Hillary is always the last to know.Oh goody, we are now at the “blame John Edwards for pretty much everything” stage of the Edwards Was A Baby Mamma scandal. Somehow the mortgage meltdown and the brand-new war in Georgia will turn out to be his fault, but we’ll leave it to Sam Stein to uncover those crucial links. In the meantime, former Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson has found something else to blame on John Edwards: the implosion of the Clinton candidacy.

The rationale goes something like this: If the world had learned that John Edwards was a vulgar self-regarding horndog before the Iowa caucuses, then two thirds of his voters would have switched to Hillary Clinton. She would have squeaked out of Iowa to triumphant victory in New Hampshire and so on and so forth until she was the nominee. Thus the media’s failure to cover this story earlier is yet another example of Sexism against Hillary Clinton.

Of course, then there are “facts” like these: “[Obama campaign] officials never bought the argument that Clinton was the second choice of Edwards voters. Immediately after Edwards dropped out of the race at the end of January, Obama won eleven straight contests in a row.”

Wolfson: Edwards’ Cover-up Cost Clinton the Nomination [ABC News]

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  1. why is Wolfson even worthy of quoting these days? Hasn’t he slithered back into his underground lair by now, spending his days crooning “my precioussssss…” to the photo of Hillary he clutches to his breast?

  2. Right, and if the media had blasted her with Bill’s more recent dalliances like Belinda Stonach or Lisa Belzberg, she would have been done.

  3. on the other hand, if edwards hadn’t been seeing HRC in her sexy pantsuits at debate after debate, maybe he wouldn’t have been overcome with lust … so you could say that she cost him the vice presidency. right, howard?

  4. Strange, it’s not like the Hilsbot ignored the only major contender or anything. Or even had a plan post Superduper Tuesday. Yeah, blame Johnny Mill instead.

  5. …is there anything in this realm of reality that isn’t at fault for Hillary’s EPIC FAIL(excluding her of course)?! I decided to make up a list of things that I also believed caused her to lose:

    -the construction of Hadron Super Collider
    -the break up of InSync
    -the cancellation of “General Hospital”
    -the birth of Brangelina’s twins

  6. “Many Clinton supporters are already resentful of Obama, whom they see as having only won the nomination with the support of a sexist media and democratic establishment.”

    I’m amused by the assertion that the democrat establishment was against Clinton given that her and Bill are the democrat establishment.

    In all seriousness, between this article fueling the flames, the Nobama rallies at the DNC convention, and McCain teasing that he’d run as a 1-term president, I’m honestly afraid for Obama.

  7. [re=56388]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Wait! General Hospital was cancelled? My life was changed by the Luke and Laura rape to romance and the soundtrack for such fantastic possibility, Herb Alpert’s Rise.

  8. …and now that I think about it can we make a new rule that network talking heads can no longer express their “sympathy” for Elizabeth Edward all the while forcing her to be publicly humiliated over something her and husband OBVIOUSLY got past 2 years ago!?!?! Unlike Republicans John Edwards DID NOT break any laws in his pursuit of extra-marital ass, so why the hell is it ANY of our business. The only constituency that he must satisfy in this situation is his family; NOT anyone in the media.

  9. OK, OK, we get it. What derailed HRC’s coronation train? “Some man.”

    Those who fall into this category include:

    Mark Penn
    Howard Wolfson
    Howard Dean
    Bill Clinton
    Bill Richardson
    John Edwards
    Barack Obama

    If the foregoing hadn’t run her campaign, ruined her campaign, failed to defend her campaign, defended her campaign, or campaigned against her, everything would have turned out just fuckin’ peachy.

    The one incontrovertible fact is that the voters did not see a so-so candydate and decide to park their votes elsewhere. No sirreee-Bob. She done got thwarted, and her rightful legacy done got stole out from under her. Black and white men stole her show!

    Fuckin’ men! They can put one on the moon, but they can’t put ’em all there.

  10. Perhaps if she can get a vote at the convention, she can get all the Edwards bitters to take her side. Maybe, just maybe, she can still WIN!

  11. [re=56388]AngryBlakGuy[/re]:
    -the construction of Hadron Super Collider
    -the break up of InSync
    -the cancellation of “General Hospital”
    -the birth of Brangelina’s twins
    – the subprime mortgage crisis
    – the disappearance of actual music from MtV
    – the end of Scrubs
    – Hannah Montana

    Wait, are these things we’re blaming Hillary for or things Hillary should be blaming for losing to The One? Either way…

  12. Those North Carolinians have always been wary of Georgia’s claims of sovereignty over certain areas of South Carolina. I just hope this intervention doesn’t drag Florida and Texas into a full blown conflict, especially since all of Texas’ armed forces are tied up in an occupation of West Virginia and Colorado…

  13. I peeled my “Edwards ’08” sticker off my car months ago. After Edwards dropped out, I ordered an “Obama ’08” sticker and it’s still there. I don’t plan on removing it. Whoever buys my car when I’m ready to get rid of it can worry about that.

    I was for Edwards first, Obama second, Dodd third, then… um… Biden, and then… um… myself… and then, um… somewhere after Tina Yothers and Paulie Shore I’d pick Hillary Clinton.

  14. If any of these Clinton Camp losers make a stink at the Convention, they should be impeached, castrated and excommunicated–from the planet.

  15. [re=56406]Servo[/re]: You are absolutely right, but “responsibility” is not in the English-to- Clinton dictionary. There are a few other words and phrases that got dropped in that edition, as well, including “modesty”, “truth”, and “skirt suits”.

  16. [re=56402]Larry McAwful[/re]: Tina Yothers 08 — love it!

    Yeah; I was very interested in Edwards before I settled on Obama. I was always disappointed in Hills.

    So did Edwards pull out of the race so early because he hadn’t pulled out of Rielle? He seemed to kindof give up without a fight.

  17. [re=56375]WadISay[/re]: Was HRC the only person who ever put a “crack in the glass ceiling” or am I just imagining it, you know, like Bosnian sniper fire?

    Anyway folks, see, we told you that the only reason HRC is not our Lord, Gawd, and Master, is because of somebody, anybody else’s fault…

  18. Wolfson is responsible for Hilz failure to win. He conceded the Potomac primaries and a few caucus states which gave Obama his supposedly insurmountable lead. That decision inflated Obama’s delegate totals. If she had been more aggressive, she would have shaved his delegate lead and thus prevented the entire “Hillary should quit” drama. That in turn led to the Obama faction of the party crying all day and all night about Hilz not dropping out. They’re still upset about that. Bitter, gun clingin’ bastards. I still think Hillary would be the better president. I’m not sure I can actually pull the lever for Barry. I’m pretty sure I can’t. He thinks he’s better than me. Yes, everyone who has ever run for the presidency is better than me up to and including Ron Paul but they don’t have to rub my nose in it. Barry is aloof and condescending. He needs constant adoration. Hilz only needs some costume jewelry and a week’s supply of monotone pants suits.

  19. [re=56427]pdiddycornchips[/re]: You think Hillary wears ‘costume jewelry’?

    She wears some very expensive sh*t. Yuppie bling is always hard to spot, but I know it when I see it.

  20. [re=56435]Sussemilch[/re]: If she’s applying for a job on the Supreme Court she needs to practice shutting the hell up.

    Not any more–the Supremes are all out on the lecture circuit these days, exchanging their dignity for first-class airfare and a few grand in fees. It’s okay though; they’d already lost everybody’s respect when the appointed Chimpy.

  21. [re=56412]themightysea[/re]: I dunno. I think Edwards really was gunning for the job, and just didn’t make it. I think he would have been happy to win the nomination, no matter what whispers were going on under the radar.

    What I’ve thought was strange was how Edwards wasn’t that prominent with the Obama campaign lately. I wasn’t even picking up many signals that Edwards was being considered for a possible cabinet post. In light of recent events, that’s not so strange. I think the Obama campaign was aware of the Rielle situation and acted cautiously, in case there was something to it. If my guess is right, then it’s safe to say they made the right decision!

    Man, Bernie Mac, Isaac Hays and John Edwards’ political career all in one week…

  22. This is great news. Everyone that voted for Rielle Hunter’s baby daddy is now in debt to Hillzilla. Now Hillzilla can force slavery upon all white hard-working U.S. americans in Appalachia and the Carolina’s and force them to retire the loan she loaned herself. Since they are *extra* hard-working the pennies should start pouring in.

  23. [re=56438]Delicious[/re]:

    So what? I bet he’s better than you too. I know he thinks he’s better. The problem is, he’s going to eventually have to govern. He’s never really shown much interest in the whole governing thing. Maybe he’ll rise to the occasion but maybe he is what what his record says he is. Really good at getting elected but uninterested in the job once he has it.

  24. Exactly where was the smoke filled room where Brian Williams, Leslie Sthal, Juan Williams, Papa Bear, Drudge and the rest of the tabloid press got together and decided to sit on this story to torpedo Hillz? I’d like to think it was in the 33rd Degree Room at the McGlaughlin School of Punditry and Illuminati Studies, just down the street from the Skull and Bones Elite Prep Center for Beltway Douce Nozzles, East Campus. You know, the one that’s across the street from the IHOP.

  25. [re=56427]pdiddycornchips[/re]: if you actually were a Hillary voter, I will assume it was based on issues and positions. If that is the case, then explain why McCain would be a better choice than Obama? Actually, don’t explain. I should not have opened this door. For all I know, you think she’d be better because you like unflattering clothing.

  26. [re=56474]pdiddycornchips[/re]: He is better than me.

    More importantly, he is better and smarter than anybody else who ran for president this year.

  27. [re=56474]pdiddycornchips[/re]: Really good at getting elected but uninterested in the job once he has it.
    It’s like you have some weird psychosis confusing Hopey for Dubya. There’s a pill out there that will fix that. Find it, quick.

  28. [re=56486]Delicious[/re]: he is better than I am, too, because he busted his ass to get where he is despite being a black man with a Muslim name growing up with a single mom and a confused idea of what and who he was. Oh, and he went and lead quite well in Southside Chicago for three years as a community organizer despite being an outsider with a funny name (some people thought he was Irish before they met him–no joke).

    But I suspect a lot of the “he thinks he is better” and “he is a superstar, not a leader” is code for “Uppity n***er doesn’t know his place.”

  29. [re=56477]Doglessliberal[/re]:

    “If you actually were a Hillary voter”

    I know it’s difficult to fathom but there are some people, yes, even some liberal Democrats who are not so enamored of Obama. Will McCain be a better president? I’m not sure but I don’t think Barry is up to the task. If we vote on the basis of issues and positions, should we evaluate what a candidate says and ignore what he actually does? Obama promised to filibuster FISA but forgot that when the political math dictated it. He signed a petition to support gun control when he was a state senator and it was a popular position and abandoned that support when he campaigned in gun loving swing states. I can go on. Barry’s positions are not that far from Hillary but his positions have a propensity to change depending on the politics of the moment.

  30. [re=56497]pdiddycornchips[/re]: whereas McCain has been steadfast and true to his principles and Hillary has never made a compromise to get a bill passed, or herself elected. Right. You do whatever you feel is best, and keep your peace when Scalia Jr is confirmed, we are in the Iran War, and our president is senile.

  31. [re=56465]pdiddycornchips[/re]: From the 5 or so sets of jewelry Hillary rotated during the primaries-perfect large pearls, the Sleeping Beauty turquoise, her Aquamarine necklace. and the multi strand gold necklace set with diamonds, plus earring selections, including big diamond studs- you are looking at over 100 grand retail in jewelry options on Hillary.

    Obama did an interview in 10 year old pants and has 4 pairs of shoes.

  32. [re=56491]Gopherit v2.0[/re]:

    I knew I should have held my tongue.

    The “weird psychosis” problem is widespread but it’s not me that’s infected. Obama supporters like to pretend their man is more popular than he is. The fact is, Obama won a very close primary and is not polling above 50% inspite of the advantages that any Democrat would enjoy in this election cycle. Obama fans constantly overestimate his popularity. He’ll win because Republicans have proven themselves incapable of governing but he’ll eventually have to govern too. Like I said, maybe he’ll rise to the occasion but my fear is he’ll fail and usher in another eight years of Republican misrule.

  33. [re=56427]pdiddycornchips[/re]: Well said! Clinton was one of us. I always thought, “well gee, if a former first lady with thousands of captive donors can make it to the top (almost), anyone can.” Barry, on the other hand, eats arugala. What a fuckin’ bastard, right?

  34. [re=56497]pdiddycornchips[/re]: And McCain is the rock of position stability? The guy who cannot remember his voting record or stand on any issue from one day to the next? The guy who has bought into the Project for the New American Century? Yea, we know what we will get with McCain alright! He will be worse than Bush in many ways.
    We need a military man right when there seems to be an opening to end the Iraqi occupation?
    We need a guy who was closely involved in the largest banking scandal, 128 billion taxpayer bailout for the Keating scandal-to fix our current banking failures?

    You know PUMA is a Republican operation, right?

  35. Waywaywaywaywaywaitaminnit… Edwards was a baby MAMMA?

    You log out for a fracking weekend and you miss all the twists and turns. So he’s Victor/Victoria. Hum. Guess that puts all the “Breck girl” snark into PERSPECTIVE, now doesn’t it?

  36. [re=56497]pdiddycornchips[/re]:
    Pssst. Flip-flopping is not always bad. If you change your stance based on new information or finally had the time to read the fine print, why is that deemed so terrible? Nothing is sharply defined and orderly, you have to change and adapt as you go. To believe that “staying the course” defines integrity is folly and has dire consequences.

  37. [re=56508]pdiddycornchips[/re]: well, real politics has a 5% lead in the popular vote usually means a landslide in electoral votes.

    Face it diddy, the problems are so huge now because of Bush anyone who gets the office this term is going to have huge obstacles to overcome. Obama has proven he can govern by the way he has run his campaign. He beat the Clinton machine. That counts as a positive sign on how he can get things done with large groups of people.

  38. [re=56496]Doglessliberal[/re]:

    “But I suspect a lot of the “he thinks he is better” and “he is a superstar, not a leader” is code for “Uppity n***er doesn’t know his place.”

    I suspect you’re an idiot. My unease with Obama has nothing to do with his race and everything to do with his record. Do you assume everyone who thinks Obama is aloof, condescending or arrogant is racist?

  39. [re=56508]pdiddycornchips[/re]: I’m also afraid that he might fail. Hilz had a proven record of failure, so she was less of a risk. And McCain is kind of harmless except for his tendency towards wars with people he knows absolutely nothing about. But that’s neither here nor there. Oh, and abortion. And he admits that he’s an economic naive. And…

    But the prospect of a scary 8 years of ineptitude after Obama is so much scarier than 8 years of ineptitude now at the hands of McCain. Makes sense to me.

  40. [re=56532]pdiddycornchips[/re]: If you know Obamas ‘record’, tell me -without using the google- what are his three biggest accomplishments in legislation the past three years?
    1-2-3 go…..

  41. Now It Can Be Told!

    Edwards set about exposing himself in that hotel chock full of media types after his election was over due to and as a consequence of that creepy Coultergeist saying he was a “fag.”

    Guess he showed her.

  42. [re=56508]pdiddycornchips[/re]: The “weird psychosis” problem is widespread but it’s not me that’s infected.

    Well, I don’t know about that. There are at least 18 million people out there who suffered from it immediately after Hillary lost the nomination, many of whom then completely lost their minds and when on to support John McCain. Why? Well, racism could play a part. So could the same bull-headed idiocy that plagues the electorate every four years, especially when another popular candidate loses by a narrow margin.

    I have no illusions about Obama’s popularity, but are you seriously implying McCain is a better candidate? Your view that Obama is Really good at getting elected but uninterested in the job once he has it stinks of either delusion and/or bitterness.
    The truth is Obama has demonstrated he has the chops to be a good president, perhaps even a great one. John McCain has pretty clearly demonstrated that he represents exactly the same horseshit the Republicans have been peddling for the last 2 decades.

    I suspect you’re either a troll or Harriet Christian. Either way, as I said before, medical science has made great leaps in pharmacological treatment of what you have.

  43. [re=56570]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: I guarantee you that my 89 year old grandfather who was voting for Hillary but won’t vote for Obama, and cloaks it in vague “eh, not ready for the job” statements is basing his decision wholly on racism and zero % on any citable facts. He refuses to read Obama’s books, noting that he is “sure” Obama did not write them himself (can those people write?). My parents’ statements even reek of that undercurrent of racism. My logical and rational statements about what “ready to lead” means, whether marriage to a president makes you more experienced, and whether refusal to play the same old gutter politics makes you more capable, because you rely on facts, rather than less capable, are wasted breath. You expect people to call him a ‘boy’, next. I have given up and just hope he keeps bringing in the moderate Repubs I know who I hear speak favorably on him.

  44. [re=56574]Vewol Mevemont[/re]: Hey, diddy started it!! PTTTPHHPTPHHPTHHHHPTHTPHPTHH!
    [re=56597]Doglessliberal[/re]: Okay, you’re candidate so poor, she might have to sign over her next book advance to her campaign!

    Wait, that doesn’t work well, does it?

  45. Sure, blame Hillary, snipe at her post-primary bunker mentality and leaning on the booze a little more than usual. But have a heart, for nine months from the Pennysylvania primary we’ll be hearing about a new little Clinton child, with a slick weasel-like face and funny hair (and a penchant for gestures reminiscent of trial attorneys,)

    President Edwards, having won the Democratic nomination as a dark horse candidate and swept past “old” Juan McCain in the general election, will have a heart and take the child into his arms to raise as his own, a bachelor president with child.

    I should know….

  46. [re=56527]sati demise[/re]:

    “Obama has proven he can govern by the way he has run his campaign.”

    A good campaign doesn’t guarantee a competence at governing. GWB proved that.

  47. [re=56570]Gopherit v2.0[/re]:

    “The truth is Obama has demonstrated he has the chops to be a good president, perhaps even a great one.”

    Yeah? Examples please….

  48. [re=56628]pdiddycornchips[/re]: actually, Kerry ran a shitty campaign and Karl Rove ran a diabolically underhanded one. Obama has mobilized millions of people via positive messages and demonstrated that he can form a cohesive and powerful organization of diverse people.

  49. [re=56636]Doglessliberal[/re]:

    Look, I wish Barry the best. I really do. He’s going to win in spite of my personal misgivings.
    Once he’s president, he’s going to have to lead. Maybe he’ll be great. Maybe he really is the transcendent, inspirational figure many of his followers think he is. Only time will tell. We’ll revisit this conversation after his first year in office. That’s enough time to evaluate if he’s lived up to expectations.

  50. [re=56649]pdiddycornchips[/re]: times up diddy!

    the correct answers are
    1. Stopping black market Nuclear proliferation world wide
    2. Increasing government transparency-(you can now see government spending, in all its glory, on-line)
    3. Increasing benefits for soldiers at Walter Reed.

  51. [re=56520]Servo[/re]:

    Agreed. Flip flopping is not always the result of an evolution of ones thinking either. Sometimes, it’s the result of a political calculation. Take the FISA vote. He knew Republicans would hammer him for it and he knew his supporters would forgive him because they had nowhere else to go. Same with gun control. Changing ones positions isn’t new or specific to Obama. All politicians do it. What bothers me is that Obama blames others for it or flat out lies about it. Remember his statements on Nafta? Remember his campaign denial? It wasn’t exactly accurate was it? Obama is a bright guy so I have a hard time believing he went to AIPAC and didn’t know what the meaning of the term “undivided Jerusalem” meant. He released a statement the next saying he didn’t mean what he said. He calculated his retraction wouldn’t generate as much news as his speech to AIPAC did. He was right too. One can get away with this sort of thing when one is the chosen candidate of the media intelligensia but not when you’re president.

  52. …this whole arguement of whether or not Obama will be great leader or not is moot. Picking a president is nothing more than a glorified NFL/NBA draft. Every year some new player is suppose to be the second coming of Michael Jordan but it’s still a shot in the dark. Currently the whole arguement is whether or not Barry will live up to the hype but no one is focusing on the fact that WALNUTS! would be considered an injury prone veteran. Sorry for all the metaphors and analogies but it makes far easier for people to grasp when they step away from the political aspect of the arguement. Whether or not you like Barry as the Democratic candidate, he is the Democratic candidate. If you ask any coach during the draft they will always say “You always go with the BEST player available” regardless of whether or not you need a player in that position. Yeah Barry may(emphasis on MAY) be all hype no substance, but the question you need ask yourself is would you trade a #1 draft pick to get an average veteran player(WALNUTS!) who has 1 season(at best) left because you know exactly what you are getting and wont be surprised or do take a chance on someone who has an infinite upside and may be the next Michael Jordan?

  53. [re=56670]pdiddycornchips[/re]: He’s too much a dissembler and a triangulator? Is that the bitter, ex-Clintonian line now? Don’t you people have any sense of irony?

  54. [re=56497]pdiddycornchips[/re]: “Barry’s positions are not that far from Hillary but his positions have a propensity to change depending on the politics of the moment.”

    Barry’s hardly alone in that, given that they’re all politicians. But you’ve actually stubbed your toe on a very salient point, albeit without acknowledging it.

    Hillz voted for the war, then tried to rewrite history by saying what she voted for didn’t actually lead to war, and obdurately refused to acknowledge her role in making that morass of fuckin’ human carnage a reality. Now, a clever pol would have done what Kerry, Edwards, et al, had already done and said: “Ooops. I got hornswoggled by the most corrupt regime on Earth, and I apologize for the result. My bad.” Much, if not all, would have been forgiven, and she would have been trumpeted as capable of admitting human failing, and changing her opinions with changing facts on the ground. But, noooooo, not our Hillz!

    Whereas Hopey only opposed the war from the get-go, castigated the Bushies for sending in too few troops to do the job before McCain’s advocacy for the “surge” [remember Barry’s convention keynote in ’04?] and militated for withdrawal timelines that have now been embraced by Maliki, Bush and McCain. Hopey had the temerity to suggest speaking with his nation’s enemies, the very course that led to a deal with North Korea and is now being covertly pursued with Iran.

    While others have concentrated on 3 AM phone calls and who’s a celebrity, the nobody freshman from Illinois with the funny name and poor choice in skin colour has already been setting the fuckin’ national agenda from the sidelines. ‘Tis only a shame that some people are so miserly with their props when somebody for whom they don’t particularly care does something well.

  55. [re=56667]sati demise[/re]:


    Please. I know what Obama fans like to credit him with but let’s review.

    1). Stopping Nuclear proliferation world wide? Congress has this power or is this a trait specific to Obama? Pakistan’s AQ Khan’s network had already been discovered and shut down long before Barry arrived. Russia and the former Soviet Republics, along with Iran and Pakistan are the most likely sources of black market nukes. They don’t pay a lot of attention to what our congress has to say.

    2). The ethic reform bill is a joke. Yeah it makes it easier to track donations but it doesn’t close any of the loopholes and it does nothing to rein in the power of lobbyists.

    3). This bill was the result of the Washington Post’s expose` on the atrocities at Walter Reed. Obama and McCaskill sponsored it but the bill had broad bipartisan support.

    Barry is the guy you want to give a speech. If you want to log roll or horse trade, if you want to
    twist some arms or push an agenda in the Senate, you find someone else.

  56. [re=56685]Canuckledragger[/re]:

    I know but he’s never really offered a coherent explanation for why he said during a debate in ’04 that he and GWB weren’t that far apart on the war and that he’s not sure how he would have voted if he had been in the senate at the time of the Iraq war resolution. This isn’t academic. Keep in mind the war was a hell of a lot more popular in ’04.

  57. [re=56672]AngryBlakGuy[/re]:
    Precisely. Our current situation is from people with “experience”, so I’m willing to take the chance that Obama will live up to his promises. It’s also worth noting that the smut-thirsty voting public is primarily responsible for the hostile election environment through which all candidates must tread very lightly while schmoozing every imaginable group.

  58. [re=56634]pdiddycornchips[/re]: Fine, I’ll limit myself to 3, given your implication that even one would be a surprise for you:

    1. He has met with, and is seen positively by, most of the leaders of the European Union. He has also met with many of the major players in the Middle East, and is already formulating good, sound policy for dealing with our problems there.

    2. He taught Constitutional Law at the university of Chicago Law School for 12 years. This by itself leads a lot of people to believe he might understand how our government works better than most. And he accomplished all of this while while working as a civil rights attorney, and working as a member of several Boards for philanthropic civil rights organizations, and while serving in the Illinois State Senate.

    3. After being elected to the US Senate, he has served on the Foreign Relations, Environment and Public Works, Veterans’ Affairs, Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committees, as well as the European Affairs subcommittee.

    Now, I know to a seasoned political beast like you, these accomplishments pale in comparison to McCain’s, Dubya’s and Hillary’s…….but I’m pretty damned impressed by them. Obama is more than a great speaker and a pretty face. The Three above don’t even have those qualities going for them.

    Take. Your. Meds. Now. Plz.

  59. I think John Edwards was weak in the face of too much sibling competition within his talented family, which includes Douglas Edwards, Herm Edwards, Blake Edwards, Chet Edwards, Margaret Edwards and of course little Anthony Edwards of “ER.”

    There is no pdiddycornchips Edwards, as the Edwards family prefers flycasting to trolling.

  60. [re=56691]pdiddycornchips[/re]: …ok, so your point is what? Barry is unqualified to be president? Ok now what? This is why people call Hill-tards BITTER, because they offer nothing but criticism and coulda, shoulda, woulda. In a few of your post you openly admit that WALNUTS! would be a poor choice for president and that Barry would be better, although you don’t like him very much. If that is the case, what purpose does all this bitching about his shortcomings achieve? Its one thing to offer constructive criticism about policies and its another constantly whine about how Obama isn’t the best Democratic candidate.

  61. [re=56691]pdiddycornchips[/re]: you just confused two of his accomplishments, no wonder you are CONFUSED about Hopey.

    I did not mention ethics reform. And Barry wrote and passed legislation that gave more MONEY to tracking nuclear material. If he had not addressed this critical issue, who would have? It is one of the most terrifying aspects of terrorism.

    Obama took the lead on these issues, wrote the legislation and got bipartisan support. Those are accomplishments. And accomplishments start with thinking about problems/solutions, then speechifying about said problems and their solutions.

    (btw, he first tried to get McCain to work on government transparency, but found that for some reason, McCain was not really interested in this reform. Imagine that! Obama had to find someone else to work
    with on this project)

  62. [re=56691]pdiddycornchips[/re]:

    Barry is the guy you want to give a speech. If you want to log roll or horse trade, if you want to
    twist some arms or push an agenda in the Senate, you find someone else.

    Like Hillary or McCain? Hillary’s a figurehead, who’s biggest accomplishment in the Senate was backing a failed attempt for a Museum at Woodstock. McCain? Arm-twisting is right. That hot-headed SOB gets physical when he doesn’t get his way. He’ll break a hip if he keeps doing that kind of stuff.

    Yeah, right. Obama’s no comparison to thse two. You are truly damaged.

  63. [re=56699]pdiddycornchips[/re]: I’d still like to see you take a stand, btw, but I fear you’re probably just Tony trying to class your act up a bit.

  64. [re=56699]pdiddycornchips[/re]: So, you’re saying Hopey’s honesty then should be held against him now, or at least considered suspect?

    You know, although I was vehemently against the war from the outset, my position on the war in ’04 wasn’t too far removed from GWB’s either. It was a dog’s breakfast of ill intent and poor execution, but once you’re hipdeep in blood and bullshit, the key concern is to WIN the fucker. I shared that goal, until it became apparent that military failure and success are virtually indistinguishable in that little matter. At that point, you cut your losses and seek the face-saving exit that ensures the smallest continuing loss of life and cash. McCain cannot bring himself to acknowledge this real-politik fact of life, and insists that removal of US troops isn’t a sign or victory or defeat. They’ll be there for the foreseeable future, no matter what. Charming.

    There’s a reason that Obama resonates with the citizens of the world, and that they actually raise US flags at his appearances rather than burn them. Any US citizen who cares about his/her nation and its future in the world might want to stop and consider the benefits that such a candydate brings to the party.

    “…he’s not sure how he would have voted if he had been in the senate at the time of the Iraq war resolution.”

    Again, I see this as a frank admission from somebody who wasn’t privy to the same materials that were shown to those who did cast that vote. Can we agree that if Barry had been in the Senate then, he would at least have read the dogdamned NIE and legislation before casting his vote? ‘Coz there are others whom you like who did not….

  65. [re=56717]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: …if it wasn’t for the fact that Pdiddy is politically knowledgeable I would assume he/she is a troll. But my point is that there is no point to seriously engage him/her because it serves no purpose. They know their candidate was out maneuvered and no amount of bitching or moaning will change it. So instead they spend their time disparaging the winner. A text book example of a sore loser.

  66. [re=56532]pdiddycornchips[/re]: “Do you assume everyone who thinks Obama is aloof, condescending or arrogant is racist?”

    The vast majority of them, yes. More the Elizabeth Hasselbeck “take back the N-word” crypto-variety than supremacists, however.

  67. [re=56740]AngryBlakGuy[/re]:
    Coates onWolfson:

    “This is ultimately, why I’m glad Clinton lost. Accountability does not exist with these guys, and in that, they really are Bush-lite. They had millions of dollars, front runner status and, allegedly, the greatest politician of our era stomping for them-and they got their asses handed to them. But they can’t come to terms with it.”

  68. [re=56753]Maus[/re]:

    Look, that’s as dumb a statement as I’ve heard on Wonkette in a long time. There are 18 million Hillary voters, another 25 million Republican voters and and over a 100 million who either don’t vote at all or are independents. Barry’s gonna win some of them but he will not win all of them.
    Assuming those who did not vote for him are racists borders on irrational.

  69. [re=56717]Gopherit v2.0[/re]:

    Look, Obama is going to win so this is indeed a silly argument. I think he’s gonna suck, you think he’s gonna be great. We’ll all just have to wait and see won’t we? No animus, no hard feelings. As President, I hope he proves me wrong. That said, we’re just using up bandwidth and accomplishing nothing. I’ve spent the entire afternoon writing this nonsense and now have only an hour left of office time to watch porn. I hope you’re happy.

  70. [re=56802]pdiddycornchips[/re]: True that. You can’t get grumpy on wonkette.

    But you’re wrong. :)

    You must be a lawyer. Who else would have an hour for work-porn at the end of a Monday?

  71. ***New Theroy***

    What if Howard Wolfson is just trying to distract everybody from those internal memos from the Clinton camp, that just now came out? Is that possible?

  72. When does “YOU LOST BITCH” mean something to some people!! I hate to be so harsh, but this woman and her asshole crew are like a bad case of HERPES, always coming back!! Go away – Far!!
    Every inch of respect I had for her and her husband has just evaporated… They are sick!!

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