While Barack Obama continues to putz around like a jerk on vacation in “exotic” Hawaii, John McCain has been campaigning across Pennsylvania with Tom Ridge, the guy who inexplicably decided he’d rather serve as George W. Bush’s powerless anti-terrorism bitch than remain a popular governor of a large state. Well, the Pennsylvanians are just loving this pair. They’re packing the crowds, chanting McCain’s name, you name it. And if you can even believe it, some teenage girls are waking up before dawn to get into McCain rallies. Hope is for dopes! All the kids talk about these days is that old Republican bastard, John McCain.

Hmm… these girls are peculiar. What are they thinking?

Good seats: First in line this morning were Beckie Rineholt of Jackson Township and Emily Saare of Red Lion, who said they woke at 4 a.m. to get good seats.

“We’re both supporters of McCain and we wanted to see him in person,” Rineholt said.

Both are 17 and will be voting in November for the first time.

What, pray tell, must a childhood in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, be like?

Supporters arrive early to greet McCain [York Dispatch]
McCain, Candidate Of The Teenyboppers [Philadelphia Will Do]

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  1. I guess this means we can now fully expect Obama to air ads featuring those 17 year old girls talking about how cool McCain is. Except instead of giving off that “where the white women at?” vibe, it’ll be more like “creepy old man who likes young girls” vibe.

  2. [re=57980]Uncle Al[/re]: You know how New York drops a ball at new year? Well in Red Lion, they drop a cigar. Bill Clinton is very popular.

  3. [re=57980]Uncle Al[/re]: I really didn’t expect McCain to get the Pennsylvania Supermarket vote, considering what happened on his last campaign stop in the region.

  4. I was watching CNN during lunch and apparently Focus on the Family was urging people to pray for a torrential downpour of biblical proportions during Obama’s acceptance speech.

  5. To answer the question – full of meth and a lot like a childhood in Iowa. It’s also right next to Dover, famous for attempting to teach “intelligent design” in science class.

  6. Also, York was the capital of the US for a few months back in the 17-whatevers. KKK rallies are the only thing of relevance that have there happened since.

  7. Oh my god oh my god oh my god! I totally got booted out of Malkin’s blog when Shorts and I went on a trolling rampage. I’m not sure what the final post that did it was although we suggested that Malkin do her cheerleading routine on the House floor (to get everyone in the mood for some drilling) and at some point Shorts asked her what it was like to get fired from Fox News. I further suggested that they replace McCain with the Corpse of Ronald Reagan as a candidate.

    Anyways, some ingrate over there figured out how to google KevoTron and found a bunch of Wonkette threads with us bashing Malkin, Coulter et al. I’m certain there’s at least a dozen gun crazy hillbillies looking for me now. I’m moving to Alaska. Don’t tell ANYBODY.

  8. [re=58006]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Hey! Don’t sleep on McCain, he married one of his trollop groupies instead of visiting her and her spawn at a hotel. Besides, one of those chicks is willing to be his ambulance if he’ll be her accident.

  9. [re=57999]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: ~I have my cosmetology license. ~I like to go shopping. ~I love to go 4wheeling. ~I have a 2005 yellow honda 350. ~I drive a 2001 green toyota camry. ~i also have a 1989 chevy duale truck. ~I have my ears, helix and nose pierced

    Mmm hmmm. (Nods knowingly in an elitist manner.)

  10. [re=58032]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: OOPS! I meant, I acted ALONE! As a matter of fact… shortshortshorts was recently explaining to me how rational and well-thought out Malkin’s posts are. Truly an accomplished cum rag.. errr… pundit!

  11. [re=58020]spencer[/re]: Lesbian Experimenters for John McCain!

    [re=58022]Dave J.[/re]: Cosmetology license? Zoinks, yo — good thing she’s wearing a helmet in one of those pics!

  12. What kid gets excited over John McCain? Why not just throw a party in support of room temperature fruit cocktail in a can? Why not listen to some Lawrence Welk records in the family room on a Saturday night? Why not spend the rest of your life living in Bumblefuck, PA? Oh, wait a minute.

  13. [re=58020]spencer[/re]: …yeah, she is definitely a step down from Cindy!

    [re=58022]Dave J.[/re]: …what the hell is a helix and why the hell would you want it pierced? I have a feeling this is one of those faux conservative girls that don’t think anal or oral sex is “real sex”.

  14. [re=57999]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Excellent.

    [re=58011]Canmon (the Inadequate)[/re]: Way more sketchy than creepy. That’s what my gf’s friends say, at least.

  15. [re=58056]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: It’s actually the little top part of the ear. In other words, she’s dressed up something super bland to make it sound exciting and provocative, just like date night at the McCain home.

    Helix = Provocative in the same way Hawaii = Foreign.

  16. Just remember what the old saying about Pennsylvania is- “Philadelphia on the east, Pittsburgh on the west, and Alabama in the middle” and having grown up there, I can say that pretty much describes it.

  17. [re=57999]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Went to Olive Garden for Prom in a push-up dress. Wheeeew!

    What a huge crowd, somebody must’ve put an ad on craigslist for free trucknutz.

  18. Just checked the McCain Blogette photos of the visit. Great pix including Jay driving McDaisy. He was not wearing his Black Man for McCain T-shirt.

  19. Ah yes, Pennsyltucky. I happen to know someone (very well) that is from Hanover, the town next door to York. I cannot sit through another story about the Texas Hot Weiner restaurant. Apparently, the guy’s shtick is to use his arm to hold and stack the buns while making assembling the dog- his harry arms. I’m sure the James Beard recognition is on its way.

    Did you also know that they let school out for the first day of huntin’ season? Nice.

  20. [re=58128]JadedDIssonance[/re]: Thank you, thank you. They’re all commenting over there like ‘wtf was that?’ I got the obligatory “must have had the 4 o’clock at Starbucks” comment after I got banned. They were very confused that the styles of the posts were different. God I feel like such a little attention seeking brat today. Immature, I know… but I can’t help myself.[re=58080]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: Come on! You know it’s fun when they come over here all butt sore about some Malkin thread. it’s good for a laugh. Not that we have any shortage of fun around here.

  21. I stood in the rain and tornado winds with other elderly vets from the Altoona VA Hospital for sixteen hours yesterday to see Juan McCain and his Veep, John Edwards. We had taken the Greyhound bus overnight (and are only missing two of our party – there was a commotion in the back during the night but most of us slept through it; our hearing aids were turned off and our glasses and walkers had fallen between the seats.)

    How inspiring it is that one of our own, an American hero, supported by the corporate liberal pinko homo media and blogo-internets, will be our next president. Even if he dies a week or two into his presidency – or lives for four more years – we will be thrilled; a Walnuts! presidency could prolong our lives, too.

    But I don’t like what that Cali neocon Edison Miller, a traitor to his country if ever there was one, has to say about our guy; it’s terrible.

    No matter what the newspaper have to say, I refuse to believe it.

  22. Oh sure, he plays well in the old York, but how does he fare in the New York? If he can make it there, he can make it anywhere.

    This comment isn’t ageist, is it?

  23. this is beckie, the one yall were talkin about who took the time to find my myspace? and y? thats just a bit creepy guys and what is the big deal about us being there? so what were both almost 18 and were interested in polititcs yall r a bit ridiculous and thank you to whomever called me ugly thats appreciated

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