He is basically the Elephant Man.Poor Howard Wolfson. The former Clinton toady was born with only one testicle, half a human soul, and twice the normal complement of genes coding for poor taste in sweaters. But finally it looks like a little ray of lucky light is shining on our Wolfie: he got himself a job! After months of volunteering, he will now be officially paid to appear on Fox News.

No word yet on what the compensation package will be, but we’ll hazard a guess that it involves bat blood, chickens, and a few gallons of off-brand lube.

Wolfson’s boyfriend Karl Rove had this to say about his coworker: “He strikes me as a very able guy and surprisingly pleasant and amiable.”

At the time of the announcement, Wolfson was vacationing in Liverpool — an exceptionally creepy and sinister place to vacation.

Clinton Strategist Howard Wolfson Heads to Fox News [Daily Intel]

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