The Great Media Sweepstakes of Summer 2008 has a winner! Some lackey pool reporter was lucky enough to spy on Barack Obama’s private family vacation when his shirt was off. This reporter’s sweepstakes prize basket includes $100 in Delaware lottery tickets, a free dessert at Bennigan’s, and a comical CNN Political Ticker write-up to go alongside this, the most pathetic news photograph we’ve ever seen. [CNN]

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  1. They missed the part where he walked out on the beach and found the ocean perfectly calm, and at the behest of some surfers he waved his hands and boom! Twenty-foot swells, baby.

  2. He tried to go in for a dip but he couldn’t sink below the waves. Had no other option than to walk
    on top of the foaming, wild sea. Then glide out onto the sand with the Hawaiian sun reflecting off his six pack.

  3. Oh, come on! It doesn’t count if he’s toweling off. Man, our Paparazzi sucks. In Europe we’d have pictures of a naked Barack and Michelle suggestively embracing in the ocean.

  4. Looks like some shaky-handed photographer out there with the world’s smudgiest lens has been having a busy week! First he did some freelance work snapping John Edwards for the Enquirer, then took that hot Big Foot picture, then hit the beach to take a Pulitzer-eligible snapshot of a topless presidential candidate! Man, can we start a charity to buy this guy a nice entry-level Canon or Nikon?

  5. This is the hottest erotic-voyeur-presidential-candidate-action I’ve seen since the days that the Washington Post ran a shot of a nude, oiled-up, spread-eagled Walter Mondale in ’84

  6. Darn sneaky, that photojournalist. Tracking Obama to an unscheduled dip in the ocean when his superiors had assigned him to stake out the pool.

  7. Wow. Interesting mix of comments on CNN:

    -what’s next? reporting him shaving as news?
    -Unlike McCain, Obama campaigns 7 days a week.
    -Are you guys serious? This isn’t news. Leave him alone.
    -While Georgia is being brutally invaded……
    -McCain was on top of the situation in Georgia and also sending his senator allies to monitor the situation in the capital of Georgia. Barack Obama on the beach enjoying the surf? Well, I think I know who I would trust to run this country.
    -Ooh ooh! Did he have good pecs? Good abs?
    -I’d ask for equal coverage of both candidates but I really don’t care to see a shirtless McCain at the beach. How about we just leave news items like this to the tabloids? This should be above CNN.

  8. [re=60235]trophy(forparticipation)wife[/re]: You didn’t hear? He turned all that water into wine just moments later.

    [re=60220]Serolf Divad[/re]: Seriously, it’s surprising that some British tabloid hasn’t stepped forward to do the indecent thing and publish candid pics of his vacation. Or even just photoshop something hastily, and go, “SEXY NAKED BARACK ROMPS ON BEACH!!! – MORE fake IMAGES INSIDE!!!!”

  9. [re=60262]Slutty_Chola_Cobbler[/re] enters the market with a demand, [re=60271]Richard Gozinya[/re] enters to provide supply. The free market works!

  10. If Obama gets elected and continues to vacation in Hawaii, I wonder if that will cause Hawaii to become a popular vacation destination? It’ll be interesting to find out. It happened to Hyannisport, but not to Crawford. So we’ll have to wait and see.

    John McCain’s vacation would be a bus ride to Atlantic City, where they give you and the other seniors a roll of quarters so you can really cut loose.

  11. What IS THAT? You call that a shirtless Barry pic? Not at all suitable for my masturbatorium. Next time, tell the pap to get the vaseline off the lense and into his hand like a REAL AMERICAN.

  12. [re=60305]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: I meant to say “if georgia was paying me $40,000 a MONTH I’d take their calls at 4am”.

    How about allowing EDITS of comments???

  13. Really? Are you sure? Looks more like a Darfur refuge running from an enormous pile of Sudanese government forces’ cocaine.

    Could be Bush, no? He’s been trying to kick his habit since that “fall down dead drunk” routine at the Pekin Orympics.

  14. meh get back to me when you’ve got bikini pics of michelle. naked barry is so played out, he’s such an attention whore, look at him flashing those muscles he’s been working on at the gym, with that coquettish smile of his. bonus points for pics of the two hot pieces frolicking on the beach.

  15. See, that’s the problem with the point-and-click generation. No pride in their work. Old Buckley would have produced a much more respectable tin-type.

  16. [re=60230]regisgoat[/re]: No way. Body surfing is anything BUT elitist. In Hawaii only the really poor kids who can’t afford surfboards go body surfing. Also, that beach he is at (called Sandy Beach) is a fucking hardcore place to surf. We’re taking neck-breaking shore break. The day the Iraq war started I got tossed and nearly snapped my spine. So, I’m a little surprised Hopey even got in there because even on a small day the swell there can be nutz.

    Ho cuz! You like get pounded in some shore break?

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