Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, the Indian street urchin who is also somehow a Mexican Catholic exorcist, is 36-years-old and supposedly “beloved” by his backward state, for being charismatic and Strong. He has been a governor for literally -2 hours. The state has chosen this moment to start hating him, for reneging on a campaign pledge in a comical fashion that marks the birth of a new, iconic American Failure.

It’s extremely simple: on the campaign trail, Jindal promised to veto any bill in which legislators raise their own pay, because there are only four dollars total in the all of Louisiana and they must be spent on Gas. Now both houses of the state legislature have passed a bill to raise their salaries from $16,800 to $37,500. The bill is sitting on Jindal’s desk. He has his veto pen. But he just. can’t. do it!

He has until July 8 to veto the bill or it becomes law. They are calling it the “20-day death march” in Louisiana, which is kind of funny. Jindal is such a loser, too, that he keeps asking the legislature to consider changing its mind. Obviously the legislature doesn’t give a shit.

Oh man, just look at him squirm:

“There is still time in this session and I strongly encourage them to reverse what they’ve done, to reconsider what they’ve done,” Jindal said. “I strongly recommend to individual legislators that they do not accept the pay increase. I think it is a mistake. I think it’s wrong. Again, I think the amount is excessive.”

Jindal said the average Louisiana citizen is not in line for a doubling in salary, and so the Legislature should not be either. He said any pay raise should take effect only after the next election. But he repeated his pledge not to veto the bill.

“We strongly oppose it, but we don’t want to give anybody any excuse to slow down the reforms that are so important to the people of Louisiana,” Jindal said. “But I strongly encourage the Legislature — they still have days left until Monday’s end of session — I strongly encourage them to undo what they’ve done.”

If nothing changes by July 7, expect Jindal to bring out the ol’ Exorcism kit from college and run around the state capitol building sprinkling magical Jesus water on those bullies, like a clown.

Jindal urges La. lawmakers ‘to undo what they’ve done’ [NOLA]

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  1. Considering the quality of legislators and governors that LA has had in the past, do you think that doubling it is enough?*

    * Based on the argument laid for by overpaid CEOs and other dicksacks that the higher the pay the better talent you’d attract.

  2. Hats off to the LA legislature for doing their work for a lower salary than a short-order cook at Dennys. Of course, that means only fat-cats can afford to be in the legislature, but whatever.

  3. “Reforms that are so important to the people of Louisiana?!” Like what? Making crawdads the state insect and “vittles” the state food? Replacing all the globes in Louisiana classrooms with flat earths? Installing those creepy Jesus-with-a-crown-of-thorns heart in every public building? He must love doing the people’s business.

  4. [re=21150]jagorev[/re]: Well, that’s the pre-bribe salaries. They really do much better than that.

    And all the craw fish they can eat!

  5. Somebody please explain to me again how Jesse the Brain is a more ridiculous political figure than Jindal the Empty-Sacked? While the rest of us were making multi-chambered bongs out of pilfered lab equipment, this cat was building a junior exorcist kit, fer shit’s sake.

  6. [re=21150]jagorev[/re]: Hey, that ain’t bad for a part-time job that you only have to go to every other year for a couple months….

  7. [re=21151]TGY[/re]: Yeah, don’t they recognize legislating as a career path that should be reasonably open to people who need to live off their paychecks? WTF? Like, maybe the great state of Louisiana would benefit from their legislators being paid enough to have time to learn about the issues?

  8. [re=21155]Jim Newell[/re]: yes. at madi gras. draped in beads
    and not much else, they drink and smoke day and night, have
    sex with tourists…and for that, they get paid.

    it’s outrageous.

  9. What a stupid campaign pledge to make when the salary at issue is the same as what a Walmart bagger on disability pulls down. With whom did he score points by pledging this during the campaign?

    “As God is my witness, you fuckers in the legislature will get to seventeen grand when you come pry the extra $200 from my cold dead hand!!! By the way, I look forward to working with each of you to advance my ambitious legislative agenda.”

  10. …$16,800? WoW, I guess the saying you get what you pay for is very accurate. You pay for a McDonald’s drive-thru attendant and thats what you get running your state!

  11. Bobby-ji would be lucky to get the veep nod. Being governor of Louisiana sounds like something you’d want to say you did, but not actually do for more than a few months. Get out, Bobby, before the next hurricane season!

  12. [re=21163]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: …Louisiana: The only state in the union where you pick-up your “supplementary salary” in brown paper bag that is stuffed into garbage can in a public park.

  13. [re=21185]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: How much would you pay a part-time worker who works for one of every twelve days, has a really bad attendance record even for those days, and has obvious deficiencies when it comes to actually getting anything done? Other than telling everyone how much they got done, that is.

  14. Not everyone likes or cares much for Jindal–he’s a conservative Republican who is highly inexperienced, and he just really doesn’t know what on earth he’s doing. He ever should have been elected governor.

  15. [re=21199]thefrontpage[/re]: B-b-but, he worked for McKinsey! Are you telling me that management consultants have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about? Unpossible.

  16. Jindal is popular right now among Republicans who think they can con voters with the “hey — we have brown people too!” rationale. This worked fabulously for the Republicans most recently in the ’04 senate election in Illinois, when the state party flew in Allen Keyes and put him up in a Hampton Inn down the street from Midway airport for just long enough to qualify him as a state resident because they wanted to counter Obaba’s blackness. It worked very, very well, assuming their stratgey was to capture 11% of the vote.

  17. [re=21208]metropolitan[/re]: ….SHHHHHHHHH!!! That would have been an AWESOME 527 if WALNUTS! picked him as VP! But you had to let the (pussy)cat out of the bag!!!

  18. This is just so weird. Why won’t he veto it? That is how you “undo” things they have done, Bobby. Grow a set. Sheesh, it does make you almost wish McCain took him on his VP because it provides more ammo.

  19. Jindal, it’s your goddamn job to veto things you don’t like/don’t agree with, not beg the legislature to reconsider: “Pretty please don’t raise your pay. Come on, guys. I’m counting to 10! I’m holding my breath until you tear up that bill…”

    (Thud as Jindal hits the ground)

  20. [re=21156]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Actually, of late, there has been talk of technology that would allow you to bring a toilet inside a house. Sounds kind of creepy to many in LA, but Jindal is trying to ease them into it.

  21. [re=21208]metropolitan[/re]: Do all brown-skinned people look the same to you? Th-th-that’s not racial t-transcendence we can believe in!

  22. [re=21218]Doglessliberal[/re]: “Why won’t he veto it?” Why? Well, why should he? It’s not like he’s getting paid or nothin’. After Edwards, the position of Governor of Lousianna was made entirely ceremonial. The previous holder of the office proved that.

  23. Do you think the redneck in the picture with Bobby is more excited about shaking hands with the dark one or getting back to the PBR in his hand?

  24. [re=21256]XOMuffintop[/re]: Trick question. Nobody can resist the allure of PBR.

    Red Necks
    White Socks
    Blue Ribbon Beer!

    Yeah Baby! Now excuse me while I go vote for Hillz cuz she represents WHITE America

  25. What would Rudyard Kipling think of this Indian Gentleman?

    Jindal Bob

    You can talk of ‘dads and beers,
    And New Orleans’ queers,
    When you’re in Lousiana’s Statehouse lobbyizing.
    But when it comes to legislatin’, well –
    Those Members need a’paying
    ‘Cause post-Katrina graft is disappating.

    Now in the butts of Bayou Born,
    There’s a little “Hindu thorn,”
    Who’s a messin’ with the way the State is run,
    Blocking legislative pay makes it harder for to pay
    All the whores they need to diaper up their bums.

    It’s “Jindal! Jindal! Jindal!”
    “WHAT the HELL you doin’ now?”
    Are you trying to cut off the flow of commerce?
    We’ve got whores out there to pay! Diaper costs to be allayed!
    Juldee![1] Lynch this bint[1] before he turns us honest!

    [1] British Army Hindu: “Quick”; “speedily”

    [2] ” “: “young woman”; usu. prostitute.

  26. [re=21290]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Why, thanks Wooks. That means a lot, coming from you.


    Gin and tonic, eh what?

    Boy! Boy! Another gin and tonic for Wookie Sahib!

    And plenty of ice this time, you bloody little sod!

  27. [re=21163]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: Jindal already forced through reforms so people can’t buy legislators meals any more. That was almost worth the doubling of salary right there.

    Meanwhile, “reformer” Jindal is also making the executive branch more and more secretive.

    Oh, and another of his reforms was to make ethics complaints aginst legislators secret so they can’t defend themselves (good way to take out Jindal’s enemies.)

    So, now, after all that, the lege wants their vig. JIndal will probably have to give on this issue so he can continue ramming his agenda throught the legislature. The lege is all newbies now, btw, since they term-limited out the warhorses.

  28. Passive aggressive lawmaking: “Is that really the bill you want to pass? I mean, o.k., maybe I can go along with it if it’s really what you want? But is it really what you want? [pause] Because I don’t think it’s really what you want.”

    Jeez. Didn’t this douche watch Schoolhouse Rock’s Bill on the Hill like the rest of his generation? Seems to be a basic failure to understand elementary civics.

  29. [re=21255]metropolitan[/re]: You know, that’s like putting Obama and Farrakhan next to each other and asking if they’re separated at birth. I mean, they both wear suits and are tall black guys, so how could they not be practically the same person, right?

  30. [re=21308]jagorev[/re]:
    i’m sorry, i’m a little lost. are you being sarcastic?
    look at the pictures. the forehead, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the teeth, the ears, the chin.
    as a matter of fact about the only thing that doesn’t have a visual similarity is their skin tone.
    i’m while i’m at it, i’m a motherfucking latino! if i thought all brown people looked the same i would have had a pretty hard time sucking on the right tit from birth.

  31. [re=21150]jagorev[/re]: Its less in South Carolina, so the destitute politicos have to whore themselves out to corporate interests, the civil war re-enacting lobby and visiting shiners.

  32. [re=21329]metropolitan[/re]: No, I’m not being sarcastic. Your comments are exactly like the anti-Obama racism we’ve come to expect from places Hillaryis44.

  33. How many of you self-righteous morons are from Louisiana? While I would agree that we have had our share of problems, impugning the population of a whole state because some of its legislators are idiots is simply ignorant and uninformed. Did the article mention the legislators who refused to accept the salary increase? No. Every state has its corrupt politicians so get off your collective high-horses and mellow out.

  34. [re=21343]crawdaddy[/re]: Outrageous! Next you’ll tell them their Chicago Messiah is all mobbed up. Have y’all no decency, cher?

  35. I hear that if you surround a lawmaking body with candles and read Corinthians I backwards it makes them do whatever you say…

    [re=21344]metropolitan[/re]: [re=21342]jagorev[/re]: Regulars, Quit fighting! That’s not racial transcendence!

  36. [re=21303]William Tecumseh Sherman[/re]: The reproductive method of pandas is proof alone that “Intelligent” Design is BS. They don’t know how to have sex, they are fertile for about 2 minutes a year, and the baby is born an embryo. Plus, they have one at a time and they need one specific type of food to survive. Good plan, Intelligent Designer!

  37. As a citizen of Louisiana and one who stay’s close to its politics, I can tell you this was a back room deal made right after the election. Bobby got his “ethics reform’ and since the “mafia” could no longer get the “graft” (state contracts, consultanting deals for relatives that require no work, $50 limit on meals (per meal, what a sacrifice!) etc. they need to get paid for their hard work ( part time, full staffs, reserved parking , etc.) and the pay package is alot more that advertised. They get per diem every day they are in Baton Rouge for the sessions, expense money they don’t even have to provide receipts for, supplemented state housing while in B.R. So, the total package is over $ 80,000.00 for a part time job. And in this case, we don’t get what we are paying for. One poll found 90% of state voters against the raise, and they ( sticking the tax payers the middle finger) still did it and Old Bobby proved that lacking balls is not determined by race, creed, or Intellect.

  38. It’s not just that Jindal believes in ID, he believes that it is “good science” and should be taught alongside evolution in biology class.

    That, plus his 10 minutes of legislative experience and the extremely strong chances of finding pictures of him wearing “etnic garb” mean he is a PERFECT running mate for WALNUTS!

  39. [re=21391]Davidlang[/re]: Yeah, but they have to share those free 2-br apartments in the Pentagon with other legislators, like a group house in Adams-Morgan or something. Very declasse.

    [re=21395]nhunter[/re]: You forgot that Jindal led the purple-finger (stinky-pinky?) salute to Emporer W during his triumphant State of the Union.

  40. $16,800 a year?

    Shit, here in New Hampshire that pays the salaries for all 24 state Senators plus 144 state reps.

    And we get higher quality than those exorcist-bait bead-tossers in Red Stick, LA.

    (I’m sure they’re mighty proud they had to translate their state capital into French because it just sounded too stupid in English.)

  41. Yeah, Jindal is not as great as promised, but I want to see what he can do for more than 6 months on the job. I’d hate to see him become McCain’s running mate.

    I agree with the sentiment that we should give McCain Sen. David Vitter as a vice presidential running mate instead ( He’s got right wing cred and he can beat a scandal just by being evasive and hiding for a week. Plus, all he does for LA is embarrass us.

  42. The rube is wondering if Jindal tastes smokey with just a hint of curry.
    Umm, they do still eat humans down there, right? Imagine my chagrin if not…

  43. [re=21536]snig[/re]: Might be worth it if Issa was the stand-in’s stand-in. A Veep-Veep?
    Just too see Issa cry bitter little girly tears again when the top slot slips from his grasp.

  44. I just got back from visiting Louisiana, and I must say that the catfish poboys were absolutely delicious and the racism (in both directions) was horrifyingly palpable. I’m glad to be back in the fondue pot of San Antonio. We may all be a little different in color and socio-economic level, but we are united by melted cheese.

  45. New Orleans ain’t Louisiana, nougat. It’s its own damned, glorious gumbofied universe swirling in a mother-of-pearl oyster shell.
    But it pains me that someone from California needs to explain this to you. :P

  46. I’m really surprised this guy got elected. I had a colleague, let’s call him Sanjeev – born in the USA and American through and through (except for his elitist MIT education). He went to Louisiana (or was it Alabama? doesn’t matter) for work and some guy was asking him what TRIBE he was from – Navaho, Apache, etc.

    What Jindal tell these people to vote for him?

  47. There is so much wrong with this article and comments, it’s almost impossible to know where to begin. I’d love to know how many of the people leaving these comments have ever been to Louisiana and, if they have, how many have been outside of New Orleans – the “glorious gumbofied universe swirling in a mother-of-pearl oyster shell.” It’s not Mars, folks. And the comments on the “Indian street Urchin” are beyond racist. If it weren’t so offensive, everyone’s self-satisfaction with their own enlightened opinions would be extremely amusing.

  48. …well if you sensitive types from Louisiana who are taking offense to some of the SNARK being posted feel free to make fun of my state of birth/residency; FLORIDA. And if that doesn’t give you enough material then you can add in the fact that I live in Miami.

  49. [re=21744]Borat[/re]: Hookers are cheap when they’re twelve-going-on-thirteen.
    [re=21778]NewEnglander[/re]: First, welcome to Wonkette!
    …So, can we shift to stereotypes of New Englanders being stick-in-the-mud, no-humor guys who take themselves too seriously to realize Wonkette is snark-fortified?
    I can confidently state that I’ve been to more countries than you, for longer stays per visit, and I’m reasonably certain I’ve been to more US cities as well. I’m probably not alone in this: Wonkette doesn’t draw many of the provincial, hate-travel, xenophobic types. Well, except the Late Night Shots crowd.

  50. The truth is, Louisiana sucks so bad even the coastline is leaving. The LA legislators tried to quietly slip in a 300% pay increase for themselves, while passing NO meaningful, useful legislation, but ended up with a *mere* (oh Wah!) 200% increase. They knew what the pay was when they ran for office, so they should suck it up… at least until the economic condition of the country is better–and our state isn’t a backwoods cesspool of corruption, crime and insanity.

    Louisiana legislators receive a salary, per diem, and various expense allowances. Therefore, the compensation of a legislator varies based on the length of the regular session, the number of committee meetings attended, and the occurrence of special sessions. (Plus full staff to actually deal with the constituents!)

    Each Louisiana legislator receives an annual salary. For the 2006-2007 fiscal year, legislator’s salaries are $16,800 annually, with the president of the Senate and the speaker of the House receiving a higher salary of $32,000 annually, and the president pro tempore and speaker pro tempore receiving $24,500 annually.

    The chairperson and the vice chairperson of the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget receive an annual salary of $28,000 set by the committee instead of per diem for meetings of that committee; this is in addition to other per diem and mileage reimbursement.

    In addition to the salary, each member receives a monthly unvouchered expense allowance of $500 per month.

    Per Diem
    Each Louisiana legislator receives a daily allowance or payment (per diem) for:

    each day the Legislature is in session for a regular or special session,
    attendance at approved conferences/conventions or on official state business, and
    attendance as a committee member at interim committee meetings held when the Legislature is not in session.
    The per diem payment is set at the per diem rate federal government employees receive for travel to Baton Rouge on official business and is recalculated each year. Effective April 1, 2007, the rate is $124 a day. At that rate legislators will receive a minimum of $7,440 for a full 60-calendar-day, odd-year session or $10,540 for a full 85-calendar day, even-year session. Effective July 1, 2007, the per diem rate increases to $138. Legislators will then receive a minimum of $8,280 for a full 60-calendar-day, odd-year session or $11,730 for a full 85-calendar day, even-year session.

    Assuming an average of six “special session” days per year and 22 days per year in which a legislator must attend interim committee meetings, Louisiana’s average legislative pay after July 1, 2007 would be:

    Average Legislative Compensation Odd-number years Even-number years
    Annual salary $16,800 $16,800
    Expense allowance (unvouchered) $6,000 $6,000
    Avg ann per diem (regular sessions)$8,280 $11,730
    Avg ann per diem (special sessions)$828 $828
    Avg ann per diem (interim meetings)$3,036 $3,036
    Total $34,944 $38,394

  51. That’s the problem with putting forward Republicans of color to serve in sensitive positions of public office. They end up revealing that they don’t have a single idea about how to govern, because if they were functionally cognitive, as people of color, they wouldn’t be Republicans, now would they?

    I’m thinking in 9 months or so, that job he turned down, making Slushees at the downtown Eunice 7/11, is going to be looking rather pretty good…

  52. It is obvious the Jindal does not believe in evolution because he has not seen proof of it in my home state of Louisiana. Thousands of years ago our ancestors lived near the water and were short and hairy which pretty much describes all of my friends in South Louisiana. I hope McCain takes him as a running mate to get him the hell out of the state before the folks down there kick him out.

  53. Why not just let these people spend the rest of their lives wandering around pushing a shopping cart and speaking incoherently instead of electing them to office?

  54. Technically, Bobby Jindal is not a “wuss.” Technically, in Louisiana parlance, Bobby Jindal would be a “chickensh*t.”

    A wuss is a weenie and a coward who cringes and cowers and runs away from a fight, no matter how just the cause. But a wuss has few pretentions; he doesn’t pretend to be more than he is.

    One thing that can’t be said about Bobby Jindal is that he has no pretentions.

    Bobby Jindal was going to save the Gret Stet from itself. Bobby Jindal was going to end good ol’ boy politics as that state of good ol’ boys knew it.

    Bobby Jindal was going to be a secular messiah, ushering in a golden era for a new-born land milk and honey . . . and cold beer and boiled crawfish. So far, Loosiana has gotten “ethics reform” that’s less than advertised, a tax cut Jindal didn’t favor but is taking credit for (and which he’ll worry about paying for manana), and a bad case of acid indigestion from watching the Boy Wonder get rolled by a bunch of “underpaid” Boss Hoggs.

    When somebody talks tough, throws down a gauntlet and then runs “wee wee wee all the way home” after his bluff gets called . . . that ain’t a “wuss,” that’s a “chickensh*t.”

    Please watch your phraseology in the future. What may seem like mere semantics can turn out to be deadly substantive. Or something like that.

    Here’s a bit more background on the whole mess:

  55. For $16,800 a year, Jindal couldn’t even outsource those jobs to the homeland of his parents. Indian legislators make about that much an hour in bribes and kickbacks alone.

  56. I love how the press stirred up the idea of this twinkie being vice president and that suddenly makes him a leading vice presidential contender.

  57. [re=21959]FunkyPalmettoBug[/re]: By then Louisiana (or at least New Orleans) will be completely underwater and out of oil so noone will care.

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