Wonkette’s associate editor — me! — has received his text message from Barack Obama before anyone else and can exclusively report that Minnesota’s Walter Mondale, who may or may not be alive, will become America’s second black vice president. WHERE IZ MY REPORTIN ACCOLADES BABY? Wait… Walter Mondale? Oh. Oh fuck you, Layne.

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  1. Just got a call from one of the friends I pranked. Hilarious. She was away from her computer and wanted me to check the obama site for her…I’d sent in Paris Hilton (realy originalz) as Barry’s vp.

  2. Haha, well I know now why we’ll be getting crappy snarks from the Wonkette staff the rest of the day. They’ll be too busy thinking up creative VPs to text to each other and all their friends.

  3. According to Mondale is alive and 80 years old. Funniest part: when I searched for Mondale two links came up, Walter and Geraldine Ferraro! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Did the same scientists who replaced Dick Cheneys heart
    with a mechanical one made of coal also bring Walter Mondale back to life?
    If Kryptonite will kill Superman,
    and if Peace will kill Darth Cheney,
    Then what, pray tell, is Mr. Mondale’s Achilles heel?

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