He'd hit it.
So, George W. Bush sure enjoyed his Olympic Chinese holiday! Here he is with the volleyball girls, living every heterosexual man’s dream. Let’s see how many ridiculous ways your beloved Mainstream Media tries to describe this scene, in a Children’s Treasury of dumb captions about the president pounding the asses of six-foot-tall bikini girls.

Fuckface.George sure had a blast in Beijing. Most of the time, he was just cold makin’ faces at everybody, while his daughter looked on in embarrassed horror. But then he got to go meet the volleyball team!

Gets more ass than a toilet seat.
As we see from the AP caption here, Mr. President “hugs Kerri Walsh” of the U.S. women’s volleyball team, because it’s impolite to say “Here’s Bush getting more ass in Beijing.”

'And the rectangle monster was in my dream!'
According to this Reuters caption, “Bush gestures as he watches the swimming events.” Yes, flailing around in your seat like a fucking retard is certainly a form of gesturing. Brown-nose Romney is acting like there’s something humorous about all this. Barbara is just totally ashamed now — but she sure cheered up later that night, when she went back to the hotel with the ENTIRE U.S. MEN’S BASKETBALL TEAM.

Sexy mothafucka shakin' that ass shakin' that ass
Only London’s Daily Mirror was brave enough to say what we were all thinking. Here’s George sweatin’ like crazy as he uses all of his tiny reserves of willpower to keep from squeezin’ that ass.

Black power.
“President George W. Bush talks to Misty May-Treanor,” says Reuters. ORLY? This is the same way Osama bin Laden “talks to” Barack Obama and Saddam Hussein when they plot to turn the United States into a giant mosque and then blow it up from space.

Cumming from behind.Our foreign comrades in Nigeria hilariously used this photo to illustrate an article about the horrific murder of the U.S. men’s volleyball team’s coach’s father-in-law.

“Coming from behind,” ha ha because that sort of describes a popular conclusion to “doggy style” male-female intercourse.

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