Dork.Here’s your formerly “cool” pretend boyfriend, Barack Obama, with Drudge’s sinister one word caption. In the long history of Democratic nominees for president looking like absurd douchebags, wearing a bike helmet is not the worst offense, but those stone-wash jeans and Dad polo shirt provide grim evidence that Barack really is half whitey. [Drudge/AP Google]

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  1. Hahaha, he looks like such a dweeb. Tucked in polo, no less! He is everyone’s Embarrassing Dad now. And yet…I still want to do him?

  2. If BHO really wanted to be styling, he’d be stealing Spike Lee’s big pimpin’ velvet homburg. At least that would draw some attention away from the Dadpant Dockers and New Balance sneaks.

  3. Uh, oh. This is why you have a rapid response team. It’s going to take a lot of photoshop to get that fat ass under control, untuck the shirt, make the bike less girly, and for god’s sakes, the shoes!!

  4. i hear they have some great windsurfing on lake michigan … at least the bike doesn’t look like one of those $4K jobs that kerry rode

  5. Let’s not forget, John Kerry had an $8,000 bike and hi tech bike clothes and participated in century rides, and he was considered an elitist. Let Barry look like everyone else’s dad, it’s good for his “everyman” image.

    That being said, I would have like to have seen him at least wear mountain biking shorts or something. And proper shoes. But that’s just me.

  6. [re=10833]jagorev[/re]: They look more “Old Navy” to me.

    This could be a brilliant ploy to make Barry look like less of a Hollywood elite black Muslim terrorist in a thousand-dollar suit, but jesus, it also looks like he raided Marshalls.

  7. [re=10832]mookworthjwilson[/re]:
    We used to use balloons, but I suspect Barry will be
    tying McNutjob’s cheeks to his spokes quite soon.

  8. All Barry needs to do is get himself photographed in a pair of pleated khakis and this election is in the bag. Bonus points if he wears his Blackberry clipped to his belt.

  9. [re=10840]Ken Layne[/re]: Well, y’know, Old Navy is part of the Gap family, and Barry did sorta quasi-endorse the Gap back when. Maybe Barry’s involved in some sort of middlebrow fashion cabal so can he dispel his elitist image.

  10. No, see, this is part of Barry’s master image plan. He’s all gorgeous and sexy and hot and stuff, but every once in a while he comes out with some super-dorky pic like this (recall also those pictures of Hopey wearing some kind of goggles that Newell so cruelly mocked) so that he still seems “accessible” and like you still have a chance with him. Then you see him in the thousand-dollar suits again and swoon.

  11. [re=10854]mookworthjwilson[/re]: Hahahahaha! Word of warning, tho: if Barry shows up anywhere sporting Crocs, I’m calling Michelle and telling her to get out the whooping stick.

  12. Oh, Barry, Barry, Barry. T-shirt, baggy shorts, cleated sandals and a good ol’ Murican touring bike like a Trek 520. Then you got my vote. Having had a helmet save what’s left of my brains more than once I think you’d best keep that.

  13. Was it intentional that the drudge link talks about gas prices doubling in the past year? Either way, I don’t care if bike helmets look uncool. I ride my bike in a city where only half of the people on the road are from an ethnicity that can drive in the first place. If looking like a dorkus malorkus is the price I pay for not becoming a headwound mongoloid when one of them runs me off the road, I’m fine with that.

  14. Gotta say guys, if he were really a dork, he’d have the elbow and knee pads to match. Betcha he popped a badass wheelie just after this pic was taken, right into a power slide.

  15. Truth of the matter – Barry’s a dork. Not a geek; a dork. But that’s cool, cuz otherwise a guy with that kind of talent and ambition would be more than a little scary.

  16. [re=10871]bitchincamaro[/re]: That explains it – he built up so much internal pressure carrying that uphill that he blew his cheeks out.

  17. [re=10871]bitchincamaro[/re]:

    Shouldn’t that wheel be covered in Guaymi inscriptions? After all, let’s not forget that McCain first came to fame as a captive of Spanish Conquistadors he was fighting alongside his Guaymi brothers in Panama.

  18. Notice the attachment on the back that is there to hitch one of those elitist kid buggies to the bike. He pulls the kids around with this thing like any good liberal.

  19. wait just a darn minute here…

    doesn’t bush ride a bike too?

    dammit. i knew there was no difference between them.
    this proves it…dems/repugs=masons/illuminati.

    we’re freaking doooomed, dammit.

  20. his poor kids they must be so embarrassed! apparently michelle was on this biking excursion as well, now i’m waiting for the photographic evidence of that!

  21. [re=10935]catastrophina[/re]: look closely, it’s not a fender, it’s a bar for pulling his daughter’s bicycle.

    Notice how the photograph never, ever, took her once in the frame!
    Was that something arranged before (as in: “if you ever publish a picture of my daughter in this ugly outfit, you can kiss you WH credentials goodbye?”) Or is it: “The candidate is public wherever he goes, but the family is private”?

    By the way, the bicycle itself is a message for urban dwellers and cyclists: it’s the Trek 7000, 350 $, entry-level and unbreakable. Message: “I may dress ugly, but at least I’m not wasting 4000 $ on a stupid bicycle” (take that, John Kerry & George W).

  22. [re=10935]catastrophina[/re]: Even though that is not a fender, those of us who rode bikes for transportation often enjoy the functionality of fenders. Functionality trumps elitist white people style any day.

  23. [re=10835]Christastic[/re]: So, Barack Obama is now the 40 Year-Old Virgin? Wonderful.

    Oh dear. Here Morgan Freeman had all of that steady work as Mr. Movie President. Now all of those roles will go to Steve Carell.

  24. [re=10964]CrunchyKnee[/re]: Eh, fenders are for people who actually ride in the rain on occasion. Commuters or serious exercise/recreational riders. I don’t think Barry’s doing any of that.

    Dorko. He needs a straight street bike with the classic ram’s horn bars. The older and crappier the better. Maybe a vintage USA made Schwinn Continental or a vintage Le Tour, if he want to get elitist.

  25. That’s one angry black man. You just know he’s biking to the neighborood “Black Panthers” HQ to smoke crack and ponder enslaving Whitey.

  26. This is why he’s the perfect candidate. He can look like everyone’s dorky dad for the whiteys and he’s look just as comfortable in a purple fur coat with rings and a pimp cane which he already has.

  27. I bet he’s stoned immaculate. His first time to use the ionizer since Wisconsin was before dressing up like a retarded child. Genius.

  28. Steve Urkel/Stephan Urquelle chimera…Obama didn’t get his Cool Juice that particular bicycle-riding day.

    Family Matters was set in Chicago, mere coincidence?

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