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Freak Out Your Friends With Fake Obama VP TXT

Here’s some low-level fuckery to get you through the afternoon, courtesy of perverse Wonkette Operative “Bobby,” who sends hilarious instructions for sending legitimate-looking TXT announcements from Barack Obama. Who will be the new vice president? Whoever you want, that’s who!

Using Verizon’s website its super easy to send fake VP nominations…

Just make the From and Reply to number 62262.

(You have to put your real number in the Call Back field, but it doesn’t show up in the text.)

… and send a message (to your verizon wireless friends) thanking them for their support and letting them know you have chosen Hillaryt Clinton as your running mate!

Don’t forget to hit the Urgent checkbox!


Thanks Bobby, you really know how to take advantage of excitable Obamatards.

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  1. AmericanValues

    …pleased to announce that hopey has selected John McCain as his running mate and has effectively canceled the election.

  2. Post author
    Ken Layne

    [re=64157]AmericanValues[/re]: That’s pretty much how Obama won his Illinois state senate seat!

    So I sent my messages. Barack Obama chose either Sen. Barbara Boxer, or former Vice President Walter Mondale, depending on which message you got.

  3. shortsshortsshorts

    Ted Stephens, with a bullet. Too bad my Obamatard friends are also self-loathing intelligible libruls.

  4. Too Lazy To Sign In

    “Hi Barack here,

    Just wanted to let you know that my running mate will be…

    Your Mom!”

  5. grendel

    It’s gotta be Schwarzenegger … I mean, sure, the Constitution says he can’t be President, but it doesn’t say anything about Veep, does it?

  6. Jobbotch

    [re=64180]grendel[/re]: But then, when Hillary poisons Obama, who gets to jump to the front of the line? Pelosi?

  7. theblackdog

    I, Barack Obama, have picked Robin Quivers to be my candidate for Vice President.


  8. masterofzen

    I just texted Rep. Dr. Ron Paul. He shares our campaign’s opposition to the war in Iraq.

  9. JadedDIssonance

    I told my Obamafreakyfriends it was Paris Hilton…not trying to be too cruel…they make it so easy though!

  10. jinmoom


    Those don’t look “official” at all. It says it’s from Txt2day and has some major formatting issues.

  11. superfecta

    [re=64238]4tehlulz[/re]: That would explain why there have been young LaRouchies outside my train station every day this week. I always assumed they had a lower age limit, but apparently I was mistaken.

  12. shortsshortsshorts

    [re=64268]grendel[/re]: 18.
    Thyroid condition. Cancer survivor…

    Probably more reliable than McCain living through the next four years.

  13. S.Luggo

    One must decide either to indulge in satire (Obama/Geo. Allen) or to crush the fembotz with false hope (Barry/Hillary). Choices, choices.

  14. Cogito Ergo Bibo

    Hmmm. Obama/Kittens? Or Barry/Ice Cream?

    Oh, hell. Barack Obama/Katherine Harris ’08. [Send! Mwuhahahaha.]

  15. CivicHoliday

    [re=64268]grendel[/re]: Socks has 5 out of 9 lives yet to go. That’s 4.7 more than McCain.

  16. TJBeck

    Barack Obama’s Campaign for Change is pleased to announce he has accepted Hillary Clinton’s offer to be the 2008 Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee! Thanks for signing up to be the first to know. Visit to donate and get your official campaign gear!


    MISTAHCOUGHDROP (Google him!) reached in Paris, France was more than pleased to accept the invitation to be Barrack Obama’s running mate. “This is so freaking cool,” says MISTAHCOUGHDROP. “I don’t even have a cell phone! What do I do now?”

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