Hilton Family FURIOUS Over McCain Insulting Paris Hilton

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that's hawt.While everybody else was laughing at that ridiculous Paris Hilton/Obama ad the McCain people released yesterday, at least two very wealthy Republican donors were furious: William Barron Hilton and Rick Hilton, Paris’ grandfather and father.

The elder Hilton, co-chairman of the Hilton Hotel chain and former owner of the San Diego Chargers, gave the McCain campaign $18,400 and contributed another $35,000 to the GOP Senate committee. Paris’ dad gave McCain nearly $7,000.

And then that rotten Walnuts runs an ad calling Paris Hilton a piece of celebrity trash?

Conservative analyst and McCain supporter Martin Eisenstadt writes on his blog:

I hear whispers from the inner campaign staff that the phone was burning off the hook today with calls from Paris Hilton’s grandfather, William Barron Hilton (co-chair of the Hilton Hotel empire), furious that the McCain ad drew an unflattering comparison between Obama and his own granddaughter.

Ha ha ha.

Eisenstadt says he suspects “heads will roll” at McCain HQ, or at least the agency that made the ad will be dumped.

Paris Hilton’s family fuming at McCain campaign [Martin Eisenstadt’s Blog]

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