McCain had how many?Ha ha sillies no this billboard isn’t making yet another reference to balls. It comes to you via a religious type in Indiana who’s lodging a bipartisan appeal to crazies on both sides of the aisle, as in, “All the cool kids in Washington are getting down with nutty preachers.” This is true, unless you’re Ron Paul, who gets down with his rocket instead. [copyranter]

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  • graceless

    Sign me up!

  • TGY


  • Serolf Divad

    Wow, that sign almost makes me want to go to church.

  • graceless

    [re=51071]TGY[/re]: win.

  • Canuckledragger

    …runs for the White House?

  • MoodProcessor

    There’s a Crossroads Church in lovely Ellicott City, MD. Yep, they’re crazy there too.
    That’s yer Nascar lovin’, rifle ownin’ Jebussery right there.

  • Darehead

    This is true, unless you’re Ron Paul, who gets down with his rocket instead.

    Paul’s pretty cozy with Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Pastor Chuck Baldwin, who is as bat-shittin’ crazy as they come.

    In “Mission Accomplished” 2004 evangelicals were 1/4 of the US; now they’ve all dispersed every which way to hide their guilty consciences for bringing on the Bushies, Doesn’t surprise me that downsized preachers are hanging out their snake oils and fake humor to lure them in.

  • Larry McAwful

    What kind of crazy reverend is he? If he’s the kind that handles snakes, I’ll consider it. If he’s the kind that just talks about the Bible in excited tones, then I’m out. But if he’s the kind that offers beer and sausage every Sunday and operates a couple of waterslides in his church, then there’s a good chance I’ll be there.

    Of course, Indiana is like 700 miles away from where I live, so it might not be an option anyway.

  • A Geek Tragedy

    Periods of 47 years of being alive?

  • AngryBlakGuy

    …if it was reversed I would think they were talking about black children!

  • Darehead

    [re=51089]Larry McAwful[/re]: Just watch out for the Koolaid.

  • trophy(forparticipation)wife

    Should say, Obama is the One and McCain is the Two.

  • Delicious

    McCain is full of Number 2.

  • Truculent

    Is it wrong to say that the picture of that woman in the swimsuit will prevent me from doing any meaningful work for the rest of the day?

  • shortsshortsshorts

    …would be more effective if speaking about crashing planes…

  • DieOnTheTurnpike

    [re=51083]MoodProcessor[/re]: the only church I’m joining in MD is the LDS variety. Have you seen their crazy castle on 495?! I bet they have an entire Medieval Times set up in there!

  • Monsieur Grumpe

    The billboard is written in the past tense and the usual progression of ball count is downward. That means that Obama pobably has no balls. How does Crazy Reverend know this?

  • ManchuCandidate

    [re=51104]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]:
    Jesse told’im.

  • trophy(forparticipation)wife

    [re=51103]DieOnTheTurnpike[/re]: I just love a Renaissance and fantasy themed theatrical experience.

  • kudzu

    [re=51101]Truculent[/re]: What woman? Where? I don’t see no woman? Where’s she hiding?

  • Truculent

    [re=51110]kudzu[/re]: The American Apparel ad on the left. (Well, my left at least).

  • Scarab

    Wow a church with a sense of humor. It makes a nice change. I haven’t felt so excited and energized about a church since I joined the New Life Church and Rev. Ted Haggard personally… um… uh, never mind.

  • lilblackcorvette

    [re=51090]A Geek Tragedy[/re]: you are quite the cunning linguist!

  • tunamelt

    I would prefer one of those giant churches with their own Starbucks.

  • BadNewsJack

    [re=51089]Larry McAwful[/re]: Yayy!!! a water slide. maybe laser tag and paintball? Nothing says God loves you like shooting people with paint and lasers.

  • CivicHoliday

    …version of reality?

  • badco/LoJ

    …white parents?

  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    Strangely enough, that is also the number of Vietnamese hookers each has seen in the last year.

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