Alaska’s corrupt congressman-for-life Don Young is well known for his insane outbursts and being investigated by the Feds for being a bribe-taking crook, but did you know his wife is notorious for torturing her husband’s interns with weird foods?

An “unofficial office document” dug up by “Taxpayers for Common Sense” warns new interns that Don and Lula Young are complete freaks who love terrorizing innocent congressional interns more than anything except corruption.

Here are some creepy highlights from “The 2111: An Intern’s Survival Guide.” (PDF)

Mrs. Young:

  • Has good days and bad days, try to get people to warn you.
  • Wants Pumpkin Seeds when she says sunflower seeds.
  • Does not permit noise from computers.
  • Eat what she tells you to eat.
  • Her orders are often disguised as offers, suggestions or invitations, they are not — do them.
  • Be careful what you joke about.

Rep. Young’s interns cite do’s, don’ts [The Hill]

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  1. “Her orders are often disguised as offers, suggestions or invitations, they are not — do them.”
    that’s the kind of ladies i like!

  2. Additional notes include:

    If you look her directly in the eye, it’s viewed as a threat.

    All pencils must be the #2 type. Even those you have at home.

    I she says she’s only going to put in “the tip, to see what it feels like,” she’s going to shove the whole thing in there. You’ve been warned.

  3. “Eat what she tells you to eat.”
    Uh oh.
    Repeat after me if you are having problems with this sentence after looking at the attached photo:
    Puppies! Unicorns! Ponies! Puppies! Unicorns! Ponies! Puppies! Unicorns! Ponies! LaLaLaLaLaLa!

  4. Eat what she tells you to eat.

    yeah, like if she tells you to…oh god…i can’t…ugh…
    i’m sorry i even thought it. yuck. how could i.

  5. [re=20275]ColdCupofHope[/re]: “I she says she’s only going to put in “the tip, to see what it feels like,” she’s going to shove the whole thing in there. ”

    Is every post on here today going to be about Larry Craig?

  6. nice to know that congressional interns are doing important and meaningful jobs, relevant to their education, like getting pumpkin seeds for oddball megalomaniacal congressmens’ wives.

  7. Young … gets annoyed when he sees interns with hands in their pockets.

    Naturally, Mr. Young expects his interns’ hands to be in someone else’s pockets, like all good Alaskans.

  8. If she’s a close talker, no one will be able to keep their meals down. Don should stop taking gifts from VECO and start promising favors to anyone who will whack his wife.

  9. “You should put money in the piggybank.”

    What?!! This is beginning to give off a definite it-puts-the-lotion-on-its-skin vibe.

  10. Sounds like old lady Young would make a good addition to the Bush White House – maybe a replacement for Scooter Libby. Torturing interns is almost as fun as torturing foreigners.

  11. The wife looks Filipina which in that case the list is merely detailing how to be a houseguest of an Asian woman. For example, my mother.

  12. If it’s really this bad, then why doesn’t someone in the office file an official complaint with the Sergeant at Arms, the Senate Ethics Committee, the U.S. Capitol Police, or whatever office oversees blatant, illegal misuses of authority? This type of behavior in a federal legislative office really does border on insanity and harassment. It needs to stop—we can’t have psychos running our Congress, can we?!

  13. Oh, please, Miss Wife of a Congressman from fucking Alaska (Alaska?!) run for public office. With Cocktober, Blovember and Kitty just fading memories, we NEED you. Your country needs you.

  14. I’m wondering what brought that “couple” together.

    [re=20275]ColdCupofHope[/re]: Adding to your order:
    – Don’t bear your teeth in her direction: It’s a symbol of aggression.
    – Upon first meeting, DO offer your ass for her to smell: she will learn your scent and accept you more easily.
    -Do NOT joke about how she resembles a shriveled E.T. wearing a wig.

  15. Dude, I always thought being a politician’s wife just meant big hair, photo ops, and standing behind your husband in pearls when he cheats on you. But if you get to terrorize interns with your crazy demands, I want in. And when I ask for sunflower seeds, I want them WITH THE SHELLS, GOD DAMN IT!

  16. [re=20342]thefrontpage[/re]: It’s always hard to guage the insanity whilst you are in the situation. I once spent an entire night re-labelling binders because the stickers on the spine were not placed in the “correct” direction.

  17. – Never drop your soap in the shower.
    – If she asks, “where is my Mandingo?”, suck it up and do your goddam duty, you fucking woose. You. Make. Me. Want. To. Puke. And stop your crying. She doesn’t like crying. The Congressman likes crying.
    – No, that job as a Polar Bear sexer is no longer open. You’re stuck working for Don.

  18. [re=20354]Buffy and Hildegard[/re]: I once had to sand off where it says “Made in China” on the bottom of the free coffee mugs that my boss hands out…that was a thrilling time…

  19. If you’re being chased by armed police man, don’t try to escape into a metro station.

    Why didn’t anybody tell me that sooner?

  20. The wife looks Filipina which in that case the list is merely detailing how to be a houseguest of an Asian woman. For example, my mother.

    Oh, hey. fist-bump!

  21. I have had several dealings with this crazy bitch, and believe me this just barely scratches the surface of how incredibly nutz and evil she is. She jumped out of her chair at a dinner party when she overhead a woman two places down use the word “Eskimo”. She screamed at the poor thing, snatched her hair, and then threw a glass of water on her. She was shreiking that the correct word to use was “Innuit” and that Eskimo is pretty much the N-Bomb and the woman who used it was a racist. The gentleman next to the woman rose and informed Mrs. Young that in fact, his dinner partner had said JUST THAT, that it was now not-pc to use the word Eskimo. Mrs. Young’s aide helped out of the dining room and into a car that was already running and that was that. I have several more stories on her, but that one pretty much took the cake for me.

  22. And what is it with Republican Senators and mixed-race marriages? I can think of four off the top of my head: Phil Gramm, Mitch McConnell, William Cohen and Young. Personally I’m all in favor of miscegenation (plus it’s a cool word), but doesn’t that seem like a really high proportion?

    I guess Larry Craig also has a mixed marriage, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

  23. [re=20449]econdave[/re]: If you can only think of four, then maybe there aren’t nearly enough mixed-race mariages in Congress?

    [re=20453]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: I dunno – I don’t like the idea that anyone married to a public figure can be anonymously smeared online. I guess that’s all a part of the age of the interwebz, but it seems wrong, even if the awful reputation is deserved.

  24. [re=20463]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Be careful. The devil is compelling you into questions of morality and fairness.
    I kinda go with anybody associating with a public figure takes the gauntlet of their association. Withat that comes the interwebs. It’s like this model:

    1. Person get famous.
    2. Person get married.
    3. Person’s wife is crazy nut job who strikes fear into interns.
    4. ??????????
    5. Profit!

  25. I worked in this office and it I am scared for life. There is a missing set of bullet points at the bottom of the memo. The only one I can remember in kind of hazy way is what to do when there are no Pages available. Whenever I think about it I kind of get a headache. Does anyone else remember the rest?

  26. [re=20428]Count Snarkula[/re]: That’s fucking scary. If some crazy old lady threw water on my girlfriend have bigger problems she’d end up way past “offended”. It’s tough picking up teeth off the floor with broken fingers.

  27. [re=20297]SuperRounder[/re]: Veco is dead now–long live Veco (not)

    BTW, having grown up in Alaska, it’s good to see a picture of *two* of the main reasons I got the hell out. Bye bye.

    [re=20481]Borat[/re]: Borat, I’d be scared for life just looking at that picture. And scarred for at least the next thirty years.

  28. So why do any of you WANT to be political interns? Teaching English in China is loads of fun (what with the cheap booze, no open container laws, the women eager to see if foreign men are really “better,” etc.). Why not do that?

    Zhu Bajie

  29. [re=20622]zhubajie[/re]: Dude where do i sign up? But I’d only do Shanghai and Beijing girliemen. Those girls from the provinces remind me of my boyhood in WV.

  30. What’s up with Alaska? I mean,the place has like, what, 3 electoral votes and yet they’vegotthisnut case, Ted “Bridgetonowhere” Stevens, and the hot governor on the bearskin rug. Was Northern Exposure not fiction?

  31. “When Mrs. Young sends you running to the Sports store to pick up ‘some balls’ for her upcoming dinner party, you will be tempted to return with ping-pong balls. Resist this temptation.
    Recall that Mrs. Young was half-raised by polar bears: her well-developed vaginal muscles require bowling balls.”

  32. Ha, I’m so glad I found this page. I interned there for 4 months and can safely say that she, and the delightful Congressman are both complete f%%king mentalists.

    What a strange and creepy existence they live.

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