Guess who’s paying for this daring piece of Gay Travel advertising? The taxpayers of South Carolina! Yukyukyuk…

This ad was put together by the gay advertising company “Out Now” as part of its “So Gay” campaign, an “an effort launched in London, England… to lure homosexual tourists to South Carolina and five U.S. cities.” This is about as dangerous a ploy as luring Muslim travelers to, well, South Carolina, or luring Jewish travelers to… South Carolina. South Carolina is not very diverse, and every time it gets mildly diverse they basically lynch the diversity away.

But as South Carolina’s Palmetto Scoop has learned, the state’s own Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism is using a chunk of its $14 million annual budget to help fund the “So Gay” campaign, including this delightfully gay ad.

Cue the South Carolinian Republicans getting upset:

  • State Republican Rep. Greg Delleny: “It’s simply unbelievable that PRT would be using our tax money to promote the homosexual lifestyle.”
  • State Republican Sen. David Thomas: “South Carolina is a wonderful, family friendly destination not a Southern version of San Francisco. This campaign goes against our core values.”

Thomas and Delleny have allegedly pledged to kill one Negro family for every thousand spent on the San Francisco-style gay advertisements.

Tax dollars used to make SC ‘So Gay’ [Palmetto Scoop]

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  1. South Caroline is the bad kind of gay.

    In the meantime, Kucinich the magic gnome is impeaching Bush with a candlestick on the House floor live right now OMG.

  2. There luring in teh gays? SO GAY.
    However, you haven’t laughed until you’ve seen the advertisements for “man-rape advocacy” here in SF. It’s fucking amazing. It may be the funniest thing I have ever seen.

  3. Teh gayz may wear the pink, but they spendz teh green.

    Given the current ecomonic climate, the SC Bitters will take it any way they can get it.

    Virginia may be for lovers, but South Carolina is for Astrogliders.

  4. So, State Republican Rep. Greg Delleny and State Republican Sen. David Thomas are totes gay, right? That’s what I’ve learned from Wonkette.

  5. South Carolina is not gay. Neither is college wrestling, Tennessee Williams, or the Piggly Wiggly. Or the Attorney General of Alabama.

  6. South Carolina is very much gay-unfriendly…but it’s oddly very Jewish-friendly…blue laws have exceptions for those who obey the Sabbath as a Saturday (Jews)…and there are 3 large synagogues in Columbia, SC.

    Just to let you know how silly the jew jokes were.

    They hate everyone else though.

    Check the southern poverty law center map…the confederate flag still flies on the capitol grounds ffs.

  7. [re=33443]graceless[/re]: Don’t you remember the press conference? He’s not gay OK!!!!??? HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH…He is totes gay…

  8. Senator Thomas, you don’t need to tell us that SC is not San Francisco. San Francisco doesn’t have a lot of double-wides or people who go on Judge Judy to argue over a cell-phone bill.

  9. [re=33457]freakishlystrong[/re]: There are comments now, including this one:

    Objection to the gay lifestyle is not homophobic. A much better and more appropriate description is homogasmic: makes one want to throw up.

  10. [re=33466]Doglessliberal[/re]: Oh please Savannah always been ghey. I think even Sherman got a dutch oven there from his troops.

  11. [re=33457]freakishlystrong[/re]: They screen the comments pretty heavily, especially for that article. I actually saw that local station report that story on the late news when I was down there for Christmas. The anchorlady had to tell the crew to stop laughing, and then assured the audience that this story was no laughing matter.

  12. 21-year-old Michael Anthony Carson, nicknamed Pooh Bear, is charged with aggravated assault and battery. Police arrested him at his mother’s home on Wednesday.

    City police say Jones stabbed her son six times with a butcher knife. He suffered wounds to his shoulder, calf, and chest. Witnesses in the house heard Jones say “why did you pee on me Pooh Bear?” A few moments later, the witness heard the son say “Mama you done stabbed me.”

    Ok, I got nothing. Best. Story. Ever.

  13. [re=33430]asonge[/re]: Charleston has one of the oldest jewish communities in the US, so they like the red sea pedestrians.

  14. [re=33477]Spence[/re]: With a nickname like Pooh Bear, it’s a wonder he only pissed on her.

    “Mama you done stabbed me.”


  15. July 10, 2008 @ 5:40 pm

    I am feeling SOOOOO GAY for all of you right now.
    I mean, we’re talking SUPER GAY. I want your Truck NUTZ inside of me.
    Posted by shortsshortsshorts

  16. [re=33398]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: I love those ads! You know they were asking for it by being all muscley with their tight little wifebeaters and come-hither looks. I want to start rubbing up on some random guy on the muni and just point to the ad and say “that’s going to be you, remember that number”.

  17. My wife and I spent a few days in Charleston last year. The rental house was full of antiques; the major industry in town is restaurants; there’s an opera house; I saw sailors on shore leave. Voila! Gay!

  18. OK Georgia, your turn to come out. Stand and be recognized amongst your neighbors. We already know that y’all have a thing for Ned Beatty types.

  19. “July 10, 2008 @ 6:25 pm


    But I thought the Truck Nutz were being passed between Bobby Jindal and Big Troy in the fountains of astroglidia right now. We all know for SC to be able to handle the gays they must first master ass cleaning without a corn cobb and not sticking thier hands into the fire whilel cooking hamsters or whatever.

    Oh well, maybe we can buy more Truck Nutz so we can all have fun. I heard therer was a big sale at the Truck Nutz store.”

    As someone who lived in South Carolina during a very experimental ages 15-21, I can say that SC is gayer than a Republican private smoker at Troy’s house.

  20. [re=33511]qwerty42[/re]: And Chucktown has KKBE(established in 1749 lol). Savannah is nice, but its gotten too touristy for my tastes.

    [re=33535]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]: That bastard is still alive, I’ve seen him in North Charleston.

  21. Other cities are Atlanta, Boston, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Washington DC.

    Those are all pretty good gay places, I guess. I don’t know why a gay Brit with disposable income would actually go to any of those places, but whatever.

  22. [re=33479]FunkyPalmettoBug[/re]: The only actual South Carolinian I know is a gay Jew – are you telling me he is not representative of the state as a whole? In any case, I recommend you buy his very amusing new book:

  23. [re=33538]FunkyPalmettoBug[/re]: “too touristy”??? …. geeze, i know more of the local lore than the guides (I’m really bad when dragooned into a tourist ride of the city — but it is really attractive all seasons of the year — well, summer would kill most folks from up nawth), but i don’t mind the tourists. i act like a local and even give directions. after that, a drink is in order.

  24. [re=33556]qwerty42[/re]: Savannah was great before Midnight in the garden. And the summers there are rough for the yankees, but I think DC is worse.

    [re=33541]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]: Strom actually died on D-Day(yes, he was a paratrooper on Dday at the age of 41), the corpse didn’t stop moving for 60 years.

    [re=33550]superfecta[/re]: My fav Charleston story: my ex-gf’s(Old Charleston family) cousin lived in this house in the fancy part of Charleston, and when he decided to get a sex change, none of his neighbors or family had a bad word to say about him…umm..her. But when (s)he decided to date and marry an rich African-American lawyer, that was it. (S)he was outcast for that. So in SC, you can get your dick cut off and boobs made on your chest, thats fine, but God help you if you date interracially.

  25. Finally, I feel that my tax dollars are being used for good, rather than for paying Andre Bauer’s gay lovers to keep quiet.

  26. Would Delleny and Thomas prefer that money be spent on building many more public men’s restrooms preferably in dimly lit areas of the parks where a man can have as wide a stance as he so needs?

  27. Of course South Carolina is so gay. They have a gay governor, two gay senators, and four gay congressmen. Gay and Republican are synonyms.

  28. Um, what’s “gay travel”? Is it like getting a piggy back ride from Dom Delouis? Or riding in the Oscar Meyer Weenie Mobile? Anybody know?

  29. [re=33435]Christastic[/re]: He pisses on her, she STABS him, and HE gets arrested for assault? Yeah bastard totally deserved it.

  30. There certainly seems to be a gay undercurrent to wonkette over the past few weeks.

    Have they added shortsshortsshorts as an editor?

  31. [re=33634]American Dreamer[/re]: In reality world, I wish they would. Much better than the job now.
    In your world? I don’t know. You run about 50 alter egos at once? I. Just. Don’t. Know.

  32. [re=33468]Dave J.[/re]: homogasmic is the gayest thing I have ever heard, and I’m positive it does not include vomiting.

    South Carolina: Even our homophobic bigots are gay!

  33. The amazing thing is that south carolina actually is getting more gay all the time. I grew up in that tourist black hole (err… i mean area without color) called Hilton Head, where they think they invented golf, and now all of a sudden there is a gay bar. I was shocked when I discovered this in December when they opened. And people go there! And then one night some unsuspecting straight boys, including an old high-school friend of mine, walked in and discovered buttsex for the first time in there lives! They registered as republicans the very next day.

  34. [re=33649]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Christ, that is so low-class.
    When you’re banged in the ass…
    You’re welcome.
    And to answer for Tony, yeah — it sounds like Condi Rice getting her toenails ripped out with a vise grip. Don’t ask me how I know that.

  35. QUESTION: what is the difference between ShortsShortsShorts and a meat locker?

    ANSWER: a meat locker doesn’t fart when you take the meat out!!!

  36. [re=33665]American Dreamer[/re]:
    Q: What’s the difference between American Dreamer and American Dreamer’s ass?

    A: Something funny comes out of American Dreamer’s ass every now and then.

  37. I never thought a whole state was so despirate for cash they would be willing to whore themselves. Hey, but if they’ve made that decision I’m there. But what did they do with the non-gays and children? Are they enslaved?

  38. [re=33430]asonge[/re]: ok, gotta let my inner History nerd out of the closet.
    As many have siad SC has a looong history with teh joos.

    In fact, do you know why the confed-duh-rate battle flag is X oriented instead of a proper jesus tree “+”?
    No, I’ll tell you anyway…BECAUSE when Joe Lieberman lived in Charleston in the 1860’s he helped finance the civil war. And Walnuts thought it was offensive to his troyfriend and got the young lads at the Citadel to make it bend over 45 degrees. Ahem.

  39. [re=33562]FunkyPalmettoBug[/re]: It’s a culture thing. When said gf’s cousin decided to cut his dick off and grow tits, that was his perogative as a fine suthun gentleman. Once he became a belle, however, her actions became dictated by polite society, and she sullied her honuh by marryin’ the negruh. It’s really very simple if one doesn’t think about it too much.

  40. [re=33522]Servo[/re]: Georgia has Atlanta, which has Midtown, which is the gayest place this side of the West Village. Nothing really to reveal there. Atlanta’s so matter-of-factly gay that our Pride Parade floats are all sponsored by major corporations (for realz).

  41. My wife and I (she’s black, I’m a cracker) actually went camping at a state park in S.C. recently (nice beach, fwiw).

    The only problem: barefoot rubes literally stared at us the ENTIRE time. Maybe I’m just too used to that gamorrah-like bastion of liberalism that is Georgia.

    The moral of this story: save your money gays. I’m sure Kathy Griffin has a cruise planned or something.

  42. [re=33726]Botswana Meat Commission FC[/re]: Come on … your driving-distance vacation options are Savannah … and Savannah.

    You should know that, ya peach!

  43. [re=33724]Lazy Media[/re]: I have eaten at the Vortex in midtown, and all you need to do is stare across the street to appreciate Atlanta’s gayness.

  44. [re=33445]Yaybuls[/re]: Hey, they offer shagging lessons at some place in Carolina Beach, NC. That’s gay too, but perhaps in a good way.

  45. [re=33833]nbawriter[/re]: if you visit Savannah, march is probably optimal, azaleas in full bloom. Of course, there is also St Patrick’s day (here is some newsreel footage of a dispute between the downtown K of C and the southside K of C)so you may/may not want to avoid encounters with drunken pipers.

  46. I am a confirmed homo from South Carolina and you really went way to far. These comments are exactly what you would get from Republicans in most of our backward country. I am legally a second class citizen in all but few areas of this vast land of the free hetero, not just South Carolina. Your lynching and other stereotypical references were disgusting. I know this is just entertainment and not news, but try harder next time. Also do your homework, Columbia is well known as a lesbian mecca.

  47. Rupertthebear: I wasn’t accusing Wonkette of being anti-gay, I was complaining about the anti-Southern stereotypes in the post. It is common to blame problems we have as a country on the South and then smugly sit back and think everything is fine outside of the scary southland. We have a country full of Republican wingnuts and religious freaks, the mega-church is a California invention. And no, I don’t live in the South. Though I grew up in South Carolina, I am a New Yorker.

  48. [re=34312]Homeslaugthter[/re]: C’mon, lighten up … there is love underneath the snark.

    Now … can you Google me directions to Columbia?


  49. Ah, the glory of living in Swamp Fox haven. For all the slack being thrown our way this lil piece of swampland is changing little by little. I don’t see it as the south rising again, but the rest of the world actually falling lower than having accused us as being. Come on down, the waters fine!
    P.S.: BMC, you can’t really expect much staying at Myrtle Beach State park.

  50. [re=34312]Homeslaugthter[/re]: “These comments are exactly what you would get from Republicans in most of our backward country. I am legally a second class citizen in all but few areas of this vast land of the free hetero, not just South Carolina. Your lynching and other stereotypical references were disgusting. I know this is just entertainment and not news, but try harder next time. Also do your homework, Columbia is well known as a lesbian mecca.”

    I reread your comment and I’m not sure what the hell your point is. We’re like Republicans because we think Southerners are, well, Southern?

  51. [re=34318]Outstando[/re]: Shannon Faulkner was going to blow their cover. Fat, beauty-challenged girl? Total fag-hag to be. Once all the cadets would have been doting on & fawning over her, it would have been over with.

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