Barack Obama is giving a speech about Iraq now, but we imagine it’s (a) a fancier version of this and (b) impossibly unfunny. Ugh, this guy. Jesus was a messiah too, you know, but at least he presented a mockable stereotype of himself — “God’s son,” ha ha. So instead we’ll tackle his new ad, in which he talks to a bunch of old white people about that time he worked with some old white man to prevent nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of browns. [YouTube]

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  1. I love the guy, but the one thing about Barack’s speaking style that bugs me is that he sometimes says “tuh” in place of “to”…

    “We have tuh lead the entire world tuh reduce that threat.”

  2. Oh, you bunch of whining bitters. Too much caramel on your sundae getting you down?

    I admire the fact that he threw Dick Lugar on that nuclear weapon that was about to asplode, saving America for what it can become.

  3. “This Guy” rapes mormons.
    “This Guy” caused the crusades.
    “This Guy” voted against a woman’s right to vote.

    Vote Bag of Leaves. It is better then “This Guy.”

  4. As snarkable as it is, it seems sometimes one must stoop to get the message across to REALLY STUPID PEOPLE and engrave one’s message ON A SLEDGEHAMMER. Not that there are any really stupid people in the US. No they’re all furren.

  5. Props to Barry for toning down that “University of Chicago lecturer” style. Guess he figured that 30-second ads for airing in Georgia aren’t not really the venue for wonk and nuance.

  6. [re=36220]V572625694[/re]: Yes he does that a lot, putting the. Pauses in unusual places, which lends voice a. Special cadence on the stump but here it. Just comes off as too. Mannered and irritating, like. This comment.

  7. dude in the front row is rocking the progressive beard / sean connery / hyde park prof look (actually he looks a lot bill mcneill if any of you adorable children is old enough to remember him).

    this won’t help with the bitterz.

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