Guess what, Democratic National Committee kids working through the hot summer months while everybody else is pretty much not thinking at all about the election?

The DNC says you can sorta dress down for summer — but not like a complete whore or a bum! Read the new Dress Code and feel the wind beneath your … uh, skirt.


Good news. We are relaxing the dress code. So what does that mean for you? The expectation is that your attire remain professional and crisp despite the weather.

Clean, no holes, no frayed bottoms jeans that fit properly for an office environment are acceptable.

Professional looking casual shirts and blouses – which means collar shirts for men, no graphics or advertisements and appropriate neck lines and waist lengths for women. Summer dresses and skirts should also remain professional in style and length.

Long pants and capri length pants only. Bermuda or knee length shorts are for the weekend BBQ.

One final word and a favorite for many staff. Acceptable footwear are shoes or sandals only – sorry, no thwack, thwack, thwack – translation NO FLIP FLOPS.

Come back refreshed and ready To Change America and work your heart out for Barak Obama!


Yes it’s true: The jackass who sent this email from DNC Headquarters doesn’t know how to spell Barack Obama, either.

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  1. But I thought gettin’ some “Thwack, thwack, thwack” was the only reason ANYONE canvassed for the DNC.

    You know those Dem chicks like to fuck.

  2. “sorry, no thwack, thwack, thwack- translation NO FLIP FLOPS.”
    Sorry, it doesn’t translate to flip flops. Damn you, masturbation free DNC!

    I do think that the pic is an acceptable use of the US America Flag.

  3. Meanwhile, the GOP interns are allowed to wear thongs to work — although the girls must still wear proper office attire.

  4. [re=29600]ManchuCandidate[/re]:

    They really should have included a ‘no crocs’ rule, too. I’m not sure what sex-noise they make, though. “Fap, fap, fap?”

  5. Geez, Ken Layne, you coulda made your point by using a photo of Abbie Hoffman wearing his sacreligious Stars’n’Stripes shirt. But NO! Not you, nosiree. You had to find a photo of an alluring young strumpet that bears no relevance…to….your


    *fap fap fap fap*

    OK, what was I saying? Oh yeah…

    Geez, Ken Layne, you coulda……

    rinse and repeat ad infinitum

  6. Because it’s the Fourth of July and the DNC has pretty much moved to Barry Obama’s Chicago, I thought I’d combine the magical subjects of July 4, Chicago and removing clothes for summer with a picture of Chicago’s own Liz Phair semi-clad in a wet American flag. You’re welcome. Now go away and we’ll see you Monday.

  7. I kinda hoped for the Latter Day Saints cult look for Barry’s lay-dees : you know, long dress, poofy sleeves, faux french braid, tenny runners. They’re HOT!

  8. [re=29619]Ken Layne[/re]:

    I’m sure the DNC staffers are super-pumped about working for change on behalf of their party leader, Senator Barak Obamma.

  9. [re=29625]loquaciousmusic[/re]:

    Uhhfff… Zubaz. You know that look isn’t complete without a do-rag and a pair of knockoff Oakleys, right? Don’t forget the Gold’s Gym tank top.

  10. Neilist, bermuda shorts are SO back. they’re the new lady’s work short in a nice khaki or grey twill. Hey-it’s better than pleated, tapered navy slacks or oversized polos that are otherwise de rigeur at the Capital. bermuda shorts are THE look for elitest at Bar B Qs this summer.

    Why did Liz get the flag wet?

  11. [re=29619]Ken Layne[/re]: [re=29610]melving[/re]: You know that old saying about how a chick always looks hotter if she’s playing a guitar? Well Liz Phair is just about the epitome of that truism.

    And this flag pic is the exception that proves the rule.

  12. [re=29628]obfuscator[/re]: Hey, Barry and Michelle already have the folding canvas chairs from Sports Authority. They’re halfway there!

    I would also like to see Barry dance to Scritti Politti. Just once. I don’t care which song.

  13. [re=29625]loquaciousmusic[/re]: So many attempts to bring back spandex. All of them failed, UNTIL NOW.

    [Your album is awesome by the way, but you need a band. I know people in your area if you want the hookup.]


    That’s my favorite part. They yell at readers to stop paying attention to their stupid letter and go have fun.

  15. [re=29631]loquaciousmusic[/re]:

    Give ’em matching fanny packs emblazoned with the presidential seal, and they’re all set.

  16. [re=29629]pickleandcake[/re]: Because it’s hard to look pouty and alluring when the flag draped over your succulent flesh is on fire.

  17. Between Ms. Sniffmyass in the American Apparel sidebar and dreamy wet-flag-contest photos of Liz, Wonkette is putting out a little FHM vibe lately. Saucy!

  18. The only reason I’m a demi-crat is so I can wear my banana-hammock when and as I choose, without fear of Leviticus-spouting Republicans condemning me for obvious reasons. Now, according to the new bi-laws of the Demi-Crat party, I will wear my banana-hammock with lace-up oxfords, as God, Moses, and Churchill decreed. Watermelon, vodka, and banana-hammocks for all!!!!

  19. this reminds me of the time that i drank too much and pranced around wearing an upside down/inside out american flag. good times

  20. [re=29656]ManchuCandidate[/re]: What, the thought of Dick Armey in pigtails and a tied-off plaid shirt doesn’t move the mountain for you?

  21. Before you say “Holy Cow,” you should know Liz ain’t from Chicago; she’s a wealthy girl from Kenilworth, a chi-chi la-la suburb on the North Shore that likes to keep the Jews out. About as Democratic as Utah, and just as uptight. Otoh, maybe she’s the first progressive person produced by Kenilworth; stranger things have happened. Haven’t they? I mean, a true Kenilworth woman would wear pearls with an American flag… Given that Liz is using an American flag as a bath towel, functional fixedness doesn’t seem to be an issue, and that’s often an obstacle to liberation.

  22. [re=29659]FunkyPalmettoBug[/re]:
    Or a vision of Denny Hastert’s Peter Griffinesque turn in the Daisy Dukes.

    Sorry FPB, no mountains moved. Ooops, the mere thought of which has turned my outie into an innie.

  23. [re=29662]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]: I’m sorry dude, but my other “head” took over for my post!

    Damn! I’d like to be in that shower with Liz……….

  24. [re=29632]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: I’m glad you like the album, Short. Let’s get back to chatting on the Facebook, aka “In Real Life,” aka “At a John McCain Campaign Rally.”

  25. I’ll bet the real reason for that flip-flop ban at the DNC is to prevent PTSD flashbacks from the 2004 Republican convention. ;-)

    I love my job – I can wear pretty much anything I want. Flip-flops are not uncommon around our office. I wear shorts and t-shirts pretty frequently.

  26. We need several dozen cheerleaders dressed exactly like this at the Obama Bowl acceptance speech blowout fiesta jam.

  27. [re=29662]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]:
    Actually she from Winnetka, which does have Jews.
    Fuck Kenilworth, the whole place could burn down & I won’t miss those assholes!

  28. As a female, I put her in my ‘minyr annoyances in music’ category along with Sheryl Crow and Juliana Hatfield.

  29. [re=29929]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: Agreed. Another in a long line or rockers for whom it is not music, but the power of the private parts which are the reason for any attention at all. “F & Run” indeed.

  30. [re=29941]DoctorCulturae, Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: Oh honestly, the way you talk. You probably hate Jane Wiedlin and Sleater-Kinney, too.

  31. Yeah, Smoke Filled – you’re just a sucker for her lucky, pretty eyes… Honestly, “whitechocolatespaceegg” is a work of eff’ing genius, you should listen to it all the way thru before spouting off your misogynistic piehole…

  32. Ken Layne,

    “Casual Fridays” have less restrictions here in San Francisco. I have one fashion rule: If I can’t wear it to the gym it doesn’t belong in my wardrobe.

    It figures the DNC would have to come out with a “summer Dress Code,” as the last time I saw Howard Dean being interviewed he was wearing a pink dress shirt and flop-sweat. How very 80’s. (In that kind of cocaine dance club thing that was happening.)

    Sincerely and respectfully,


  33. do you get bonus points for stained blue dresses.

    well, that’s better than the GOPs altar boys, pages, and airport bathroom encounters.

  34. What about tank tops, midriff-baring shirts for women in their 40s, shirts that have fake rips in them, shirts covered in rhinestones, shirts that show drawings of pot, Confederate flag shirts, pants and hats, long leather boots that go up to your knees, skimpy T-shirts with political slogans, and shirts that with arrows pointing toward your crotch? Shouldn’t those be allowed at the DNC?!

  35. I think shirts with arrows pointing at the crotch are cool provided crotch content is labeled by the shirt itself such as Under Construction / Obamacrat in the oven/ And my personal favorites ?slippery when wet/ Caution: Biohazard

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