“NEW YORK (Reuters) – Women would rather carpool or go on vacation with Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama than with his Republican rival John McCain, a new poll of U.S. women voters showed on Tuesday.” What the fuck does this even mean? “Carpooling” and “vacationing” are two very distinct acts. So they have asked women across the country, basically, which candidate they would rather schlep to pre-school or, conversely, go to the Jersey Shore with. John McCain polls better with white women, so we might infer that there is some strange demographic called bl… black… black women? HISPANIC WOMEN? Who are these so-called “people,” and why do we never hear about them? [Reuters]

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  1. Well, this woman doesn’t want to travel in the car with Obama under any make-believe scenario. He’s probably got the metabolism of a hummingbird and would eat all the peanut butter crackers that I have stashed in the glovebox. You know, in case of emergency.

  2. Considering the fact McCain thinks motorcycle rallies are a fun time, I can understand why more people would want to go on a vacation with Obama.

  3. Yes, but carpooling and staycationing actually have a lot in common. When will the American people wake up and realize that Obama’s opposition to mandatory unlimited off-shore drilling is making it hard to make fun of stupid polls!

  4. “The poll showed Obama holds a strong lead among all women voters but McCain polls better with white women, seniors and stay-at-home moms.”

    Damn you, Harriett Christian and your inadequate comments!!!! Bitch!!!

  5. In related polling, 4 out of 5 bitters would rather pig farm or darn socks with John McCain, whereas 5 of 7 NASCAR dads would rather inseminate bulls or coddle eggs with Obama. Dammit, people, isn’t it clear?????

  6. Why not just ask the real question?

    Whose mouth, tongue and/or lips would women rather find stimulating their genitals?

  7. [re=53346]carerer[/re]: [re=53354]BadNewsJack[/re]: General boffing in any place or position.

    Let me know when I can stop paying attention to stupid questions like these, please. Thanks in advance.

  8. [re=53384]SuperRounder[/re]: Your name always makes me so hungry. . .

    There’s a seafood place near my house named Bob Law. The cornbread is so yum.

  9. I saw (& met) Barry a few years ago in the baggage claim area of the Vegas airport, since we were both traveling on the same Chicago-Vegas flight. Since I’m a white woman, does that count as “vacationing” with him?

  10. [re=53389]trophy(forparticipation)wife[/re]: You talking to me? Cause I loves me some cornbread…spoonbread…sweetbreads and whips. Damn you, Angela Merkel for making me mix up my midnight cravings!

  11. Carpooling is superior to vacationing in that it affords the opportunity to throw the passenger under the bus.
    Also, I think vacationing is code for a “fling” whereas carpooling means a “one-nighter”.

  12. I never have been, nor will I ever be, a carpooling female, but my daily commute takes me through lands where Teh Heteros breed. I see these women of whom you speak in SUVs and mini-vans, and they’re all on cellphones. So, I’ve got to ask, would they hang up and talk to Barry, or do they just want an audience when they tell someone, “OK, I’m pulling into the Target lot now”?

    And on a related note, I hope McCain won the “Who Do You Want to Have a Beer With” vote in Sturgis, since that involves either an extra-exciting bike ride, or what you drink while you’re waiting for your turn on Ms. Buffalo Chip.

  13. Most of McCain’s targeted demographic doesn’t have a problem carpooling with a black man. They just expect him to be wearing little a hat and sitting in the front seat of the Town Car.

  14. Why don’t these pollsters just come out and ask the question they all want to ask: “Would you boink Barack Obama stupid given half an opportunity and a guarantee that Michelle won’t find out and keeel you ded with a tire iron?”

  15. While John McCain is the candidate we would most like to avoid at family holiday parties, because seriously, if we’ve heard Uncle John’s “Christmas in a Vietnamese tiger cage” story once we’ve heard it a million times, Barack Obama is undoubtedly the candidate we would most like to run over to Safeway and get us a gallon of milk and also some cucumbers for the salad.

  16. The meanings are pretty obvious:
    Carpooling is where you share your ride with more than the normal number of people.
    Vacationing is where you sleep somewhere else for a week-or-so.

  17. [re=53398]sezme[/re]: Nah, I think ‘carpooling’ means a quickie in, obviously, a car. Vacationing is fucking in a hotel. And how any white stay at home mother, spending her days alternating between bored and annoyed, slowly losing her looks and incessantly refreshing snarky political websites (oh, excuse me, got carried away there) could choose to spend theoretical sextime with shrivelled Johnny over Handsome Barry is beyond me.
    Like so much else this campaign season, it makes me wonder who in the fuck these people are.

  18. Cindy says she doesn’t let John drive any more. He was a craptastic pilot. And he has famous anger management issues. Obama probably drives like Tom DuBois from the Boondocks (“like an old bitch”). I’m thinking Obama.

  19. The poll, commissioned by Lifetime Network as part of its “Every Woman Counts” campaign…

    Lifetime — making every woman count by ensuring they’re focused on stupid, irrelevant shit. So did they take the nation’s pulse before the Iraq war by asking if they’d rather cuddle with Saddam Hussein or Dick Cheney? Huh?

  20. “White women, seniors and stay-at-home moms”, what a reason to YAWN especially for the later two demo-Gs .

    Michelle “Soul Sonic Force” will take out McBush (real life version of a katzenjammer kid) and his cindy (whoM is some 1/2 teenager 1/2 cadaver pillzpoppincougar)anyday in any p00p-a-lar-ity poll. HOV lane or not, whoM in their right mind would not want to hang out with Barry?

    All this fun is enough to anticipate another hilton commentary.

    …and y’all all thought GWB n’ crew were enough reason to seek refuge in canada?!?!?!?

  21. If I was a white woman (icky) I would want a Mandingo vacation with Jug Head, er, I mean, Obama. We would share a white stallion on our daily ride through the forest. I would sit behind his bulbous masculine black ass, I would slide my hand around his waist and let my fingers casually drop to his ever-hard crotch. I would grasp his licorice stick firmly and then pull it from his jodpuhrs by the thick base. I would hold it and let the gentle rocking of the horse bring him to a galloping climax while I ground my moistened…blah blah blah. But I wouldn’t vote for him. He’s a dick.

  22. I want to go to work with that Landrieu woman from down South, or that Hemspeth (or whatever) woman in Congress. And then Sarah Palin. They’d be the ones to go to work with.

  23. Fun activities with John McCain include laughing at his “Marvelous Ape” and “Janet Reno” jokes, which he keeps forgetting he’s already told you three or four times each; laughing when you pull his finger and he farts; laughing as parts of his face darken, shrivel, and fall off; and just basically laughing at him.

  24. Well as a woman with 2 small kids (6 & 3), frankly the last thing I (or most women) want is another cranky whiner in the car who has to go potty just as we’re all buckled into our car seats. Or who’s demanding to know when we’re getting there, asking for more juice & pooping in his diaper!

  25. [re=53397]BobLoblawLawBlog[/re]: I was so engrossed in fantasy that I replied to your replier. Yes, I meant you. Sweetbreads and whips. We eat the same foods.

  26. [re=53452]LittlePig[/re]: Eh? Since when did “ride” and “sleep” not have more than one meaning when commenting here?

  27. [re=53484]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Seriously. McCain would be all “how come he gets to sit in the front seat” the whole fucking way.

  28. [re=53570]Outstando[/re]: Well, in all seriousness, McOld can’t sit in the front seat because if the airbag went off, it would crush his bones to powder.

  29. Oh, Wonkette, Wonkette…do we have to ‘splain everything to you? Don’t you keep up with American slang anymore? Have you become so virulently ensconced in your Eastern liberal homosexual ivory tower that you’ve lost touch with the language of the heartland?

    “Carpooling” and “vacationing” are two very distinct acts.

    Yes. And what do they mean, you ask? “Carpooling” is the modern way of talking about going on a “date”, that is, a one-night gig. “Vacationing”, on the other hand, is a heavy set of deep, well, intercourse over a sustained period of time.

    So, America’s women – and a good number of us men, too – are hankering to do a playcation with adorable Barryman. And can you blame us?

  30. Black women were asked the same questions, they said they wouldnt go near Barry as, and I quote, “we know full well the brother will run off with the anorexic white bitch as soon as the he gets successful”.

    As for the white women and carpooling, I say thats damn clever. If they see a black guy driving most carjackers will assume the car has already been jacked and leave it alone. Smart these white women.

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