• John McCain’s Iraq strategy took a blow this weekend; first on Friday George Bush agreed to a “general time horizon” for American troop withdrawal (NOT A TIMETABLE PEOPLE IT’S TOTALLY DIFFERENT) and then on Saturday Der Spiegel ran an interview with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that seemed to back up Obama’s 16 months-ish withdrawal schedule. The McCain people said, “Yeah well an interview with a magazine is not official policy.” [Politico]
  • Barack Obama visited Afghanistan this weekend, and today he’s in Basra and Baghdad. [New York Times]
  • Guess who didn’t get a seat on Barack Obama’s plane of international transcendence? Ryan Lizza, the New Yorker writer whose profile was in the infamous “satirical cover” issue. [Los Angeles Times]
  • The surge worked. But will it hold? [Washington Post]
  • Some people are sad that their neighborhood Starbucks is closing. [Wall Street Journal]
  • South Africa, with the help of the UN, the African Union, and 14 southern African nations, is trying to broker a power-sharing agreement between rival factions in Zimbabwe. [New York Times]
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  1. Who knew that a too young, line jumping aka uppity, fist bumping, Christian Mooslim terrorist and black power fanatic neophyte is doing so well in the ALL white AMERICAN HERO who was a POW and WAR “WINNER” GI John’s area of alleged expertise of foreigns policy?

    All that GI John McCain has left in his arsenal of campaign tricks is the slogan, “Barack Obama will have sexy fun time with your wives and daughters.”

  2. What the heck is wrong with McCain’s eyes in that photo on Politico? It looks like a scene from a horror movie, when the audience realizes that the character is possessed by a demon or something.

  3. “Her hopes were dashed last week when Starbucks released the list of the stores it plans to close. She jumped on the Internet to find a phone number for the company’s main office so she can ask officials to reconsider. “Knowing Starbucks, there’s probably [another] one within a few blocks,” she said. “But that’s probably two blocks too far.””

    Translation: The people in my company are lazy bastards.

    “Ms. Zackfia said the states with the highest percentage of closures include many with low population density and signify that Starbucks “expanded before some markets were ready,” she said.”

    Translation: There are still parts of the country where folks look at Starbucks’ prices, say “Damn, are you crazy?”, and head to the local diner, fast food place, or doughnut shop for a good cup of coffee at 1/4 of the price.

  4. “General time horizon?” Oh man. I’ve gotta start using that. It sounds so…romantic in comparison to the dread word “deadline.”

  5. “Could this all fall apart?” Wilhite, 28, a tall, lean redhead from
    Milwaukee, asked in an interview in early July. He sighed. “Possibly.”

    my heart goes out to those poor soldierss who made their neighborhoods
    safe for starbucks. or, maybe i’ve confused starbucks and iraq. whatever…
    close ’em both.

    rough weekend.

  6. Randy Scheunemann is using the “Remember, I broke up with you” foreign policy playbook.
    Leaving Iraq is the only way to salvage what remains of our honor and dignity, dumbass!

  7. It does not bode well for Barry’s campaign that he is now in agreement with Bush on the Iraq thing. Doesn’t matter that this has been his position all along and that dubya is the one who flip-flopped. Obama is now taking the same position as the dark siders. I see nothing good coming of this.

  8. [re=40074]sanantonerose[/re]: General time horizons, like actual horizons, seem to move further away as you move toward them. Sort of like happy hour.

  9. i dont understand how Obama can campaign around the Middle East to try to start another war with Afghanistan and the supposed liberals are ok with this

  10. [re=40082]Brutus Harlot[/re]:

    Meaning that folks in Dupont Circle might be a wee bit lazy, too. Cross a street for an overpriced cup of coffee? Perish the thought.

    Try M.E. Swings for a change of pace. It’s been a DC institution since around 1920 and the coffee is great. Nice people, too.

  11. It’s comforting to know that I’ll see less of the Starbucks patrons ( narcissists )that prominently display their coffee cups and a book, like they’re cast members of “Friends”.

  12. Then the NYT article has this title:

    “Comment Stings Maliki as Obama Arrives in Baghdad”


    The comment stung someone, but it was not al Maliki.

    McCain and Bush have ice on it as we speak, and took a extra strength Benedryl.
    Then Cent Com put a band aid on it.

    All this has been undone again today by another Iraqi spokesperson. The media is trying to stop the swelling.

  13. [re=40108]jagorev[/re]: Yes, but actually I’ve heard the article itself was good. Plus I’ve seen Lizza on Hardball, etc. & he’s always pretty pro-Obama. He should have snubbed Maureen Dowd or some of those AP “We’re not partisan” hacks.

  14. It was so much fun to read the papers and watch all the political shows and discuss how in almost all of the big foreign policy questions, Obama is being proven right, that everybody is doing what he’s suggested, and what a big deal the Maliki quote was. Oh, wait, that was in my imagination. Sorry.

  15. “Yeah well an interview with a magazine is not official policy.”
    Sure, ok, but isn’t a statement by a Prime Minister SOMETIMES reflective of official policy? Come on John, throw us a bone, every once in a while, so that we might have hope that our people might not be killed in Iraq at some vague point in the future. What? No? OK.

  16. [re=40219]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: The article was, as the LA Times sez: a long, long article. And it was excellent in spots. I know/knew most of the people she interviewed (other than the Gold Coast ladies who lunch) and she covered things pretty well. About half of it was boring drivel.

  17. One of the comments in the LAT post should win a prize. It manages to include “the famous writer Clive Cussler”, say that the world was warned about him in “the 3rd sercet of FATIMA” while wondering who among us will “rescue the world of the branded infidels.” He wonders why Obama opposes “digging for oil and asks the very pertinent question: “Why this President he wanted to be a seat mates predicting the doom of Israel?”

    To show he is not a racist he leads his comment with: “:I LOVE BLACK like SEC Condy Rice, Martin Luther and other famous patriotic black American.”

  18. I am trying to think of a way to help McCain and the Republican out here.

    The problem is that Obama has claimed territory on all of the reasonable positions, so McCain and the boys are therefore compelled to take the dipshit point of views.

    Johnny needs to get out ahead of Obama somewhere on the “good reason” issues. Let’s see.
    Iraq – no.
    Economy – no.
    Gas prices – no.


    I’m thinking Johnny could put out a position paper in favor of abolishing the penny. Yeah, that’ll do it.

  19. [re=40091]PoliticalGraffiti[/re]: Er..we’re already in a war in Afghanistan. If we aren’t, my cousin is going to have some serious ‘splainin to do to his wife and son when he comes home from his latest tour.

    BTW, thanks for adding a new name to my lexicon. I wondered what category I fit into, and “supposed liberal” fits the bill remarkably well. I’ve had such a hard time reconciling my inner core of jackbooted thug with my outer layer of latte-swilling elitist, but now I can have both!

  20. Ken Layne – See what you can do about this outrage. They are closing the Starbucks in Baker! How in the hell are we supposed to drive across the Wasteland that is your backyard to get to Vegas and not get a Starbucks in Baker!

  21. [re=40550]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: OOPS. I must have fallen victim to the uber-liberal gender bending gay agenda while typing.

    But if he is pretty…hey, works for me.

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