Just to reiterate, but isn’t it funny that the Republicans nominated the guy Matt Drudge hates more than anyone? [Drudge Report]

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  1. So the guy who’s main claim to fame is breaking the blow job story is now shocked that politics has been so trivialized that we’re arguing over whether keeping your tires inflated saves energy?

  2. [re=53488]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: I totally thought it was a dildo at first blush.

    Which actually says more about me than anything.

  3. Can we please get the SWIM girl back up above the Cindy McCain wanted poster please? I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  4. Seriously though. It amazes me how even though his site is wildly followed, he still hasn’t updated the look of it since, what, Prodigy?

  5. I don’t see what Drudge would be complaining about. A Democratic triumvirate would allow him 4,000,000 screeching flashing light emergency headlines per day.

  6. Matt Drudge is such a fucking idiot we can no longer use that term for anyone else, except current and former members of the Bush administration. He can’t stand that someone has made a valid point that shows that the Republictards desire to drill, drill, drill everywhere they fucking can is short-sighted and of no benefit to our current oil/gas-troubles.

    God, I can’t live through another four years of a Republican presidency.

  7. And his name! Wouldn’t you have changed it before you embarked on a career of asshattery? Connotations abound: Dredge, Sludge, Drugs, Dregs, Druids…

  8. [re=53505]tunamelt[/re]: Damn, you beat me to it.
    Yes, Matt, is has come time for you to be sodomized with a tire pressure gage. Long overdue, in fact.

  9. It’s August; silly season. Even your intrepid and earnest scoop-artist Matt Drudge is yawning at the headlines. Shouldn’t everyone just take the rest of the month off?

  10. [re=53605]Jim Newell[/re]: Um, last I checked Matt Drudge’s only campaign issue was “doing guys” like all the time. Dude’s gay.

    f0r R3aLz0r!!!

  11. [re=53518]The Real JR Revisted[/re]: Personally, I think the Drudge design is timeless, sort of like how the New Yorker’s look hasn’t changed in 80+ years. I like how it doesn’t even remotely try to be fashionable. Designers dream of being able to come up with this kind of lasting power… you may laugh now, but eventually (around 2070) the Drudge homepage will be featured in a MoMA retrospective.

  12. [re=53640]wheelie[/re]: And generations of college students will sit through Art History lectures where they discuss the finer points of LOLCAT form and the post-colonial meta-narrative of 2 girls 1 cup (in fact, given that those girls were in Brazil doing a shoot commissioned by a white American, I could hammer out a 10 page paper on this right now).

  13. [re=53668]jagorev[/re]: Oh you could write a paper right now? Ooh, I’m so scared. I guess I will see you at the symposium in Amsterdam in 2065 when I deliver my Cats on Treadmills public lecture, and we will find out then who is the more astute internets historian. See you in 57 years, bitch!

  14. [re=53531]pinko-commie[/re]: WHAT? REPUBLICANS WANT TO DRILL? I am in hell right now. Please someone get a throw up bag from Delta for like $30.00 and ask if they can take it out of the stow away charges. It’s nice to see a troll from the left however. Very refreshing.

  15. [re=53697]RuperttheBear[/re]: Oh good he’s appealing to the Oakland folks now. Hyphy. Perhaps later we can all murder-out our bikes and wield a knife for Wheat Thins.

  16. Oh, this is about the campaign. I thought Drudge was just letting us know the only thing he can get off with any more.

    [re=53540]sike101[/re]: What? Did he decided to stay in it this time?

  17. [re=53640]wheelie[/re]: oh my god

    I think you have indeed found the worst site design of all time.

    Put me in the column of admirers of DrudgeDesign, though. Especially after that abomination….

  18. [re=53536]fishcanoeski[/re]: That article’s estimates of the amount of oil produced by drilling offshore is based on a 2003 estimate that assumed a $50 barrel oil in 2010. The price is already more than twice that. Oil companies will be able to invest more and produce more if they are getting today’s higher price.

    Moreover, the savings by the inflation of tires would only occur if every single person went out and inflated their tires to the proper level immediately upon Obama telling them to do so. McCain’s plan is would result in real increases in supply. Obama’s plan is a thought experiment.

    McCain could tell everyone to stop commiting crimes. If everyone obeyed him it would be an effective crime plan but is it realistic? Obama seems to think the power of his words will heal the world but doesn’t seem to be offering real world solutions.

  19. Drudge actually made me click on his headline to find out what the hell that thing was, which got me thinking: He should replace the siren with an object so inscrutable and random, it forces people to click to find out what it is. Item 1: McCain’s removed blotch of skin…

  20. Obama is too elitist to know how to use a tire gauge. Like when Bush, Sr. went to a supermarket for the first time in 40 years and didn’t know what a bar code was.

  21. The best part of this headline is that Drudge has spent all week headlining the Obama=Paris Hilton=celebrite=elitist=bad ad, but he points out Obama’s comment on tire pressure as being some sort of ridiculous scheme. At least Obama is able to stick to policy matters when poking fun at McCain.

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