Poor lady.Short of cleaning restrooms at the Minneapolis airport when Larry Craig’s in town, there is probably no job in America more thankless than running against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for her Congressional seat. One brave woman has stepped up to the challenge and is raising a fair amount of money in her quest to become the Republican congresswoman from San Francisco, where a “Republican” is defined as “anyone who doesn’t bring a nipple-pierced gimp to formal events.”

Dana Walsh, an interior designer and member of the San Francisco GOP central committee, has raised about $360,000 so far — just $2 million less than Pelosi. That might sound like a big gap but it’s a lot more than previous Pelosi opponents have raised.

And with a platform like this, even the leftiest lefties are sure to vote for her:

Nancy Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan [also running for Congressional District 8] are in denial about the threat Islamic Radicalism poses to America and other free societies. Their call for an artificial timetable to withdraw from Iraq would embolden the terrorists and produce greater danger and regional instability.

We need to give General Petraeus and our troops the support they need to accomplish the goal of securing a free and independent Iraq. We need to win the War on Terrorism in Baghdad, not lose it in Washington, D.C..

Securing our borders and stopping illegal immigration are key elements in defending America. We need to remove the incentives for those who break our laws to enter our country: No welfare benefits, no drivers licenses, no free college tuition and NO AMNESTY for illegal aliens

I support the Secure Fence Act, which creates 854 miles of border fence along our Southwest border. I oppose allowing cities like San Francisco to declare themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens.

Walsh in a landslide!

Campaign Cash Flows to Pelosi’s Republican Opponent Despite Difficult Odds [CQ Politics]
Dana Walsh for Congress

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  1. You are being punked.
    She claims she’s an interior designer, yet says she’s from San Francisco.
    Silly Wonkette, don’t you know ALL interior designers from San Francisco are gay men?
    This woman clearly does not exist.

  2. We need to win the War on Terrorism in Baghdad, not lose it in Washington, D.C.

    Great idea, sweetie. How soon can you pack your bags?

  3. It is so cute when republican candidates take themselves seriously enough to raise money for an election within “the bubble” of San Francisco, Marin, Berkeley. Up in Marin republicans understand their place and know they have no chance of winning — so they offer themselves up like lambs to slaughter. Make Dana spend it all! /gleeful dance

  4. Come to think of it, I would never trust the interior of my home to a republican woman. Gawd, my house would alternate from motifs of roosters, God, Guns, and flags. Why anyone would employ her as interior designer in San Francisco — insanity. You give the job to a gay designer if you want the job done right. Hello!?!

  5. This is hilarious. In the past we haven’t even had to vote on a congressional candidate, it was as if Nancy was our immaculata.

    But, hence, a new world arises, one with opposition? OH, THE AUDACITY!
    As this blond bombshell will surely fail (many of us haven’t even heard of her and the election is in 4 months), it is nice to know that the five republicans on nob hill can join together and endlessly fail. Huzzah.

  6. Moron Foreign Policy 101: How to Create Regional Instability and Room for Radicals–leap in, start war (or do it surreptitiously, via funneling arms and cash to our “friends” of the moment who will later turn into the Taliban or its equivalent), have no plan for follow up, have no idea about regional politics or religious factions or cultural traditions, slink away with tail between legs. It has worked in lots of prior wars, all over the world, so let’s keep it up!

  7. [re=41122]hockeymom[/re]: [re=41124]ManchuCandidate[/re]: both of your points lead to the conclusion that she, and many other Republican “women” are, in fact, trannies.

  8. [re=41127]mothermaven[/re]: I know, right? You get the feeling reading her platform that she doesn’t actually *live* in San Francisco, or she would realize that her efforts are doomed.

    Oh wait, I see: this is the same self-delusion that all super-Repubs have that allows them to think that Bush is a good president and that the war in Iraq is going well! (And apparently, that peroxide is very “natural” looking…)

  9. [re=41124]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Roxanne Roberts, WaPo gossip columnist, calls that color “Republican Blonde” (see, e.g. Cindy McCain)

  10. [re=41136]mothermaven[/re]: Ducks. You left out ducks. And antique golf clubs. And Steve Penley portraits of Reagan in Confederate uniform.

    Seriously, rich people in the South actually decorate like that. Their houses look like country club lobbies.

  11. [re=41136]mothermaven[/re]: I don’t know. We can call it “avant gard” design. Something that it is seemingly counter-cultural in a city laced with ambient colors and corrugated tin.

  12. [re=41149]Lazy Media[/re]: white-painted “country French” furniture and lots of heavily-decorated lampshades and ornate gold lamps, too. It is the “classy” and “elegant” look.

  13. I didn’t see anything in her platform about Dubya’s Sewage Treatment Plant. Her support for such a measure could be key in her avoiding a loss greater than 40 percentage points.

  14. [re=41149]Lazy Media[/re]: Or, we go to the other end of the spectrum, and add in NASCAR commemorative cups and the Civil War Chess set. And don’t forget some extra Jesus. And the odd print of the random biblical verse extolling the virtue of killing your enemy. For Jesus.

  15. This may be some of that sidewalk performance art you have to step around sometimes in the city. We’ll probably find out later that she actually teaches creative writing at San Jose Community College and works part-time at Apple.

  16. Ron Paul FTW…by 170%. If Ron Paul doesn’t simultaneously win his seat, San Fransisco, AND the White House for the next 14 consecutive elections, I know that the election will be rigged.

  17. To her credit, at least if Hopey wins she won’t take impeachment off the table.

    Of course, said table will be adorned with a god-awful tablecloth.

  18. [re=41149]Lazy Media[/re]: Don’t forget framed movie stills and posters of John Wayne. I actually once stayed in a house, on a golf course, with a “decorative motif” of ducks and a wild-west themed JOHN WAYNE ROOM!!

    (I think I can smell Dana’s tobacco/coffee breath from here.)

  19. [re=41171]lumpenprole[/re]: Considering that Pelosi’s main competition in the last election was the leader of a dance troupe who put on her resume the fact that she choreographed an interpretive dance about global warming in order to fight it, there is a very good chance she’s a performance artist.

  20. She is getting her money from all the 20 and 30 something transplants who live in the Marina and North Beach. All those fuckers are lawyers and investment bankers.

    You can find them drinking PBR at the Mauna Loa because it’s ironic.

  21. [re=41136]mothermaven[/re]: Hey now, a very Republican woman did the decor at the hotel I run. It’s mostly tasteful faux antiques and nice simple rattan furniture, reproduction euro travel posters from the 30’s – 50’s. Very nice and boutique-y. Similar to what a a gay man might pick out. Guests are always congratulating us on our simple, tasteful decor, especially our room numbers

    If left to me (hetero male liberal), the whole place would have probably been filled up with whatever looked good at Ikea, which would have been inappropriate for such an old and crappy building.

  22. [re=41359]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: There are exceptions to every rule. Yet, you can NEVER go wrong going with a gay guy decorating your house or finding clothes for a hetero male of any political stripe. If I cannot be there for my husband during clothes shopping he knows to find the gay salesperson to find something for him. Creativity does need an openness to all cultures, ideas, and influences that very, very, very, very, very few republicans can muster — unless they are Log Cabin Republicans.
    Will there be the odd gay guy with no fashion sense? Sure, but so rare.

    Everything I have ever learned about fashion, entertaining, and the arts I learned from gay guys and one nun – Sister Wendy.

  23. Missy Dana – tobacco/coffee breath and all – is the perfect gravity-heavy “dark hole” into which big truckloads of (nutz and) cash should flow; let it drain the Republicrat coffers dry, and lead to a three-way cat fight resulting in Cindy Sheehan taking Pelosi’s house seat. Perfect!

    As for San Francisco Republicans and piercings and bitters, don’t count out teh Log Cabin Repubocratic gay boyz…they’re probably boycotting McDonalds as we speak! (And wrapping on their leather caftans for this Sunday’s

    Does Missy Dana, godmother to Meghan and Heidi McSame – the new Bush twins, know that The House is a government bullpen and not a big residence in need of new drapes n’ such? Has anyone told her that the current color theme is red and blue? At least until Paultard takes office.

  24. And she’s running in San Francisco?!! did she get hit in the head with a golf club?? doesn’t she know she’s deep in the trenches of pinko commie terrorist loving gay marrying hippies? Why am I talking in questions? Am I turning into Donald Rumsfeld? Why do I have a sudden urge to barbeque kittens? AM I going insane?

  25. Go Nancy! Proud of you, kid. The only causes worth fighting for are the lost and impossible ones. I think Jimmy Stewart said that. As far as gay men all having fashion sense, is that why so many of them wear orange jumpsuits? I like those barbed wire tatoos around the upper arm as well. Sending you some cash today. Put it to good use “speaking truth to power”. Of course, most of the comments here are written by people who think that Ms Pelosi is doing that. Apparently A.I. standing for Artifical Intelligence and Anal Intercourse doesn’t mean they are related. Check my blog, blokes. Same as my name. Bet you’re too dumb to find it. BTW, nobody barbeques kittens. Puppies, yes. Kittens aren’t worth eating.

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