Well. The National Press Club, Washington’s very Esteemed Lunch Club for reporters, has allowed Larry Sinclair to book 2.5 hours worth of prime real estate on June 18. Larry Sinclair is the guy who claimed he had hot gay blowjobs and did coke with Barack Obama in a hilariously fabricated YouTube video, and hasn’t given up his efforts, despite failing a lie detector test. Normally we think petitions are boring, but, well, sign this fucking petition. [Firedoglake]

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  1. president clinton got blowjobs and president bush did coke. if anything the problem is that obama is not really offering the change he promises.

  2. The pussies at Firedoglake have it all wrong. Let this turd hold the podium for as long as he likes, and let him take the grilling that comes his way. Spontaneous combustion.

    The more often trolls like this guy come up with this crap, the sooner the electorate is innoculated.

    By the time of that blessed First Tuesday of November, Hopey will have become a gay, Muslim, coke-addled, abortion-performing, cross-dressing, tap-dancing, wife-cheating, wife-beating, exam-cheating, lying, tax-avoiding, flag-hating, anti-military, bribe-taking, corrupt, shape-shifting reptilean space alien who fronts for the LaRouchies.

    And none of it will matter because all of it – even the true parts – will all be part of the big ball of insanity the Repubs can no longer sell to save their lives.

  3. On June 27th, The National Press Club‘s featured topic will be: “Are Things Written On Bathroom Stalls A Viable Source?” followed by a scintillating expose on “Unintelligible Scrawlings Found On Cocktail Napkins: Can We Decipher Them Any Way We Want?”

    I’m a little ‘out of the loop’ here, was The National Press Club ever anything but a bunch of craven tabloid scum-mongers?

  4. Wait a minute — Wonkette is asking us to sign a petition against a guy who’s making wild, unsubstantiated, and completely made-up allegations of blowjobs and coke jags with a presidential candidate? What’s going on here?

  5. [re=14901]Canuckledragger[/re]: “True parts”? Which parts would those be?..

    Oh wait, you do have “shape-shifting space alien” up there. Nevermind!

  6. im presuming weve entered on of those ‘awkward moments’ news-wise….

    now that the campaign is over, no one has much of anything to say, not really…and so the biggest bore in the room gets to monopolize the conversation..

    that is, until everyone decides its time to go home and do the last of their little bag of cocaine in private…

  7. Well I’ve looked at Larry’s big proof: his hotel records clearly establish that Larry stayed in that hotel on those nights, so it follows logically that he was blown by a crack-addled Barry Obama on that occasion.

  8. [re=14928]wheelie[/re]: As I recall, everyone who stayed at a Comfort Suites between 1995 and 1999 was eligible to receive a free crack-addled blowjob from Barack Obama. I believe it was one of your EasyChoice® rewards — it was either that, or 1500 airline miles.

  9. [re=14923]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: Not even Barry is compassionate enough to blow that.

    [re=14930]Vanity Smurf[/re]: So what’s the baby? :)

    [re=14929]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Speaking of exposure, summer is here, and Barry needs to be topless. Like, now.

  10. He’s bitter about not making the cut for the “Faces of Meth” campaign and is taking it out on Hopey. Even if they only question him for an hour he’s bound to trip over his story and fuck it up, The full 2.5 is more than enough rope to hang himself with.

  11. I am making Newell go cover this. That will teach him to be all Hopey around here.

    (And by “cover” I mean “blow the guy in the National Press Club bathroom, on Taco Night.”)

  12. I did a line of blow off of Hopey’s cock and it was awesome. Afterwards we had some awkward sex (think pants-around-the-ankles) and I put my little finger in his butt. The end.

  13. jim, if you go cover this even remember — all the coke is usually done in bathroom stalls, all the blowjobs are usually done in bathroom stalls, but it’s important to note that it’s considered rude to walk into a group of people in a stall doing coke hoping you can get some, but it’s not so regarding the blowjobs.
    bring a buddy.

  14. [re=14955]metropolitan[/re]: Yes it’s true, he doesn’t like it when you use the razor though. Also, Barry’s yayo is shitty and stepped on. Next time I’m bringing my own and I’M NOT SHARING!

  15. Can someone explain something to me? So he’s reserved a room that the Press Club and they are charging him $3000 for the room and they told him to take the logo off the announcement to make it clear that it’s a private event and not a Press Club official event.

    It that the way the Press Club works with everyone?

  16. [re=14897]metropolitan[/re]: Well, Barack is promising crack and gay blow jobs. Now that sounds like real change.

    [re=14916]StrangelyBrown[/re]: Clearly, Jim is upset because he is moving into our territory.

  17. [re=14968]jagorev[/re]: Thanks. So when Rev Jeremiah Wright spoke at the Press Club, it was on their invitation. Would this Sinclair event count as an invitation? It seems not, but I don’t know how these things work.

    Apols for no jokes; will think of something later.

  18. [re=14894]DudeLooksLikeALady[/re]: Oh my God I’m dreaming of it!

    Smear: Barry has murdered several choir boys in order to cover up their gay affairs.
    Truth: Barry is straight, but he did make out with a guy once in college.

  19. [re=14973]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: Interestingly enough the gay blow jobs are for a handful of quarters. Change we can believe in!

    And speaking of trolls, Larry Sinclair IS Tony the Tiger, y’all.

  20. [re=14945]Ken Layne[/re]: Ken Layne, 6/11/08: “Because there’s no line between fringe news and ‘real’ news now. That’s the idiot culture of America. Things go from a nutter website to talk radio to youtube to an official candidate denial during a nationally televised debate. I am sitting here looking at a story right now that would be hilarious to the readers, but would end up helping the idiocy, and I’m not sure whether I care to do it.”

    YOU’RE Hopey.

  21. I reckon it’s all exaggeration . . .

    What He Claims Happened:
    What Actually Happened:

    Barack Obama got into my limo.
    We shared a cab once.

    He took out a crack pipe and smoked crack.
    He took out a Marlboro Light, ripped the filter off, and smoked it just like that.

    He gave me a delicious blowjob.
    He started yammering about Lincoln and his Dad and changing the hope and stuff, and for some reason it gave me wood.

  22. [re=14988]Jim Newell[/re]: Don’t worry. We wouldn’t get passed the first paragraph (“blog gen”). Most of us don’t know how to read anyway.

    Fer mE it’s jst gsing waar teh keyes r.

  23. [re=14977]ronaldpagan[/re]:

    Smear: Barry has murdered several choir boys in order to cover up his gay affairs.
    Truth: Barry is flattered. Really, he is. But lighthearted youthful poncing aside, he’s married now; even if he were amenable, – and he’s not saying he is – you don’t want to know what sort of handcrafts Michelle would make from your balls if she found out.

  24. [re=15003]wheelie[/re]:

    I am willing to take the polygraph test.
    I am willing to take the polygraph test if they pay me several grand for it. My mom keeps blowing her Social Security checks on lottery tickets, and I really, really, really need the money.

  25. You bitches don’t know whatchu talkin about

    Larry never said Obama blew him…only that he blew Obama while Barry was hitting the crack pipe.

    He’s admitted using a lot of drugs in the past, but has been intentionally vague about when he stopped.

    Admit it, Sinclair’s story isn’t really that hard to believe, is it?

    As for Larry’s looks…he aint a hotty, but back in 1999 he looked a lot different. See this(photoshopped) picture which recreates the oh so hot Larry and Barry encounter

    Should be interesting to see what happens next week.

  26. [re=15027]Barry_O_Rock_Smoka[/re]: Well Barry does look pretty gay in that picture, I’ll give you that.

    (Wonkette moderators, y’all don’t have banning capabilities yet, do you?)

  27. [re=15027]Barry_O_Rock_Smoka[/re]: Barry didn’t have the decency to give him the reacharound??? Shit, Walnuts would have jerked him at least halfway…

  28. [re=14988]Jim Newell[/re]: [re=14945]Ken Layne[/re]: …being the mature individual that I am I will step between this fracas and say:


  29. Meh, dyed-in-the-pants Republicans will believe this shit. Dems won’t. Independents are probably too independent to believe it. Conspiracy theorists might believe it, but I don’t want them voting the same as me or on my ticket, even in the shallow end. HEY YOU, GET OUTTA THE GENE POOL!

  30. [re=15085]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Yeah, seriously, he needs to get in line. Or, if he’s so impatient, start a Barry-centric RPS site and pound out stories where Barry gets it on with a variety of Marty Stues, each one Larry-er than the last.

  31. [re=15087]AxmxZ[/re]: I just did a larry sinclair google thing and discovered there is a vast similarity to Paultardism. I think they all just like Barry porn.

  32. in my whole life, the easiest and cheapest blow jobs i ever got was
    in crack houses. actually, it was hard to avoid them.

    what do we really know…personally, i mean…about this man obama.
    think aboout it.

    i’m still going to vote for him…don’t get me wrong…but, just sayin’

  33. [re=14945]Ken Layne[/re]: (And by “cover” I mean “blow the guy in the National Press Club bathroom, on Taco Night.”)

    So, how is that different from Jim’s normal Wednesday night?

  34. You know, the more I think of it, let him speak all he wants. This just shows how sad Conservatism has become that they wallow in this. I’m sure some will buy this, but I’m pretty sure that they would find a reason to hate Barry Husein anyway.

  35. [re=15117]shortsshortsshorts[/re]:

    Smear: Barry is President of Tasty. Everyone wants a piece of him to nibble. He separates women from their men, men from their women, and hopeful fools from their money. It’s getting to be kind of embarassing: even people clearly out to knock him out of the Presidential race at any cost and using any disgusting method seem to gravitate, disturbingly, to fantasies of bedding him.

    Truth: Eh, fuck it. Barry’s hot. He knows it; he revels in it; he sometimes briefly regrets his abject unavailability. Worship his gloriousness.

  36. [re=15112]Trollop[/re]: I think it was a tip seen under a bathroom stall… (or through a glory hole, not sure)
    [re=15127]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: Isn’t it just like them to get obsessed over the one fake closeted-gay politician story when their party has plenty of real ones they’re trying to get people to forget?

  37. [re=15143]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: That man is as straight as a horseshoe. Right on with the tucked in polo shirt into the jeans. Fashion that shit, Barry.

  38. A petition. LOLz. Newell is officially gay for Obama Now.

    Anyone can book a room at the Press Club for a few hundred dollars.

    Sinclair is a legit enough newsmaker. He’s currently involved as a witness in a Chicago homicide investigation regarding Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Trinity Obama’s dead gay choirmaster.

  39. [re=14940]AxmxZ[/re]: [re=14923]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: Larry is ill and has let himself go. He was in better shape 9 years ago when he was still turning tricks. There’s an old picture on Larry’s fliers.

  40. [re=14914]Tits_LaRue[/re]: Win! Best comment I’ve read all day, and I read a LOT of great comments.

    In other news, I just heard Grover Norquist on the radio for the first time ever. Grover and his ilk were ever so slightly before-my-time, and the first time I ever really heard his name was as a punchline on an episode of Murphy Brown. I knew the guy was supposed to stand for everything I hate, but I didn’t realize just how intellectually stilted the man is; I thought he was known for actually having arguments, however heartless, to back up his statements. The arugula-swilling elitist who was on the same NPR show with him was SLAUGHTERING him in the sort-of-debate, and elitists are not known for their debate smackdowns.

  41. [re=15184]Rodney Badger[/re]: See earlier Paultard post. I think he’s taking a different approach (under some Nancy Newname. Oh I said it! Yes I did! You know what else…. cankles. Ahh shit.)

  42. A psycho named Larry Sinclair
    Photoshopped our beloved Bear-Bear
    Cavorting in discos
    And covered with crisco
    The Nazis made the Jews wear flair.

  43. An attention-whore we call Sinclair
    Claims that crack burned off all Barry’s hair.
    He once had a fro,
    But he has it no mo’,
    He’s the new Richard Pryor, I swear.

  44. [re=15201]ronaldpagan[/re]: Barry made me go down low
    why he did it, I do not know
    When he finally came up here
    I had a huge load in my ear.

    This task was one I did not like
    He promised me a brand new bike
    But when it was done said over then
    I believed at once I was Mark Penn

  45. [re=15205]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: See, Shorts, why do you hate? I have nothing but the deepest admiration for you.

    Also, food for thought: Larry Sinclar…Larry Craig…hummmmmm…are they brothers?

  46. [re=15206]ronaldpagan[/re]: I don’t hate on anyone but Paultards! I just want you to watch your ass because of the getting-banned addiction you had for a while. And the correlation is there. Paultard+Jeebus= Craig Sinclair.

  47. [re=15209]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: I replied to you in the “Dumped for Obama” thread. Larry Craig and Larry Sinclair both have two first names, and thus neither of them are to be trusted.

  48. I am sure the fine men and women of the Pueblo county sheriff’s department are laughing with us. It must be funny to them that someone on their most wanted list is soliciting money on the internet and is the featured speaker at an event at the National Press Club.

    Last Name: Sinclair Last Known Addr: 2033 Jerry Murphy Rd #347 First Name:
    Lawrence Pueblo, CO 81001 Middle Name: Wayne Hair Color: BLN Height: 5’07” Eye Color: HAZ Weight: 168 DOB: 09/26/61 Sex: M Race: W Scars / Tattos:

    Warrant 1 Description: Theft Forgery Degree: F4 Statute: WAR Court: Bond Type: NO BOND Bond Amount: NOT AVAILABLE Disposition: ACT Comments:

  49. @gurukalehuru
    This is absolutely correct. Naming your kid after John Wayne is the best way possible to ensure that he’ll grow up to kill girl scouts. I love John Wayne and have no idea why this phenomena occurs.
    While I suppose everyone’s been wanted by the Pueblo County sheriff’s department at one time or another, I certainly hope they get their man this time. To jail with him; whether he made sweet, sweet love to Hopey or just made it up out of sheer craziness, what he’s doing on the Nat’l Press Club podium is snitching. And they take a dim view of snitchery in the joint, as far as I know from my experience watching television.

  50. [re=15060]TGY[/re]: Conspiracy theorists don’t vote, because you have to register first, and that’s how the monitoring begins.

    Step 1: Register to vote
    Step 2: Register to own gun
    Step 3: Get anal-probed by Elvis and JFK in Adolph Hitler’s time-traveling starship.

  51. Hillary warned us about these proclivities. This is nothing more than an extension of her “you can’t pick your family but you can pick your pastor” declaration from the primaries. Applied here, it’s something along the lines of: “you can’t pick your family, but you can pick your inbred, banjo-strumming, cock-gobbling, goober coke buddy.” Obama picked wrong!

  52. I’m not on that particular bus but if I were, I wouldn’t like that guy near my schwantz. You could do better in a truck stop bathroom

  53. Unfortunately, we’ll never know the real truth about this, cause the only investigative paper that publishes the Truth about this sort of thing is no more. I miss the Weekly World News. I would only believe this story if Batboy corroborated it.

  54. [re=14945]Ken Layne[/re]: [re=14988]Jim Newell[/re]:

    Don’t make me come back there. I will turn this presidential campaign around right now, dammit.

  55. Larry Sinclair For President!

    We’ve got the buttons and bumper stickers done, and now we’re working on the T-shirts, coffee mugs and refrigerator magnets!

    We’re telling you–he’s going to beat Nader, Barr and Paul (even if Paul dropped out).

  56. [re=15351]Tra[/re]: I know….it wasn’t like they called each other paultards or something. I guess hard-bitten cynics get really defensive about being pulled from the Hopey closet.

  57. Does getting a hummer from another guy while you are hitting the pipe actually mean that you’re gay, or something else?
    Just asking

  58. Bobbin’ on Barry — eww. He’s so ugly. Seems to me with those ear-handles Barry has he’d more likely be the one to be bobbin’ on Larry — they’d be like handlebars.

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