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Hilton Family FURIOUS Over McCain Insulting Paris Hilton

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that's hawt.While everybody else was laughing at that ridiculous Paris Hilton/Obama ad the McCain people released yesterday, at least two very wealthy Republican donors were furious: William Barron Hilton and Rick Hilton, Paris’ grandfather and father.

The elder Hilton, co-chairman of the Hilton Hotel chain and former owner of the San Diego Chargers, gave the McCain campaign $18,400 and contributed another $35,000 to the GOP Senate committee. Paris’ dad gave McCain nearly $7,000.

And then that rotten Walnuts runs an ad calling Paris Hilton a piece of celebrity trash?

Conservative analyst and McCain supporter Martin Eisenstadt writes on his blog:

I hear whispers from the inner campaign staff that the phone was burning off the hook today with calls from Paris Hilton’s grandfather, William Barron Hilton (co-chair of the Hilton Hotel empire), furious that the McCain ad drew an unflattering comparison between Obama and his own granddaughter.

Ha ha ha.

Eisenstadt says he suspects “heads will roll” at McCain HQ, or at least the agency that made the ad will be dumped.

Paris Hilton’s family fuming at McCain campaign [Martin Eisenstadt’s Blog]

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  • FreshCliches

    That image is very disturbing. I wish you’d have chosen something else. I realize that it’s a shameful part of American history that we should never forget, but it’s too much.

  • Advocatus_Diaboli

    Okay, I’ve figured it out: the entire McCain campaign is also a Moozlim sleeper cell set up by Saddam, er, bin Laden, to ensure that B. Hussein gets elected.

  • HomoPolitico

    Election 2008: The Hottie and the Nottie!

  • Ken Layne

    [re=49217]FreshCliches[/re]: hahahah … oh lord, it’s a MEME.

  • Noodle Salad

    Attention: John McCain now advocates the offshore drilling of Paris Hilton. For our freedoms. Please return to your regularly scheduled Newz Program.

  • shortsshortsshorts

    [re=49217]FreshCliches[/re]: HAHAHAH!!!!!!!

  • EnBuenOra

    Okay, good call: Directly insulted Hilton Family, Honest Tea company, and Met-Rx company. As well as the nation’s arugula farmers.

    Keep it up, Oldy McBitter!

  • wheelie

    [re=49217]FreshCliches[/re]: LOL!

  • Mumble Softly

    This stuff writes itself,
    The nice sexy pic of Paris made my leg tingle, and the hillarious story of how stupid McCaintards are always shooting themselves in the foot made me grin broadly.

  • Terry

    For the life of me, I can’t help thinking that Paris looks like a woman impersonating a female impersonator.

  • freakishlystrong

    The Hiltons support WALNUTS!? Maybe because he stayed in the one in Hanoi for five years, that’s guest loyalty…

  • NotUrEvryDayWEzl

    [re=49217]FreshCliches[/re]: Bravo sir.

    This is the best thing I’ve heard all day.

  • magic titty

    [re=49231]HomoPolitico[/re]: WIN.

  • ManchuCandidate

    That photo makes me want to eat at Carl Jrs and get herpes.

  • SayItWithWookies

    If McCain wants to portray himself as somehow different from Dubya, the constant fuckuppery certainly doesn’t help.

  • HedonismBot

    That is so KICKASSS!!

  • Sussemilch

    McCain: Obama’s dating Nick Carter? Funny!
    Hilton: Black people owning hotels? Not funny.

  • shortsshortsshorts

    [re=49243]Terry[/re]: That’s true, it’s as though instead of removing makeup or showering or something, she just adds more makeup. She also styles her hair with the 20 years of cum left in it.

  • 4tehlulz


    Words fail me.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    …now that is a SLUT WHORE that I can believe in!!!

  • magic titty

    That Paris Hilton picture is so trashy, Grammpappy Hilton has just choreographed her name change to Paris Best Western.

  • FunkyPalmettoBug

    Maybe Paris will run the campaign, she can’t do a worse job than the current leadership

  • freakishlystrong

    [re=49244]freakishlystrong[/re]: Oh, and they’re also rich, white fucks with skanky daughters…

  • 4tehlulz


  • AngryBlakGuy

    …$5 bucks says a sex-tape of her screwing a black is released! And if not, I will take one for the team and make one with her.

  • tonashideska

    [re=49243]Terry[/re]: I thought was Cindy mccain.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    [re=49262]magic titty[/re]: …you say “trashy” like its a bad thing!!! Why do you hate America?!?!?!

  • 4tehlulz

    [re=49270]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: We will nevr 4get your sacrifice.

  • Oscar Folsom Cleveland

    Don’t give the McSame campaign a gun – they’ll get it wrong and not shoot themselves in the foot, and we could all be in big danger.

  • wheelie

    [re=49270]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Selfless as ever. You love America too much.

  • AxmxZ

    That’s the difference between the campaigns: Barack Obama runs for Barack Obama, and John McCain runs against John McCain.

  • WagTehGod

    Paris, dear, the ad was an insult to Barry, not to you. If anything, it makes you look good.

  • irisheyes

    [re=49217]FreshCliches[/re]: Wicked funny!

  • Quacker

    There are not enough whore diamonds to adequately describe the celebrityness of Ms. Hilton. On the other hand, whore diamonds are not adequate to describe Walnuts, either. I’m very confused….

  • Quacker

    BTW, why aren’t there any Britney relatives on this bandwagon?

  • FreshCliches

    [re=49232]Ken Layne[/re]: [re=49238]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: [re=49240]wheelie[/re]: [re=49246]NotUrEvryDayWEzl[/re]:

    I am merely a Serolf Divad hack with fortunate timing.

  • AxmxZ

    [re=49283]WagTehGod[/re]: It was an insult to rich white young ladies EVERYWHERE!!

  • magic titty

    [re=49275]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: No. I hate the troops. I love America.

  • WadISay

    When it comes to defending the honor of Paris Hilton, I have to believe the Hilton pater familias long ago made their peace with the notion that she was a no-talent, unattractive piece of garbage who’s had more guys climb on her than the average Airbus.

    [re=49217]FreshCliches[/re]: Too fookin’ funny!

  • obfuscator

    I desperately want McCain to snap and say:

    “Grrr… that trollopy hotel heiress cunt reminds me of my trollopy beer distributorship heiress cunt wife of mine. Friends, go fuck your trollopcunts, my friends. I’m John Fucking McCain, and I approve this message, so go fuck yourselves.”

  • problemwithcaring

    I think that the Hilton family’s silence when Paris drove drunk, got busted with drugs, failed to appear, skipped out on a warrant, went to jail, called random Black person a nigger and a “broke black bitch from Compton,” got herpes, spread herpes, got abortions under aliases, bared her cootchie lips, and then again, and then finally, six more times, proves just how big of a terrorist Black muslim out to ruin America Barack Obama secretely is.

  • bago

    Like we don’t have thousands of troops in Germany?

  • btwbfdimho

    [re=49295]Quacker[/re]: Here’s the Spears family response to the McAbelic campaign

  • KevoTron

    [re=49270]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Instant porn hit! “Angryblakguy Does Paris”.

  • KevoTron

    [re=49295]Quacker[/re]: Obviously the Spears family are all Paultards.

  • ms_mcgee

    It’s true. The McCain campaign has really trashed Paris Hilton’s name by putting her in that ad. A sex tape and prison are one thing, but putting her in an ad with a Democrat…there’s just no way you can come back from that.

  • TGY

    Well, there goes the Republican base. How many people will the McCain campaign offend before it’s over? Pretty soon somebody will offend WALNUTS himself.

    Is that a cocksickle she’s sucking?

  • trophy(forparticipation)wife

    Wait, why are the Hilton’s mad? Who does the ad make look bad?

  • Count Snarkula

    For a man who supposedly dislikes women who “put their make-up on like a trollop, you cunt” he sure has two shining examples in that “ad”. I’m just saying. That and I heart obfuscator – I can totes see/hear that old bastard losing in on CNN with an exact repeat of that rant.

  • graceless

    [re=49276]4tehlulz[/re]: [re=49275]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Nor will we let you forget your sacrifice…

  • Maus

    Concern for family values always goes off the itinerary when money’s at stake.

  • trophy(forparticipation)wife

    Is that a pic from the new Hellboy?

  • Not_So_Much

    What she needs is a little more make-up.

  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    I can just picture last night at the Hilton Mansion:

    “Oh my God, did you just see that ad?

    “I know, how dare they show our little Paris like that, with a Black Man no less.”

    “And a Democrat. Get the McCain campaign on the phone. The next thing you know, they will show her with a Jew!”

    “Or more poor people!”

  • Anita Cocktail

    [re=49217]FreshCliches[/re]: Yes, could we have gone with a nice picture of lovely Rosa Parks?

  • btwbfdimho

    [re=49348]trophy(forparticipation)wife[/re]: They don’t want Paris to be associated with a mulatto politician,
    but only with 100% pure black machomeat.

  • trophy(forparticipation)wife

    [re=49379]btwbfdimho[/re]: She better start eating some jerk chicken then, so she can back it up.

  • BadNewsJack

    looking at Paris Hilton is like looking at the sun, except instead of being blinded by the light, you get herpes.

  • gjdodger

    “…I love Paris when I fling slime…”

  • Da Derga

    For his next feat, McCain will buzz his own press conference with a cock helicopter.

  • Tawmn

    [re=49365]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: Yeah! Like that Sarah Silverman trollop!

  • gurukalehuru

    What do Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Barack Obama have in common?
    None of them has ever crashed an airplane, called their wife a cunt, shit in their depends or knocked over the applesauce, although I could be wrong about that last one.

  • Volumptuous

    [re=49257]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Hey, hey, woah there.. Some of that is mine!

  • Rev. Juan MessyCan

    [re=49217]FreshCliches[/re], [re=49243]Terry[/re]: That pic kept reminding me of Hedwig.

    And then [re=49270]AngryBlakGuy[/re] made his suggestion… I really wanna hold the camera now…

  • Borat

    i’ll bet mccrack would do paris in a new york minute. and even better if mehgan were watching. or touching the paris nipps or something, with cindy brady watching in pigtails.

    that’s might be his deal. for me its just the AASwimsuit girl. man, after their campaign here, i’m only gonna buy their clothes, even the cross gender stuff

  • Vanity Smurf

    [re=49270]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Are you sure? It’d probably be like tossing a hot dog down a hallway.

  • FreshCliches

    [re=49376]Anita Cocktail[/re]: Great, now I have a mental image of a brave, groundbreaking octogenarian sucking off a quiescently frozen confection.

  • TGY

    I don’t quite understand what’s generating this anger from the Hilton family. After all, Paris is pretty much referred to as a joke by the media (and Prince). Why this movie especially? Perhaps they are…Obama supporters?

  • Gopherit v2.0

    [re=49217]FreshCliches[/re]: Should we expect anything different given your handle?

  • bunnyhead

    does this mean Meghan McCain is fair game now? really, how does “misogynist McCain” justify insulting two young women like Brittany and Paris to get elected president?

  • The Neoskeptic

    [re=49379]btwbfdimho[/re]: excuse me, the correct term is octaroon.

  • snig

    I forgot about that, this was Britney’s line from Farhenheit 9/11.
    Delivered without irony or snark.

    “Honestly I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes and we should just support that.”

    CNN interview (3 September 2003)

    Which I have a hard time imagining Obama saying. McCain is saying it now, but inside he dies a little every time. Actually, that pretty much encapsulates an embarrasing amount of McCain’s political splatform. Splatform was originally a typo, but decided it was more accurate phrase.

    This ad is also bizzarly bad strategy, considering it begs mentioning the other political use of Paris Hilton, the relabeling of the “Death Tax” as the “Paris Hilton Tax”.

    AngryBlakGuy, I can only advise you what Queen Victoria said, “Lie back and think of England”, er America.

  • lilblackcorvette

    [re=49232]Ken Layne[/re]:I’d call it a “FreshCliche”. Bring back those stars Ken, NOW!

  • weirdiowasculpture

    [re=49270]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Unfortunately, I think you’re one of the few men in America who hasn’t already done so.

  • lilblackcorvette

    [re=49517]The Neoskeptic[/re]: errr actually it is not. octoroon would 1/8 whaite. having a white grandparent in the family tree.

  • lilblackcorvette

    at least it usually refers to White

  • Canuckledragger

    I’m a pretty normal het guy. Dig having my dick sucked as much as the next pretty normal het guy.

    But if I awoke to find this skank chawin’ on my tuber, I’d cut it off and beat her to death with it.

    No jury in the land would convict me.

    And no chemical bath would ever remove the shame.

  • springfield_meltdown

    [re=49507]bunnyhead[/re]: After Meghan’s lunch with Heidi from “The Hills” she should be. If that isn’t an endorsement of the famous for being famous I don’t know what is.

  • Lazy Media

    I’d hit it.

  • Strangefellow

    I’m certain the family is outraged that someone like McCain has sullied its otherwise impeccable reputation.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    [re=49484]Vanity Smurf[/re]: …being that I am angry-BLAK!!!-guy, she would be lucky if she regains the ability walk!

  • BruceLee5000

    [re=49416]gjdodger[/re]: Very, very nice. Melodic Slime Flinging FTW!

  • Darehead

    Maybe Walnuts is still carrying around some kinda grudge about his stay at the Hanoi Hilton.

  • JSDC007

    In other news, the estate of Estelle Getty sued me yesterday for suggesting that McCain was just like Estelle. They said: “Estelle may be dead, but even in death she’s far more alive than McCain is.”

  • keepinitrealyo

    [re=49518]snig[/re]: Bizarrely bad strategy? Au contraire, mon frere. Paris and Britney (leave her alone!) are in the ad to distract your from the real message, which is that Obama has millions of name-chanting supporters, just like Hitler. Watch it again! I’m surprised more people aren’t picking up on the obvious misdirection.

  • Mr. Spanky

    What next from Walnuts? Putting that stupid, right-wing, e-mail that shows Obama’s African relatives on TV and warning: “Fear the Coming of the Black Planet! Vote for McCain!”

    Give the Party of Evil (GOP) more rope and let them hang themselves!

  • Vanity Smurf

    [re=49578]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: I’m sure you’re a regular Black Bart, but it’s still going to be like tossing a sausage down a hall. There is no cock so big that it could possibly hurt Miss Hilton’s lady parts… no matter how angry your throbbing foot-long Mandingo sausage is (and I’m all for Big Blak Dik). She is a demon no cock can destroy.

  • wallythepug

    They should ask for their money back, or publicly donate the same amount to Hopey, just for yucks.

  • dualdiagnosis

    Big money donors don’t get special treatment from McCain.

    Very cool.

  • Schnormal

  • The 3-Legged Man

    McCain already tapped Nicki Hilton. He’s just goin’ for dubs. Ask anyone who nailed the Bush twins.

  • Sabre_Justice

    They make a dumb ad, AND piss off the friggin’ Hilton clan by insulting Paris.

    They can’t win, can they?

  • choinski

    I think they were still pretty ticked off from when a younger McCain had his years-long dalliance with Conrad’s other paste-eating neice, little Hanoi Hilton.

  • Darehead

    [re=49523]lilblackcorvette[/re]: Actually the stars were for quantity, like frequent snarker miles, rather than quality.

  • font9a

    Actually…. that image (and it’s quite hot in some contexts) leaves me feeling rather cold in all the wrong places. I mean, WTF? It’s an icicle. But perhaps that conveys a more subtle message that WALNUTS would *aspire* to be said icicle. If only it wouldn;t melt and dribble on the floor.