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  1. Jesse Jackson made him an “independent” after Joementum talked down to black people (and white people, and brown, red, and yellow people).

  2. I don’t know what took me so damned long to realize this:

    1) America would rather eat nails than elect another Republican right now.

    2) The only other choice is, well, black.

    3) With Lieberman and McCain you get – WHITE DEMOCRATS! It’s win/win for the morans!

    (Don’t shoot the messenger.)

  3. [re=62746]Darehead[/re]: No, see, it couldn’t be anyone in the religious (nutbar) community, since the Antichrist would be welcomed as the start of Armageddon and Jeebus’ eventual return. Even he (she?) would be more loved than Lieberman.

  4. [re=62742]accidental_tourist[/re]: If Leiberman’s a Democrat, then I’m a Republican. (PROTIP: I’m not.)

    Having said that, if a McCain/Leiberman ticket wins the election, I’m moving to Canada.

  5. [re=62815]Strictly for the Tardcore[/re]: Canada is a member of NATO, so it would still sustain a nuclear attack from Russia. You may want to consider someplace more out of the way, like Peru.

  6. [re=62796]loudmouthredhead[/re]: You think too logically, my friend. Fundies don’t know logic, only dogma and catma! See, even when they knowz that the Armageddon is a-comin’, they won’t be raptured unless they actively fight against “it” — “it” which is the anti-Christ and all the world government stuff. So some of them think any kind of internationalist like McCain, L-man, Bushes, Obama etc. are all in the same global bed.

    [re=62845]Mahousu[/re]: I’d settle for some nude fonts and print peekaboo and opportunities to em-bed photos, links etc.

  7. [re=62844]4tehlulz[/re]: Chimpy’s going to Paraguay. You wouldn’t want to go anywhere near him after he quits, but still: these people know things.

  8. I hope McCain does pick little Joey Lieberman as his running mate. Lieberman could very well have the singular distinction of destroying two presidential bids in one short decade. And from opposite sides of the aisle no less!

  9. [re=62916]dano[/re]: I hope he does, too. Because if he doesn’t, you know how much longer we’ll have to deal with the little prick?


  10. [re=62844]4tehlulz[/re]: I live next door to the biggest ICBM installation in the United States. The chance of getting cancer from fallout after nuking Ontario is an IMPROVEMENT.

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