This is from the very special “Candidate Brain Trusts” section, where you can learn about all the terrible careerists advising Our Candidates. Apparently Sen. Lindsey Graham, who definitely talks like a Gay and is very unmarried, is, in fact, one of John McCain’s many secret gay friends in Congress. [MSNBC]

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  1. [re=44669]columnv[/re]: + [re=44668]AngryBlakGuy[/re]:
    Named Lindsey + Republican + Shares a “Chamber” with Other Men + “Accidental” Outing via the Interwebz = Teh Ghey

  2. Hey, now! There are so many NOT GAY men named Lindsey!

    1) Lindsey Buckingham, from Fleetwood Mac





    Oh, fuck it. Lindsey Graham takes it up the cornhole.

  3. [re=44695]Godot[/re]: Damn! I totally forgot about that!
    “Thouth Carolina ith thoooooooooo Gay!” (how does one SPELL a lisp?)

  4. If you look at the related headlines below the graphic, one of them is on “McCain’s Viagra moment.” Good to see he’ll be ready.

  5. [re=44732]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Better than that nasty Neutrogena SunTan in a Tube orange shade he usually sports.

    But, this is still a great subliminal typo!

  6. So many names, so little time. Maybe it’s my senility but Lindsey Graham or Phil Gramm? I know they are both crackers but I can’t get them straight

  7. [re=44732]SayItWithWookies[/re]: … Thanks. Now I have “Cowboy Love” by the Rev. Horton Heat stuck in my head.

    Them cowboys will be green with envy/ when they see his cute behind.

    (& how that managed not to make it to the Brokeback score/soundtrack is beyond me.)

  8. Sen Graham seems gay. He radiates ultra-lavender radiation. Reminds me of the gays we had in
    our barracks during the 1960s. Nothing wrong with being gay. But it would be better if he came out.

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