Remember this fantastic little weirdo who brightened the dark days of primary season with his/her goofball impersonation of Hillary Clinton? La Pequeña is back, naked, in a bathtub, wrapped in a flag, yelling curse words. Rough language (in a thick Chilean accent) but no dirty bits in this video. [YouTube via BoingBoing]

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  1. Note to self — Turn speaker volume DOWN before playing video of deranged pinhead in a bathtub. Curious crowd outside door. Turn off lights, pretend no one is in the office

  2. You know, if “la pequeña” had run I think she’d have, not only the nomination, but also the presidency locked up. This video only confirms my appraisal.

  3. [re=19869]scotterl[/re]:
    So do you, like me, also listen to Diane Rehm with a terrible presentiment that she’s going to clutch her chest and keel over any minute?

  4. [re=19886]Serolf Divad[/re]: Besides the auditory induced sense of her imminent demise, she seems to keep injuring herself, thus adding to the suspense.

  5. La Pequena has that “Ohmygosh, the series got canceled before we got enough for syndication” look in this performance. Pequena’s agent promised “Miami Vice,” and all LP got was “Just Legal.” Sentimos su sufrimiento, LP.

  6. Accent=Illegal immigrant.

    [re=19981]Dave J.[/re]: Yes. Me too. Also the obsessive touching. Absolutely disgusting (and, you know, kinda HAWT).

  7. I have to say, the YouTube comment thread for that video is like a precious find unto itself. Witness:

    see what happins when you are Not from the USA! poor people out ther thay just dont get it! lmao at them! ill send 1 buck a month to you poor little people! lmfao!

  8. Now that he/she has uttered his/her final words on Hillz, will they finally release him/her to frolic once again in Chile’s forests and green places?

  9. Hey Little person,

    What in the name of bedazzled Jesus does Tyra Banks, Magic Johnson and Tiger Woods have to do with Hillary’s failure to clinch the nomination?

    Well Fook U, Fook U Verne Troyer, Fook you Tatoo, Fook U Trannie Little people Big World!!

  10. [re=20153]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: I’ll volunteer to spark up that flag. We’ll do it in international waters just to be safe and at night in case there are any submarines around

  11. OMG! I am so glad I decided to backtrack to the early morning posts at 2 a.m. This is my favorite video ever, no joke, and if I ever meet this little firecracker I will buy her as many Crown Royal shots as her heart desires.

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