Here’s an independent ad that was running in South Dakota before its June 3 primary from some Christian group, against Barack Obama. The Obama team complained about it shortly after its debut, and Obama has been referencing it recently as a typical attack ad he’ll see more of this fall. But he doesn’t mention how funny it is! The basic idea here: Obama is like a slave in the Underground Railroad, and when he escapes to the North, he and his crazy black church preacher institute a Muslim theocracy. Well *sorry*, Mr. Sensitive Luo Tribesman, we thought the people of South Dakota would’ve wanted to know this information before voting. STOLEN ELECTION. [YouTube]

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  1. What? Arby’s are against Obama? I’m going to boycott their phallus-based food.

    [re=22650]NoWireHangers[/re]: If you’re against anti-Christian rhetoric, you’re for pro-Christian rhetoric.

  2. See, the sad thing is, and it was pointed out by a blog I read earlier today, is that all they need to do is create some “group” with no leadership or website or anything – I mean before this ad it appears this bullshit “Coalition Against Anti-Christian Rhetoric” never existed – and have them splice together a shitty ad.

    Sell it to a few stations in the cheapest media market in the nation and before you know it it’s being broadcast, for free, all over the nation. GRRRRR.

  3. [re=22650]NoWireHangers[/re]: NICE!

    This is one of the few opportunities I’ve had, as a Nilla, to understand what Dave Chappelle is talking about when you see something that’s so racist you don’t even get mad, you’re just like (full of wonderment): “Wow, that sure is racist!” What the fuck was with the spirituals in the background? Abortion shouldn’t be illegal in South Dakota, it should be mandatory.

  4. I’ve beQome an unbeliever…an unbeliever of “by the people, for the people.” GIMME A “B!” GIMME A “I!” GIMME A “T!” GIMME A ‘NOTHER “T!” GIMME A “E! GIMME A “R!…WHAT’S DAT SMELL!?!

  5. Other groups with soon-to-be released polinfomercials:

    “Coalition Against Scary Black Men With Unusual Names”
    “Coalition Against Uppity, Well-Educated Negroes”
    “Coalition Against Them”
    “Coalition Against Strange New Things, Like Scary Black Men With Unusual Names”
    “Coalition Against All Independent Thinking Of Any Kind Whatsoever”
    “Coalition For How Things SHOULD Be, Dear”
    “KOalisshin 4 Me hurt bad mean DArk man wiht pReitty teEth uhh…”

  6. This is one of those ads aimed at “low-information” viewers. You know, viewers who would say “Wait, Barack Obama is black? I’m never eating at Arby’s again – Horsey sauce be damned.”

  7. What do you expect from Arbys? Man, I spent a long, toilet-hugging night after one of those beef sandwiches with the extra spicy toxins. I should have took them at their word when they called it “horsey sauce.” Looks like their still peddlin’ it too. Lousy food and lousy ideas never go out of style. Excuse me, just the memory is making me run for the can…..

  8. [re=22675]ronaldpagan[/re]: “Abortion shouldn’t be illegal in South Dakota, it should be mandatory.”


    I think Moby is going to sample the background singing though.

  9. …ummmmm, not to get caught up in all the right wing craziness but that commercial completely contradicted itself. It first claimed that he was Jesus then it claimed he was Muslim!

  10. [re=22705]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: It’s kind of a grab-bag of “reasons I won’t vote for the black man,” just offering those folks an assortment of excuses they can use to tell their college educated niece why they aren’t voting for her hero Barack. Kind of pointless to look for any logical consistency, not unlike the way the right claimed that Hillary was a lesbian who was having a secret sex affair with Vince Foster.

  11. [re=22705]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Well, he’s Jesus to his followers, but he’s a Muslim to everyone Who Knows The Way Things Really Are, so in effect he’s the AntiChrist. Q.E.D.

  12. Mentioning other religions (or — horrors! — lack thereof) is anti-Christian now? Are these the same people who regularly accuse liberals of creating and nurturing the victim mentality? These idjits will continue to be oppressed until the last person who harbors a smidgen of a thought unlike theirs is wiped from the planet.

  13. [re=22705]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: The Bitters will be bamboozled by the mixed metaphors.

    These are the same sophisticates that were almost taken in by the likes of Prof. Harold Hill.

    There is trouble in River City, With a capital “T” That rhymes with “P” And that stands for pool.


  14. [re=22672]Dave J.[/re]: Dave, I know the hydroponic loco weed around here is outrageously potent and all, but there is no level of stonage high enough to make Arby’s Beif-n-Chedur delectable. Grab a slice of ‘za, for the love of Crom.

  15. The sad part is, we will all hear this argument shat out of the mouth of some bitter friend/family member right before we get blamed for hating America and loving the “terrorisers” because we want to see the big, bad blackie in the white house.

    I hae a feeling the team that made this ad has a lot of those “can we still call it the White House” buttons around the editing room for inspiration.

  16. That’s right, Obama. Until you get 25 frags in a row in Unreal Tournament, the Dakotans aren’t going to think about calling you Godlike in a really low, scary voice.

  17. To be fair, that ad was not sponsored by Arby’s. The logo at the beginning was the tail end of the commercial running before it, just as another commercial started up after the anti-Obama “Christian” one.

  18. the coalition for anti-christian rhetoric? that has to be the LAMEST pac to be in. for real. at least the tobacco ones probably get free cigarettes, and the anti-abortion ones get those little plastic bloody fetuses that are the size of your big toe, but what do these guys get as swag? don’t make fun of christians t-shirts? kinda creates the punchline, don’t it.

  19. [re=22715]Dave J.[/re]: [re=22716]AxmxZ[/re]: [re=22719]schvitzatura[/re]: …with the medias pension for finding the most ignorant and least qualified yokels to be interviewed on television, Im waiting for the first idiot to conflate the Jesus talking point with the Muslim talking point.

  20. [re=22654]iwillsavethispatient[/re]: I, for one, don’t get enough pro-Christian rhetoric. But then, I like drinking out of firehoses, too.

  21. [re=22753]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Obama thinks he’s Jesus, but he also thinks Jesus is only a prophet and not the son of God. Two counts of blasphemy, one count of “arrogance.”

    [re=22775]Harvey Birdman[/re]: I KNOW…where the fuck is he? His election commentary would be amazing.

  22. [re=22655]Vanity Smurf[/re]: Course they have teevee, cuz they can’t read anything except billboards, superstore coupons and Bibles.

    There are few Dems in SD to begin with, but on the election map, Obama made a clear win in reservation areas (despite Clintons’ 5 visits there) and Hillary clearly won the non-res areas. Pure racial breakdown.

  23. [re=22826]Darehead[/re]: Go rezzes! And this just proves that South Dakota is the West Virginia of the West…even Utah, Wyoming, and Montana were cool enough to vote for the nice mulatto fellow.

  24. [re=22675]ronaldpagan[/re]: Go with it, man. Take it a step further and like, smoke a Kool or something.

    [re=22775]Harvey Birdman[/re]: I think Dave is still running full speed away from all you white folk with big ideas about what he should do…

  25. [re=22705]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Jesus is considered to be a prophet of Islam. The target demographic for this ad is scholars of Islamic doctrine who would know that.

  26. Now, who could possibly feel uncomfortable about that ad? I mean we’re all religious people, and we all like Christmas carols, and presents, everyone likes presents, so even if you are some other faith you can see that we have the best holidays so we should get the most out of America, because it isn’t like we’re going to oppress anybody…Except you non-believers, but hey, it’s like that in every religiously ruled society so you can’t have it all. Besides you have a choice…you could convert.
    I’m sorry, I just can’t keep up this joke. See, I’m a papist and we still (with embarrassment )remember the wierd period of history that had Inquisitors, ear loppings, forced conversions, and stuff like that. Don’t worry, in a hundred years or so the evangelicals will come to realize you can’t spread your faith by force. Until then, you’ll just have to hope for the best…or hide…or vote them into political obscurity. There are more of you, than there are of them.

  27. [re=22867]Darehead[/re]: Ah, yes, Napoli. Talk about a man who needs to keep his twisted sexual fantasies out of the public arena.

  28. [re=22700]Mr. Herpes[/re]: Yeah, kind of like the guy in the clip right after the Anti O ad–you know, the guy about to spend a bit of time on the throne, post-Arby’s?

    Also, what’s with the gospel music in the ad–that’s like, a dis or something? What do these assklowns have against gospel music? Christians my ass.

  29. I wonder if the gospel singer whose music was featured is aware her work was used as theme music by the Antichrist Rhetorical Society of Evil. I hope she can sue someone.

  30. You know what the craziest part of this whole thing is? Arby’s serves breakfast now. Really? Arby’s? Who thinks of Arby’s when they want breakfast? Am I right?

  31. [re=22965]obfuscator[/re]: Depends on if you’ve gone to bed yet. A beef n cheddar sounds good at 5:30 am after an all night Jager and MGD bender (after you’ve thrown up, natch).

  32. Christianity seems to be making folks rather bitchy. I call it done. Collossal worldwide buzzkill. Next wacky cult-gone-mad? Muslim? Flying Spaghetti Monster? All-of-the-above-ism? Bring it on!

  33. [re=23051]IntangibleArts[/re]: That’s pretty good. Next time someone asks, I’m going to tell them I’m a lapsed none-of-the-above-ist. That should get the party started.

  34. [re=22867]Darehead[/re]: …you know the ban was overturned, right? By a vote of the people, and all that? It’s still not easy to get an abortion in most of SD, as in many other states, but it’s not illegal.

  35. [re=23186]finette[/re]: Sorry, technicality acknowledged. My understanding is that the doctors have to be flown in from Minnesota and land on a helicopter in Sioux Falls, and then leave immediately before getting harassed. Almost the same as illegal.
    And I don’t think getting an abortion is easy anywhere.

  36. [re=23222]Darehead[/re]: Thanks. I don’t live there anymore, but my dad’s initials happen to be M.D. plus the surname of a former abortion doctor in Sioux Falls. So, yes, idiots used to find “Ourname, M.D.” in the phone book and call to harass him. I know the current doctor at the PP clinic does come from MN one day a week, but I hadn’t heard anything about a helicopter (but as I said I’m not there and not keeping up on all the news).

    And yeah, my wording was unclear and I meant “it’s no easier nor more difficult to get an abortion in SD than it is in many other states.” I now live in Louisiana, for example, and would have to drive over two hours each way if I needed one. Bleh.

  37. Does anyone have one of those “secret recipe” type things for an Arby’s sandwich? They’re delish and they’re all I’m thinkin’.

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