Here’s a Fox News clip from today of John McCain’s communications director Jill Hazelbaker, a.k.a. “the poor man’s Dana Perino.” She said that Barack Obama is not going to the Middle East to learn anything about the situation On The Ground — a stark contrast to avid listener John McCain, who learned about the two kinds of Muslims during his last trip to the region.

Hazelbaker added that Obama’s trip will be a “first-of-its-kind campaign rally overseas,” presumably replete with bottle service for all Iranian illicit arms-dealing VIPs. Her remark was so stupid that John McCain — not exactly the greatest “filterer” in politics himself — has disagreed with her and will speak with her about their talking points. He’ll tell her to include this great joke he once heard about a gorilla.

[YouTube, Newsweek]

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  1. [re=38807]polar_bear[/re]: What about the ones with the explosives tied to their chests? And in the boat? Your analysis falls apart my friend. The two kinds of muslims are, obvious, dead, and the soon-to-be-shat-upon-by-Dubya.

  2. I’m going on a fact-finding trip to WV to observe how ‘hard-working Americans’ live… to see why they love their cousins… why they love porn… why they love to see fast cars going round and round on a circular track… why they love truck nutz… why they love to work so hard…

    Then, and only then, will I discover what makes them different from regular mericans.

  3. [re=38816]NotUrEvryDayWEzl[/re]: You surely must concede to the fact that ALL muslims have explosives strapped to their bodies, regardless of their other weaponry, or whether they are “alive” or “dead”.

  4. [re=38822]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: I originally read this is “IUD” and lapsed into a sort of confused horror for a moment or two.

  5. [re=38843]itgetter[/re]: Oh my fucking god that is hilarious…

    There are two kinds of Muslims,
    those who receive the vaginal circumcision, and those who give it.

  6. I thought the first campaign rally overseas (for 2008, anyway) was the MacDaddy’s visit to the street Bazaar in Baghdad with the 100+ soldiers , 3 helicopters, and body armor?

  7. The two kinds of Muslims are: 1) The ones trying to kill us all and hate our freedom, and 2) The inadequate black guy running for preznet.

    Oh wait, that’s just one kind I guess. Damn.

  8. [re=38836]SayItWithWookies[/re]: The first campaign rally overseas? Who could forget that WALNUTS spent the 4th of July in Mexico? Why does Panamanian strongman Juan McCain hate America?

  9. The two kinds of Muslims are the same as the two kinds of Vietnamese Walmuts learned about so long ago:

    The ones who run are terrorists.
    The ones who stand their ground are well disciplined terrorists.

  10. Two kinds of McCains, too…

    One who said that we distinguish ourselves from our enemies by the way in which we treat our enemies…

    And then there’s the one we’re left with now.

  11. The government never paid for my vacation. I only know what I see on television.

    The mainstream military press only recognizes two kinds of Muslim, legitimate targets and collateral damage.

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