Trust us, you do not want to mess with Jane WymanIn a mere twelve-ish hours or so, Wonkette’s one-time-only “name your favorite First Lady” contest will close. So check out the Official Rules here and send in your wonderful 25-word Idears (that is what famous First Lady Howard Dean calls them) to by noon tomorrow with the subject line MY FAVORITE FIRST LADY IS NOT THAT STRUMPET ABIGAIL FILLMORE. You might just win yourself a copy of that book, American Wife! Meanwhile, if you do not participate in this contest, you will be forced to chant “Nancy Reagan” into a mirror five times until the ghost of Jane Wyman shows up and murders you with a rusty eyelash curler.

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  1. Florence Harding, because she’s the only one who may actually have murdered her husband over his affairs. Plus she would spank newsboys at the paper they ran.

  2. [re=58313]NotUrEvryDayWEzl[/re]: Yeah, I’ve been considering who I’d gift it, too. It has to be the right combination of passive-aggressive resentment.

  3. Maybe I should enter. I really need something to prop this door open behind me.

    BTW, the greatest First Lady was Mrs. Millard Filmore for putting up with the development of “soap on a roap”, which occured during her husband’s administration.

  4. Hey. Smith.

    Have you considered that nobody gives a flying fuck about this crappy book, and perhaps Blogads should re-evaluate that fucking survey you made us fill out to find some fucking incentive we fucking care about?

    Have you considered that?

    That, or that we’re all Abigail Fillmore fans?

  5. I would vote for Dolley Madison.

    She may have been an early First Lady, but the house warming Dolley held when that Limey, General Ross, called, back in 1814, has never been equalled.

  6. My favorite first lady was Sally Hemmings. Jefferson actually married Martha Wayles Skelton, but she was a lesbian and the marriage was a sham meant only to allow Jefferson to keep up appearances while continuing to enjoy Hemmings in a carnal way. Jefferson had a round bed like the rotating bed in that Austin Powers movie, and Jefferson used to refer to it as his stack of pancakes and Hemmings as his sweet, sticky, dark molasses. Paradoxically, the sham marriage also allowed Skelton to also have her way with Hemmings who was bisexual and insatiable and had three nipples.

    I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere… maybe Wikipedia… or Conservapedia or something.

  7. Frances Folsom Cleveland, only because of the creepiness factor of having good ol’ Grover practically being her step-father, then tying the knot as soon as she hit 21.

    Jackie O, for spawning Mrs.Dr.Girlfriend-The Monarch.

    Anna Harrison…..10 kids. ’nuff said.

    Mary Todd Lincoln, just cause she was bat-shit crazy.

  8. Patty Lupone.

    I’d enter if the prize were a photo of John Edwards’ mewling little bastard (the one that he had with Rielle ‘Druggie McOld Slut-slut’ Hunter, that is). Or a roll of Mentos.

  9. I hate to say it, but I am really enjoying this book. I work at a (DC) bookstore, and I got an advanced reading copy. Besides my requisite current affairs books and literary fiction, I definitely dabble in crappy fiction, and this is the best crappy fiction I’ve read in a long time. It’s ridiculously engaging, to my dismay. I keep forgetting “Charlie” is George Bush, though, so maybe that’s why I’m still interested.

    I’m only at the part where he buys the baseball team (spoiler alert? whatever), so maybe it gets horrible once they talk about the White House, etc.

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