. I still think Barry is hotter than a cat’s pussy on a hot tin roof, but I though he was a more caramel tone. His mother’s genes just about knocked out all of that African. Execpt of course where it really matters as you can clearly see.

  20. [re=64624]Outstando[/re]: Schwartz or Schwantz? I guess it’s same difference here.

    [re=64657]TexasCowGirl[/re]: He really does look a lot like his mom and her father.

  21. [re=64657]TexasCowGirl[/re]: I guess we’re looking at two different Barrys, not counting that picture, one couldn’t tell he was half white walking down the street. Believe it or not there’s alot of bi-racial people who fully pass for black. In fact, I didn’t know he was bi-racial until the media pointed it out. I wouldn’t put him in the high yellow category either. My mom’s lighter than he is and she’s not bi-racial.

    I agree that he does look more like his mother.

  22. Isn’t being completely repulsive when half naked a prerequisite for the presidency? It’s in the constitution:

    “…neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and possess a jiggly set of man-boobs.”

  23. [re=64694]Schadenfried[/re]: Yeah, he doesn’t strike me as overtly white-looking, either – I just assumed that his chest and shoulders would match his face. And if you are wondering if I spend much time pondering the color of his skin on various parts of his body, then you don’t know me at all.


  24. [re=65354]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Well as long as pondering doesn’t hurt teh puppehs and the teh babehs, meh.

    Actually, a person gets that way from under exposure to the sun. I’m the same way, I have a brown face, but my legs are a shade away from high yella. That’s from years of not wearing shorts or skirt in the warmer months (fat/self-esteem issues). When lost some weight and starting wearing more shorts and skirts while in college, my friends were like “DAMN, what’s wrong with your legs!?”

  25. Only amongst a bunch of nerdy wonks and newshead could such an awesome picture of Barry’s huge plastic wong devolve into a serious discussion of skin-tone and race. I am seriously disappointed

  26. Children > children cut the clamor there is enough big stick for you all.
    I will raise TAXES on the underfed middle class 40% the first year.
    Joe said “Obama lets run down the hill and screw one of those Interns”
    I said hell Joe lets walk down and screw them all!

  27. Ken Layne,

    Well, the Secret Service Agent couldn’t be more obvious if he tried. They are wearing matching outfits! Pardon my ignorance, but how did Barack Obama get a “Farmer’s Tan”? It appears he is taking a piss in that “phallic” thing you mention.

    Sincerely and respectfully,


  28. [re=64465]accidental_tourist[/re]: Farmer tan, from wearing those dorky golf shirts. You can see his watch mark too. That being said, ROWRRRRR.

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