Here’s beloved liberal Dan Rather responding to a comment from former NFL star Tiki Barber on today’s edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, about Jesse Jackson’s influence in politics. We did not see the show as it aired, so we aren’t sure why arbitrary celebrity bums were picked off the street to host today. Point is, Dan Rather says he appreciates Jesse Jackson and that Jackson was importantly “paving the way for an Osama bin Laden to appear.” Our friends on the right would agree! We think he meant “Barack Osama bin Laden,” however. [YouTube]

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  1. What the fuck is it with every white man in this country over aged 50 that makes it impossible for him to pronounce the name Barack Obama any way other than “Osama Bin Ladin?!”

  2. Dan Rather. Tiki Barber. Both are imminently qualified to comment on this subject matter. Tiki is a black man. Dan is a has been. Jesse Jackson is a has been black man. However, it is all too apparent that Ran Dather is either (1) experiencing an onset of SomeTheimer’s Disease or (2) attempting to pay tribute to his overlord terror sheik…like we’re not smart enough to notice that Ran Dather! You think me is the stoopid mon! Muhahaha!

  3. Let’s face it. We’ve all mixed up and said “Osama” instead of “Obama” at least once.

    Or at least thought it (by mistake).


    Just me?

    Oh shit!

  4. [re=39368]Serolf Divad[/re]: Well, remember all the trouble everyone had at the start of this whole process in September 2001 trying to learn their first round of arabic names? They were coached so damn hard that now they can’t say anything else. Pavlov’s anchors.

  5. That was a brave comment by Dan Rather. Its about time someone exposed that the Rainbow Push Coalition is a flimsy front to funnel funds to extremists.

  6. [re=39392]jagorev[/re]:

    Nah. Racetards are clever that way. He’ll swear him in, and then he’ll find a flaw in the capital case against the lone gunman. Now THAT’S racial transcendence.

  7. I saw it live this a.m. and had to keep looping over it with my DVR to try and comprehend what exactly he said and meant to say (2 different things, I think). I gave up after wasting 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

  8. Most of the these people catch themselves and quickly correct themselves and apologize. Dan just breezes right through with not a clue. Does anybody know if anybody brought it up after the end of this clip?

  9. [re=39561]Delicious[/re]: Nobody said anything about it. I figured at least Tiki would have been all like, “what the fuck??” But then, he’s very white-acting and quiet for a colored.

  10. [re=39591]teebob2000[/re]: “very white-acting and quiet for a colored”

    See, this is a common mistake folks make. Tiki isn’t white. He has that disease that michael jackson has – only in reverse.

  11. Dan Rather was so counter-culture cool when Mayor Dailey’s thugs beat him to the floor on live TV at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968. So cool! So the network made him an anchor because he promised never to stand up to the Fascists again. So cool! Forty years!

  12. Poor Dan, trying to sound all important and pontificating away about last week’s news, and suddenly it’s like the camera pulls back and you see his fly is open. I wonder if anyone ever told him about his screw-up.

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