Used to be you could raise a dollar in this townAfter all Hillary Clinton did for Barack Obama this primary season, you’d think his donors would show her a little more gratitude. She “made him a better candidate,” after all, by constantly reminding the world that he was a black Muslim elitist with a shitty, shitty bowling score and no plan for universal healthcare. But Obama’s most generous supporters have basically given her zero dollars to help retire her campaign debt, because these people are as stingy as Barack Obama himself.

Former high-dollar Clinton supporters, on the other hand, overflowed with largesse in the month after their girl lost, donating $1.6 million to the presumptive nominee’s campaign fund. That’s in addition to the $1.53 million they donated to the Obama Victory Fund, which has a higher contribution limit than the regular $2300 per individual. Yipers, it is boring having to actually explain this crap.

Basically, all of the rich power-brokers who were trying to buy influence in the Clinton White House are now trying to buy influence in the Obama White House, and nobody cares about Hillary Clinton because she isn’t running anymore.

(The end.)

Clinton donors give big to Obama, but not the other way ’round [Top of the Ticket]

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  1. I’m a better bowler than Barack Obama. I bowled something like 150 once. It was in my native western Pennsylvania, too, where everyone bowls, drinks beer and loves polka music.

  2. I’m sure Bill could go do some more stripteases for third world despots with Frank Giustra to pay the bills. Maybe he could even incorporate the ping pong ball trick into his next trip. I give him two whore diamonds.

  3. So, in politics dollars only go where they have a chance of creating influence? Which is different than everyday life, where they go to VEGAS! Those dancing girls have no tops on, tee hee!

  4. I never thought I’d say this, but Clinton could stand to take some pointers from Mittens, the OTHER millionaire who ended up with a big debt after a failed primary run. She could *ahem* suck it up and take the hit. She’d still have the rest of her millions to keep a roof over her head and food on the table.

  5. [re=44079]Cicada[/re]: Yes but Mittens will be hailed as the most altruistic GOPer that ever lived & will be rewarded with the Veep spot and/or crowned the 2012 nominee for his investment….errr selflessness. HRC, on the other hand, will not be given the Veep & most Dems (me!) wouldn’t give her a glass of water if she was on fire much less money. It’s a pity her bitter, angry post-menopausal women fans are probably too busy trying to fill up their gas tanks to give her money.

  6. Boo. Bad Photoshopping job done on the Hilz/Barry pic (and not just because Hilz looks like she’s ready to sprout fangs and gnaw off Barry’s head). But otherwise, um, who’s the presumptive nominee and who has the Scarlet L tattooed on her pantsuited ass? Please.

  7. Maybe if she hadn’t been such a grasping, shrill gorgon, (pantsuited), and had actually left
    the race with grace, she wouldn’t have incurred all that debt? I’m just sayin’ is all….

  8. You’d think all those ceiling cracks would be more than happy to replenish Hilz’ coffers with some of the bucks they earn by working hard.

  9. She owes money to herself. She could declare bankruptcy and negotiate a payment schedule to herself.
    I guess her die-hard bitters don’t want to fork over any more cash. They loved her only so much.

  10. I started a discussion I’m still hoping to turn into a petition about this over on Facebook, since I seriously find the notion that he is supposed to help a multimillionaire out of debt ridiculous. No wait, it’s obscene. Were it ridiculous, it might only make me laugh, rather than wish for swift judgment to be executed on her pantsuit-clad behind.

    Anyway, discuss, if you like: What About My Debt, Hopey?

  11. [re=44101]WhatTheHeck[/re]: That just sounds insane. Does she have to send the bill collectors after herself? Where would she hide—by breaking all of the mirrors in her house?

  12. [re=44091]freakishlystrong[/re]: Exactly! It was obvious by mid-March that she couldn’t win. If she was so self-deluded to waste her own money on a loss then ehhhh I’m not so very much interested in helping her out. Stupidity is its own reward.

  13. I am still mad about Hillarys ” McCain has Commander in Chief credentials” statement.

    Let the McCain supporters bail her out, fer cris’ sake!

    What an idiot.

  14. So, Clinton donors have given 3.1 million to Barack Obama, they’re expecting us to cough up $20 million, and THEY’RE the generous ones??

  15. In a surprising turn of events, Hillary Clinton’s campaign declares bankruptcy, and at the convention she does in fact turn superdelegates in her favor, giving her the majority, except that a judge declares that the campaign’s assets are given to her lender as compensation for the debt, and as a result of an 11th hour portfolio sale and a whimsical court decision, Obama ends up with fewer delegates than the United Arab Emirates National Bank, and Dick Cheney is awarded proxy candidacy.

  16. [re=44161]Servo[/re]: Oh. I’m sorry. I saw her on tv once with the sound turn down and I thought it was just Ellen DeGeneres interviewing her mom.

  17. Gee that’s odd. You’d think that The-Sorority-of-Women-Who-Are-All-Sisters-Strugging-Against-the-Evil-Patriarchal-Empire, would all just be rushing to the aid of the chosen one.

  18. I called at 3 a.m. with my credit card ready, but no answer.

    Maybe those small town values voters can have a bake sale after a lynch mob some night.

  19. It’s just like when you fall behind on your credit card payments because hey, you’ve already GOT all that stuff, and you’re probably tired of all of it too, so it’s hard to keep paying for it.

  20. So Lady Macbeth spent more money than she raised, and she wants the people who DIDN’T vote for her to bail her out?

    Who the hell does she think she is…the federal government?

    Talk about a sense of entitlement!

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